Dennis Allen doesn’t want to talk job security


The Raiders have lost five of their last six games, ensuring that they will finish with a losing record for the second straight year and miss the playoffs for the 11th straight season.

Coach Dennis Allen feels the team is making progress, however, and that he and General Manager Reggie McKenzie have not wavered from their plan to bring the team back to being a winner. That was as close as he got to making his case for sticking around when he was asked whether he has heard from ownership about his future with the organization.

“Listen, that’s not what my job is,” Allen said, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group. “My job is to try to get this team better, get this team ready to play against the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m not going to talk about speculation or anything like that. I’m going to worry about winning a football game this week.”

The Raiders have been looking toward this offseason for a couple of years because it offers them an escape from cap hell and allows them a chance to upgrade the talent on the roster. Allen would surely like to get a chance to coach that roster, but the team will need to finish with more strength than they’ve been showing to assure that happens because eight losses in nine games isn’t the best taste to leave in the boss’ mouth.

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  1. Why would ANYbody’s job be in jeapordy after just one season? That just screams disaster. You’re not always going to find the next Reid/KC success. Give this man a few seasons and see what he can do.

  2. Allen is done. This is the NFL, man. Don’t take it personal, is just a business. Allen will be out. Mike Munchak, Greg Schiano, and Leslie Frazier will out be out. Why? because they didn’t win. There is no more 4 year plans. its 2, maybe 3… If its not good enough, you’re fired.

  3. At least his name isn’t Mike Shanahan… about dirty deeds done dirt cheap….7M strong trying to rook another owner.

  4. Allen was dealt three cards in a game of five card draw when he took the job. I think they brought back one starter from the previous years defense. I think it’s actually amazing we have been competitive in most games, and won four. We have found some diamonds in the rough through the draft, and UFA’s the last two seasons.

    Darren McFadden is an injury bust, and T. Pryor can’t pass. Both of these guys are from Al’s final days of “one last shot at glory” =insanity. A great name for a book on Al’s last days.

    Reggie and Dennis should be on notice next year that major improvement (playoffs) is expected with the end of cap hell and a full basket of draft picks, and a ton of FA cash, which I hope they spend wisely.

    The Raiders have not had any coaching continuity over the last 15 years.

    I say let Reggie and Dennis get two more cards so they can be given a fair shot of turning this team around. If Mark Davis can do this, it would be something his father never did with so many coaches.

  5. People forget that his team was built to lose, it’s all about next year.

    No way Allen gets fired after this year.

  6. misterdreamer119 says: Dec 10, 2013 10:28 AM

    Al Davis was the real problem here and It seems that son Mark Davis might be too much like his old man in lacking the vision to build something that will last.

    First of all Mark is not Al (those who follow the team know this) and how can anyone have a vision or execute a plant when in salary cap hell? Did it ever occur that having over forty per cent of available salary being paid out to players no longer on the team (or league) is a major problem for any organization?

  7. h3min1230
    Dec 10, 2013, 9:57 AM EST

    Why would ANYbody’s job be in jeapordy after just one season? That just screams disaster. You’re not always going to find the next Reid/KC success. Give this man a few seasons and see what he can do.

    It buys Reggie another year. Ya dig?

  8. Dennis Allen will get atleast one more year . If he can’t do anything with the roster next season then he’s toast . I think more blame should probably fall on Reggie McKenzie . Yeah he was dealt a bad hand but he has had some major whiffs . I think Raider Nation knows that next season will the one both coach and GM will be evaluated on .

  9. Allen took on a grossly overloaded life boat when he took the job. Way too many bad contracts and poor drafting/ personnel decisions and coaching hires doomed this franchise after 2002. Al left a mess behind.

    We are still Raider fans as we know someday we will be relevant again as contenders. That day is now sooner rather than later.

  10. realfootballfan says:
    Dec 10, 2013 10:16 AM
    Still think going from Hue Jackson to this clown was a good idea, Raider fans?
    Ask yourself this, where is Hue Jackson today?

    He’s a RB’s coach with the Bungals and you know why?

    Because he’s trouble, big time trouble, and not worth having around.

  11. realfootballfan says: Dec 10, 2013 10:16 AM

    Still think going from Hue Jackson to this clown was a good idea, Raider fans?

    Hue “The Idiot” Jackson made the Palmer trade, then elected himself “God of the Raiders” after Al passed. So yes clown, I’ll take Dennis any day.

  12. People are so impatient. People are such drama hounds for someone to get fired. People are so hypocritical because they would criticize Al Davis for these things. The man had a lot of faults, no doubt. Although he died over two years ago, 2014’s Raiders will be the first team that anyone has seen without Al Davis affecting the team. Well, except for a few oldheads who watched the AFL.

