Dolphins place Dimitri Patterson on injured reserve

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If the Dolphins are going to advance to the playoffs, they’ll do it without cornerback Dimitri Patterson.

The team announced Tuesday that Patterson has been placed on injured reserve. Patterson has been battling a groin injury for almost the entire season, limiting him to just six games. Patterson’s been productive in those games with four interceptions, but he suffered a setback against the Steelers in Week 14 and won’t be able to get back.

Miami also placed cornerback R.J. Stanford on injured reserve Tuesday. Stanford, who played sparingly on defense and often on special teams, broke his leg. Stanford joined the team on waivers in 2012 and has played all 29 games over the last two seasons.

As previously reported, the Dolphins signed safety Michael Thomas off of the 49ers practice squad. They also announced that they have signed cornerback Justin Rogers, who started the year as a starter with the Bills and played one game for the Texans after his release from Buffalo.

12 responses to “Dolphins place Dimitri Patterson on injured reserve

  1. It’s going to fantastic when the offseason hits and I can once again bask in the glory of how great my Vikings are with out silly things like “stats” or “standings” to discredit that.

  2. its good to know that our 2nd and 3rd round pick are working out so well that we have to go poach the practice squad of the 9ers. Fantastic draft this yr. Of all the picks our no. 3 overall plays about 40% of the time and on special teams. but Jeff Irelands job is safe. phew. for a minuet there i thought we might consider bringing in someone who knew what they were doing.

  3. I said to myself on Sunday as the game started that it was a stupid idea to try and bring him back in a cold game on a frozen field with poor footing. Geez.

  4. Butters… can you wait more than a year before anointing a 2nd and 3rd round pick a bust? k thx…

    Also, damn shame about Dmitri Patterson. The guy just can’t stay healthy. But when he is healthy, he’s a solid solid corner for us.

  5. Butters, what do you want. These players to go straight from College to the HOF? Can you maybe give them a little time to develop? Thank you. Go Fins!

  6. I think people don’t realize just how good the Miami secondary, particularly the corners, have been playing this season. Not sure why you’d stop doing whats working and put some rookies (likely liabilities at this point) out there for the sake of it.

  7. silverhornet, i’d normally agree with you but somethings funny when it doesn’t seem like they’re even going to get a look at this point. If these people were signed to BACK UP our draftpicks then I take this back. I just won’t believe it until I see it.

  8. basedrum, I don’t understand the need to rush a rookie into the starting lineup unless they have proven in camp/practice they can start and play better than what we have. Both Taylor and Davis have been hurt as well. With Carroll an UFA and Patterson likely gone (at that salary anyway), these rooks will get their opportunity next season regardless.

  9. I look around the league and see rookies contributing: except in Miami where the kicker is hit or miss and our no.1 pick gets 10 snaps on D a game. I have an issue with that. Even Mante Teo is not that invisible (sorry I had to).

  10. You guys serious?? The dolphins didn’t even participate in the 2013 draft. Dion Jordan plays barely 25% of the snaps on defense. He plays on the punt team for Christ sakes. We move up to draft the one position that we are deep at. Dion Jordan backs up Vernon who just won the AFC defensive player of the week award and is having a good season. Jordan isn’t terrible, by why even draft that position? Sturgis is worst in NFL in FG %, and no other players we drafted see the field. If they have any faith in the corners we drafted, they wouldn’t be signing players from other teams practice squads. Our draft the past few years has been awful. Don’t forget with that Martin was a high 2nd round pick too.

  11. Relax! They are just signing Depth. Our secondary ranks in the top 3 in the league. I agree we should have more from our Draft picks, but the reality is we have a decent core of starters and it is a luxury to let them heal and learn. Is every Rookie in the league doing well? Just look at D.Milliner (Jets), D.Trufant (Falcons), Margus Hunt (Bengals), Xavier Rhodes, all these guys are barely contributing with nothing special and a few have been benched. It takes time.

    As a side note: I like how this story has mostly smart thoughts from Fins fans, we usually have the Steeler Trolls out in force and then the Ravens knuckleheads come to fight with them. Hmmmm…. All we have to do is Win and suddenly some instant respect. Go Figure?

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