49ers pluck guard from Seahawks practice squad


The Seahawks and 49ers aren’t scheduled to play again this season, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue their habit of signing players with experience on their NFC West rivals.

The latest players to jump sides are guard Ryan Seymour and wide receiver Devon Wylie. The 49ers announced that they have signed Seymour off of the Seahawks’ practice squad and that they have added Wylie to their practice squad. The receiver spent a few days on Seattle’s practice squad last week.

Seymour will take the spot of defensive lineman Tank Carradine on the 53-man roster. Carradine was a second-round pick in April and started the season on the non-football injury list because of a torn ACL suffered while he was at Florida State. He was activated from the NFI list in late October, but was never active for a game and his rookie year will go down as a redshirt season.

Seymour was a seventh-round pick, but didn’t make the Seahawks this summer and signed to the practice squad in September.

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  1. A 39-yard touchdown catch by Luke Willson was the lone blemish on a strong day by the San Francisco pass defense. Russell Wilson was 2-of-8 deeper than 10 yards downfield.

  2. Gosh gee and again, Ted Thompson passed on yet another opportunity to beef up the team with experienced players. His draft and development plan ain’t working as in 6-6-1 and going nowhere.

  3. The 49ers rushed for 137 yards before contact and averaged 4.3 yards before contact per rush Sunday. Both numbers are the worst this season for the Seahawks defense.

  4. The Seahawks had to let these guys go. They simply didnt have enough PED’s to go around

  5. He is a decent player just needed a little more time to develop… The seahawks got some late round and undrafted gems on the offensive line this off season.. I expect at least one or two of them to see significant action in a year or two and let some of our higher price linemen go.

    This my friends is why the Seahawks are so good and can keep more players than many realize. They develop talent as good or better than anyone. And a lot of the success players have is because they are put in position to be successful..That’s how 5 rounders on our team become pro bowlers and because of good coaching and finding players to fit into our specific system we have ridiculous depth.. It’s next man up!! Like when we ha nearly 4-5 starting linemen missing and hadn’t list but one game..

    Yes we’ll lose some players but atleast keep the core group and develop youth to replace them. Examples Maxwell, Lane and Thurmond replacing browner.. Seamlessly except a couple lack of experience bumps. But no huge drop off..

  6. Both of these teams are very good, and have solid depth. With that kind of depth, you will find that they can’t find room for a lot of quality players, even at the end of the roster. It should be no surprise they are plucking players off each other’s practice squads, and many other teams have been signing players off the Niners and Seattle’s practice squads this year too. Niners need some offensive line depth with Iupati injured, and even with King Crab and Manningham back, still could use some WR depth too. Nice moves.

  7. I’m glad he might get some playing time even if it is for the enemy. 🙂 We have great teams that play really good ball and have deep talent that make these players available. I wish them luck in their new team. PED’s where so last year (last time for a possitive test) it is funny how people just hang on to whatever hate they can. Last year it was the GB game this year PED’s next year…. Well I’m sure you people will come up with something.

    #Go Seahawks! See you in the play-offs 49ers.

  8. A 39-yard touchdown catch by Luke Willson was the lone blemish on a strong day by the San Francisco pass defense. Russell Wilson was 2-of-8 deeper than 10 yards downfield.


    Thanks for your original analysis redandgoldhitman52… Except for the fact I read that on ESPN already. Thumbs up buddy! Typical 9er…

  9. Meh.

    The Seahawks were down three O-linemen for half the season.

    that being said, then why wasn’t he brought up from the practice squad?

  10. redandgoldhitman52,

    this thread is about a couple of no name practice squadders changing uniforms. something bothteams have been doing all season. not the game….

    but since you want to rehash….

    congratulations. you won a game you HAD to have, at home, against a team coming off a short week, that was coming off the emotional high of smoking the second best team in the NFC in primetime, and unlike your Whiner ass squad, was still missing its number one receiver with a LAST MINUTE FIELD GOAL.

    if you want to know how you’re supposed to win at home, please watch tape of the last two times Kaep has come up to Seattle.

    oh, I’m sorry, they didn’t include that in your email telling you what colors to wear, when to take your seat, or when its appropriate to cheer right?