  13. I struggle to understand how Reggie has has an overwhelming amount of whiffs?

    Hayden struggled but most young CB’s that almost died 8-9 months earlier do. Watson and Moore look to be long term starters. Rivera and McGee look like very solid depth in the future. Murray we don’t know but he’ll be in the talk to replace McFadden…3 misses out of 10? Not bad. 2012? He didn’t pick till the 3rd round and still got Burris, Crawford and if he ever stays healthy Bergstrom. Again, solid depth going forward.

    Free Agency:
    We had 2 starters left from last years team. Working with little to no cap he got a pretty solid group to come to a long time losing team in Jenkins, Woodson, Porter, Roach and more….

    How is Reggie struggling? I’d say given the cap hell he had to fix he’s excelling. He can stay for a while as far as I’m concerned.

    As far as Allen goes….he deserves another year and the team needs to really establish some continuity in coaches. I believe the D him and Tarver are running this year would be less up and down if they had an Offense they believed in every time it took the field.

  14. Dennis Allen has done an amazing job with the current roster of mostly street free agents. It would be incredibly short sighted for the Raiders to fire him now.

  15. the raiders are spending 30 something million on active players right now….the seahawks for example are spending 140 million something this year…..Another example would be the raiders are pretty much paying less to all 53 of their players then what the broncos are paying just three of their players named Manning, Clady, and Bailey.

    In other words in all fairness to Dennis Allen he was set up to fail. In reality he has done a better job than I thought going into the much so that some of the fans are delusional that they have an undrafted Qb going to Canton down the road. …With that said, after next year, there are no more excuses for Reggie or Dennis….and Reggie needs to get the guys he is drafting to be healthy.

  16. raiderufan says:
    Dec 10, 2013 11:54 AM
    I struggle to understand how Reggie has has an overwhelming amount of whiffs?

    – – – — – – – – – – – — – – – – –

    well i don’t drink the same kool aid….i like Reggie thus far, but there are question marks.

    First off – after trading picks to get carson, he got rid of Carson Palmer because he didnt want to pay him 13 million this year, so instead we trade away another draft pick to get Matt Flynn pay him 8 million, and have to pay Carson 9 million plus this year anyway….a wast now 17 million …instead of just paying carson the 13…and if anybody thinks Pryor or the other “hall of Fame ” qb we have is better then Carson…keep drinking your Kool aid… (fyi if the cards beat the niners this weekend the cards are in, and niners are out of wildcard.

    As far as picks
    2012 – complete draft might be a whiff
    Bergstrom – (hurt) yet to really play in two years..need to call that miss
    Burris (hurt) can’t start now…call that what you want
    Crawford – no sacks in two years for a team that is weak at it what you want, but I don’t think he makes roster next year
    Criner – 183 total yards in two years…call it what you want.
    Other two stupar and bidulki…not even on the team
    2013 – to early to say, but not much to get excited about
    Hayden – hurt all of camp and most of season
    Watson – hurt most of camp, and most of season
    Sio Moore – Best pick yet
    Nick Kassa – not a single catch – would not be surprised if raiders pick ebron in first round
    Murray – hurt (seems like i keep saying that)
    Rivera – improving each week- now starting
    McGee – potential ..needs to develop
    Butler – with McGloin he has disappeared
    Bass – not on team – (looking good on bears)

    quite a few whiffs there.

  17. He continues to show zero signs of being a leader or any kind of aptitude at game planning or in-game adjustments.

    Nice enough guy. I’ll miss him.

    Please Reggie, get us a leader.

  18. h3min1230 says:
    Dec 10, 2013 9:57 AM

    Why would ANYbody’s job be in jeapordy after just one season? That just screams disaster. You’re not always going to find the next Reid/KC success. Give this man a few seasons and see what he can do.

    2012 called. It said hello.

  19. Dennis Allen will be back next year. TTe thing people forget is that this team doesn’t have much talent and looks a whole lot better than last year. The Eagles game was a perfect example of our defense and our team not being that talented overall.If Reggie fires Dennis Allen it’ll speak volumes on the pressure Reggie feels from Mark Davis to make a winning team.I think Dennis Allens the right man for the job and with some more time and real talent on the roster the Raiders will be going to the playoffs next year.

  20. Here’s the facts in black and white give all the thumbs down you want but facts don’t lie.
    Raiders 4-12 dump Palmer and use salary cap as an excuse …. Fans want Pryor as QB … I don’t know why it must be a color thing.

    Cardinals 5-11 fired the coach because he had no QB.

    Fast forward to 2013
    Cardinals hire coach get a QB and bang in one season they are in the playoff hunt in the toughest division in the NFL. If they were any other division they would be in the playoffs but they still have a shot with 3 weeks to go. Record 8-5.

    Raider are 4-9 and using salary cap issues as an excuse for losing which is okay in some people’s book … Lmfao since when is it okay to lose? What happened to at least try to win … field a team don’t use someone’s rejects.

