Homeless man to Nate Burleson: You guys are sorry


Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson spent some of his Monday doing volunteer work, but even that couldn’t excuse him from razzing about the team’s recent string of three losses in their last four games.

Burleson was helping to feed the homeless at a church in Detroit when he encountered a man who decided to share his dismay about the familiar mix of turnovers and penalties that helped the Lions to a loss in Philadelphia.

“I just got back from feeding some homeless in downtown Detroit,” Burleson said during an interview with 105.1 FM. “Not saying that to get a pat on the back, but I was sitting there — it was a happy moment, you see smiles on peoples’ faces, giving hugs and taking pictures — and one guy who was there getting some food said, ‘Man, you guys are sorry. Same old Lions.'”

Burleson said he initially tried to defend his team, but wound up telling the man that he understands the “same old Lions” sentiment comes from the team’s failure to finish games like the one they led 14-0 in Philadelphia before losing 34-20. With three games left and the Bears and Packers joining them at or near the top of the division, the Lions will have to finish strong or they’ll be sitting at home for the playoffs again this season.

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  1. Confession. I want them to lose the rest of their games. I’m tired of this coaching staff. I’m tired of players under performing. Time to bring in a coach who has done it before and give Xanders the reigns.

  2. Guy has a big screen in the ally?……”you guys are sorry” says a HOMELESS Joe…..does it get any lower?

  3. Not surprised. After this last month of Lions football, us Lions fans are starting to say those dreaded words……”Same OL’ Lions”. Please Lions, just once prove us wrong. Just once.

    Go Lions

  4. This all falls on the coaching staff. They need to clean house this off season. I do not see this team making the playoffs. GM Mayhew has put talent on the roster but the coaches are unable to coral it. GM should stay….coaches gotta go. This is coming from a long time Lions fan.

  5. Thank you sir…. thank you… Those guys read newspapers… they hear facts.

    Long past time to clean ‘coaching’ house for this undisciplined team. There’s not a part of the game in which they show consistent poise or focus. It’s painful to watch… and watch Schwartz smile through the LOST look.

    Stafford has turned into Cutler during it all… touch downs… sure… but fumbles, INTs, sailing passes. If Megatron wasn’t such a freak of nature and talent, he’d over throw him too.

    I’m looking forward to the headline… and hawk PFT every single day for it.

  6. And then they will be the same old Lions, I think after the GB victory, some Lions fans on PFT declared Vic in their division.. Shoot, even a homeless man knows better.

  7. So it was actually Burleson who got served.


    I’m torn. On one hand I think anyone who uses the phrase “served” in 2013 should be shot, but on the other hand I love puns.

  8. “Atleast the homeless man has a TV!!!”

    Actually, he probably used a newspaper. They do still exist and they are a very good insulator in cold weather. Some people are always looking to make something of nothning

  9. I agree. I never fear because no matter how well the lions do at one point of a season or another, they always choke. Always. Love that there’s only 2 real teams in the NFC north, and the showdown commences week 17 in the windy city!

    Go Bears!!

  10. Funny, but same time kind of sad… On so many levels.
    I’m a Seahawk fan, but I like great players all over the league and I’ll tell you, the Lions have one of the greatest receivers ever.. First name Calvin, last name Johnson!!! I’m pretty sure he’s got more football talent in his pinky than most do in their whole body. Will somebody in Detroit find him a real coach!!!! Please!!! Not to mention a blooming QB… And Nate Burseson is a great talent. A little primer and the lions could be headed for SB any year now!
    And that homeless dude…. Eat you soup and be quiet!!! Lol

  11. as a long time Lion fan the homeless dude is spot on! no Lion fan I have talked with is confident right now. sad part is the Lions have the easiest remaining schedule, 2 games at home and the 3rd is indoors and I still only give them a 25% chance of making it.

  12. That’s something you just have to be careful of. Joique Bell was running his mouth in defense of the team the other day too, and both he and Burleson are out of place in having no good basis to defend the stuff that people are complaining about.

    I am no longer a Joique Bell (overrated and talks to much) or Nate Burleson (overrated and talks to much) fan. They talk too much and back up football ideas and beliefs that I don’t share. They have too much confidence in what they are doing and give out too much credit to their own team and the people on their team. They have earned no place to yap about anything about how great the Lions are. Most fans raise good complaints, and instead of denying that they aren’t perfect, they should try saying I’m sorry instead, or say nothing at all.

  13. Is this a slow news day? I’ve been told a lot of pretty bizarre and inaccurate things by homeless people myself.
    It seems more like something that was written to give angry people an opportunity to take shots at the Lions.
    So go ahead and have at it but please remember that were still technically leading the division and two of our three remaining games are against the Vikings and Giants. I like our chances of making the playoffs.
    People who are inevitably going to talk trash in the comments please ask yourselves two questions: Is your team leading their division? Will your team be in the playoffs? If the answer to these questions is no then maybe you should refrain from commenting.

  14. “Then, Nate tried to reach behind himself for some pizza and crashed into another table.”

    Seriously, Nate’s a good guy and good teammate and leader. And, yes, they are playing sorry.

    Everybody’s right.

  15. Lions have a ton of talent and should walk away with the division. Lions coach and management/ownership sucks, thats the problem. Total lack of control and discipline.

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