    LMAO…. its a good thing Montana is still alive, cause the greatest qb ever would have rolled over in his grave after your weak ass organization sent out a “how to be a fan” memo to its weak ass fans.

    if you can make it through your WILD CARD game, can’t wait to see your chump butts back in Seattle in January.

    Go Hawks.

  11. Myhawks1976, preach it brother. Niner fans are so delusional. The only blemish against Seattle’s defense was an 8 yard pass to Davis from Krapanick. Wilson out played him. About 70 of those before contact yards came on two plays. Otherwise our run defense did a pretty stout job. We just might see you guys again if you can beat a good team on the road. I sure hope so, because it will be another one of those lopsided games at the Clink. I’m guessing 52-9 this time.

  12. Niners fans need to grasp at whatever straws they can find to hold their belief that they have the better team.
    The two teams are very similar, however in spite of the results of last Sunday, the Seahawks are still the better team.
    The teams have split the two games this season but Seattle has a far better record.
    Again, congrats on winning the game last Sunday. It doesn’t magically make San Francisco the better team.

  13. With all the guards who’ve been out for the Seahawks there’s a reason he was on the PS. He couldn’t beat out a bunch of guys.

    And Whiners fans STILL talking about Seahawks PED’s?! FACT 49ers have as many suspensions on their team who’ve been busted for PED’s as the current Seahawks. Eric Wright = 2. Irvin and Browner have 2 combined. Can we count the DUI’s on each team? SF has 6+ coach while Seattle has 1. “Above reproach”. Harbaugh must’ve been drunk!

  14. Some people still can’t let go of the spygate thing with the Patriots, so I’m assuming it will be that same for the Seahawks and PED’s. Yet, we Seahawk fans are the classless trolls, haha. I guess giving off the impression that you’re mentally retarded is fun for some people.

  15. But guys…. didn’t you see that Kaepernick actually scored one touchdown against our defense?

    The Niners are for real! I’m really scared of them in the playoffs. They might kick 8 field goals this time and beat us by 3 points instead of 2.

    Oh wait, that game would be played in Seattle. Never mind.

    Can’t wait to watch Kaepernick running off the field with his head down before the clock even expires. That was so hilarious and awesome last time.


  16. The Santa Clara Whiners…. Hmm, nice ring to it ! With coach harbarf.
    Lol – c’mon now, it’s all in good fun… That’s funny, I don’t care who you are!!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  17. A couple insecure Seahawks fans in here today. Have you finally gotten over the “shock” that your “unbeatable” team lost? I don’t care about stats. Stats mean nothing. The only true stat is wins and losses. I don’t differentiate between close wins and huge wins. Only wins. When you’ve got a few years of fandom under your belts you’ll understand that. So, in conclusion, our teams are both 1-1 head to head and Seattle currently holds the better 2013 season record and are first place in the NFC. Time to concentrate on those Giants now. I mean I’d absolutely hate it if your team lost because they couldn’t get over that loss in last Sunday’s “glorified practice”.

  18. Niners need some offensive line depth with Iupati injured, and even with King Crab and Manningham back, still could use some WR depth too. Nice moves.

    Yup, thread is old but since 49er whiners can’t seem to stop looking, there’s a reason he was on the PW, he’s not as good as our 4th string guard. Plus you now have to keep him on your active roster for the rest of the season and pay him a minimum of 3 weeks pay.

    Nice move, why?

  19. Seahawks had about 10 fans up until last year,Where did all of you come from?The only thing Seattle has going for it is a loud stadium, put Seattle in another venue and there a 9-7 team.

  20. Myhawks1976 – Thanks for the congrats. I hope you enjoyed your loss. Also, I’m glad you acknowledged Montana as the greatest QB of all time. We also have the greatest WR of all time. What is Seattle known for…?

    BTW, you guys call us whiners, what did you call Richard Sherman doing after the game? LOL

  21. Seriously? Seattle fans talking smack about the Niners taking their practice squad lineman. These teams constantly take each others P.S players. Cox 5th corner on the Niners, daniels 3rd qb , Lockette didnt even make the team out of the pre-season got cut. Both teams got tons of depth. As for the game Niners won bottom line whether by 2 or 20. They held Seattle to 80 total yards in the 2nd half which is terrible for Wilson and Seattle , just like the Kaepernick and the Niners were terrible in seattle the first game. Neither team can win in each others stadium and thats the telling part .

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