    Cardinals lost their #1 pick OL early in the season with an injury and had the worst OL in the NFL but some how they managed to make it work … they did not use any excuses.
    I bet if you ask Palmer what’s different from last year to this year … he would say there’s no difference in the running game and OL but he’s happy to have a coach who knows football and has WRs who can run the right routes and can catch the ball.

  21. Let’s not forget we have dont have an established running back,tight end, Wr1, Gaurds, right tackle, D end, outside linebacker and with Branch out strong safety. Not to mention our dts and mlb aren’t exactly shutdown players. Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen don’t have much to work with I don’t know how many times they reiterated that in the offeseason. The Raiders don’t have a playoff caliber team talent wise. Dennis Allen is young and inexperienced but he knows his Football and gets better from his mistakes.

  22. raideralex99 says:
    Dec 10, 2013 2:34 PM
    Fans want Pryor as QB … I don’t know why it must be a color thing.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    that is one of funniest thing i’ve ever read….i guess you want McGloin because he is Irish, and obviously you dont like him just because he is black.

    here is the same thing I had to share with Rolondo Bottom hater…….
    just look at the w-l record, and time of possession the last 4 games….that is all you need to know…the defense is getting worn out from being on the field the majority of every game after a bunch of three and outs….. I got every game recorded…I suggest you go back an look at the first 4 1/2 games pryor played. Stop at halftime of the chief game, because that is where it fell all apart for him. In all reality he had to run for his life after that..and even though the raiders did not have their starting left or right tackles at all for any of these games…he played pretty good, and Raiders were 2-2 going into in undefeated chiefs team at arrowhead. The game was tied at halftime…The clear fact is that the raiders dominated the total time of possession in those games. No way could McGloin have lasted at all behind that o-line…no way no how, just a fact.

  23. realfootballfan says: Dec 10, 2013 10:16 AM

    Still think going from Hue Jackson to this clown was a good idea, Raider fans?
    Still don’t understand why Hubris is a position coach in Cincinnati? He couldn’t even get a sniff as an OC since he got fired in Oakland.

  24. Radrutn … The fact that you are making excuses for Pryor proves my point.
    I’m a stats guy … Because stats don’t lie or make excuses.
    Pryor …… 9 games ….. 5 TDs ….. 10 ints.
    McGloin .. 6 games …. 6 TDs …. 3 ints

    Anybody can see who the better QB is why can’t you.

  25. I was not in the meetings when Reggie was hired, but I can only guess that the plan was to rid the books of those high salaries (i’m looking at you DMC) and then start making the team competitive with new and better players. The first part of that plan is complete after this season. Then the real work begins to build this team. It would not be fair to Allen to let him go at this stage, unless, the plan was to have him act as a bandaid until the first stage was complete and then bring in a Cowher or someone like that. Dennis deserves 2 more years with the clean payroll and real draft picks/free agents. Then if he fails, sure, pack his bags for him.

  26. raideralex99 says:
    Dec 10, 2013 9:59 PM
    Radrutn … The fact that you are making excuses for Pryor proves my point.
    I’m a stats guy … Because stats don’t lie or make excuses.
    Pryor …… 9 games ….. 5 TDs ….. 10 ints.
    McGloin .. 6 games …. 6 TDs …. 3 int
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
    your fact was that you are a black and white guy. and your prior statement comfirmed it…and to compare stats with a guy who has the starting left and right tackles and starting center, and play him against the worse teams in the nfl this season..and compare those stats to guy who was playing behind guys from the practice sqaud, or who were out of the league or position is impossible to do…the only fair thing i have to compare is the jets game.

    On the first possession I watched McGloin fumble the ball on the first drive, after a burnett interception on the 37 yard line, i watched a 3 and out that gained a total of three yards.

    Then I watched Pryor control a 14 play scoring drive that took 5:46 off the clock, and gave thier “d” some rest as they got to watch the raiders score.

    Oh and by the way McGloin came in on next possession and threw an interception on his own 11 yard line that Reed returned to the 4. Good thing Pryor gave the d some rest…they held the Jets to a field goal.

    No excuses…all facts

  27. here since you are a stat guy…just a few important tell all stats from the past few weeks.

    DFL (32nd) # of punts per offensive plays

    30th in time off possession

    29th in league in rushing (they use to led the league)

    most important 1-3 record

  28. Been a Raiderfan for 45 yrs. This is bad. If McKenzie wants to keep Allen and his staff for one more year, let him. After Allen falls on his face with another 4-12 season next year, it’s time for McKenzie, Allen and his OC and DC to go. I am so tired of watching us lose to inferior talent due to the fact that we are continually out coached. It’s embarrasing. I totally understand that we dont have top NFL talent, but coaching is supposed to counter that with schemes and surprise; we are not doing that. We do not utilize our speed and waste time on McFadden and Ford. Get rid of them. Give the money to guys like RBs Jenkins and Reise. They put out every game.

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