Brandon Marshall: Weather got in Cowboys’ heads


Bears receiver Brandon Marshall says he knew during pregame warmups that the Cowboys couldn’t handle the bitter Chicago cold on Monday night.

We beat Dallas last night before the game started,” Marshall said on ESPN 1000. “When it was [receiver] Alshon [Jeffery], myself, Earl Bennett and some of the other guys outside warming up pregame, there was only a handful of Dallas players. I looked around and I said, ‘Man, we’ve got these guys.'”

Marshall said players on the Bears went about pregame warmups as usual without thinking about the cold, while players on the Cowboys appeared to prefer staying in the locker room and dread going out into the cold.

“The elements were already in their heads,” Marshall said. “So pregame, I believe that we won. I’m pretty sure there [would have been] more guys out there if it wasn’t colder, but they weren’t out there. For us, once you start putting on sleeves and start doing things differently, you buy into the elements and the game is over.”

Dealing with the weather was particularly important during this chilly weekend in the NFL. The Bears looked a lot more comfortable in it than the Cowboys.