Jerry Jones: There’s nobody I’d rather have than Monte Kiffin

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The Cowboys’ defense has a lot of problems it needs to fix, but owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says there’s no one he’d rather have to fix it than defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

Jones indicated in an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that he still believes in Kiffin, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and the rest of the Cowboys’ defensive staff.

“To fix what we’re doing, there’s nobody I’d rather have than him and Rod Marinelli, and where we are today to get this fixed over the next week, two weeks, three weeks,” Jones said. “There’s nobody I’d rather have than him to fix it. First of all, he knows what we’re doing better than anyone, and if there are adjustments to be made, he’s the right man for the job right now.”

So for anyone thinking the Cowboys should do this year what the Ravens did last year — fire an under-performing coordinator and attempt to turn the team around late in the season — Jones says that’s not going to happen. Instead, Jones said, he expects Kiffin to get to work at improving the defense to get the Cowboys to the playoffs.

“He takes it personally. It’s hard on him. It’s very hard on him. He’s been doing it a long time at his age and he’s had a lot of different experiences,” Jones said. “He doesn’t in any way reject the responsibility. As a matter of fact, he invites it on himself.”

Jones says the Cowboys are disappointed to now be a game behind the Eagles in the NFC East, but they’re still optimistic, knowing that if they win their last three games (including a Week 17 meeting with the Eagles), they win the division.

“That’s hard to take, and particularly hard to take under the circumstances. We start the weekend off thinking about really having a good situation as far as our next three ballgames are concerned, and now our backs are against the wall and we have a real challenge on Sunday,” Jones said.

And Kiffin will be the man getting the Cowboys’ defense ready for that challenge.

156 responses to “Jerry Jones: There’s nobody I’d rather have than Monte Kiffin

  1. I wouldn’t let Monte be my DC if he offered to pay me. He’s too old and I know how to strategize on Defense a lot better than he does. Maybe he was good a decade or so ago, but he’s not good today, and that’s all that matters if you want to be a good professional football team. I wouldn’t even have given him a thank you card on the way out the door. I don’t like people who cost me football games, they aren’t worth anything. Kiffin did a lousy job all year long and the injuries are not enough of an excuse.

    Ernie Sims isn’t hurt, but they WANT him to play still. Even after all the bad tape he created for the Lions. Only an idiotic DC would let Ernie Sims be responsible for his job. Kiffin is an idiot.


  3. Neither would I Jerry. The Cowboys defense played excellent last night, it’s not their fault the Chicago receivers comitted a penalty on every single play that went uncalled, allowing them to get open.


  4. There is no way that defense is winning 3 games in a row. They are putrid right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the week 17 game with the eagles is meaningless. The eagles are clearly the class of the division this year and one that could make some noise in the playoffs.

  5. At least the heat is off Tony Romo for now. I don’t care if you have Joe Montana playing QB, they wont beat anyone with that pathetic defense.

  6. It seems that Jerry would rather have control over a team that loses than not have control over a team that wins.

  7. from a diehard cowboys fan: We will get beat next week by the packers like we did last night. We will beat the Redskins, have a showdown for NFC East division against the Eagles and blow and end up….8-8. There’s always next year right? nope…30+million over the cap….

  8. Early this morning, I heard Jenny state that he was going to make some changes after that embarrassing loss to DA BEARS!!!! This man needs to go and hide and stay away from the cameras and microphones. Does he even have an PR person. Do you see any other owners in the spotlight? This man needs to go to the Border where majority of his dilusional wanna be Americas team fans are located. This man does not care about winning, he cares about how many followers wants to spend on those jacked up jerseys and seats. Ever wonder why he have hookers dancing in his stadium, the cowgirl fans just don’t get it.

  9. New Orleans thanks Jerry Jones for our top 5 defense. Maybe Jerry should bring Steve Spagnolo on board as well…Spags and Kiffin would be an unstopable duo!

  10. Do the good times ever end? Jerry just keeps putting gems out there.
    I hope he lives a long long LONG lifetime to be the cowboys owner/GM.

    To recap:
    1. Stay as cowboys GM. Hey you won superbowls that way 20 years ago right?
    2. Keep Kiffin. Hey he was a great defensive coordinator 10 years ago right?
    3. Cowboys fans keep living in denial that you’re everyone’s favorite team. Hey because that’s what all of those polls say right?

    4. Whatever you do (this is important) NEVER get rid of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. NEVER!!!!

  11. Apprently Jerry followed these comments up with “…in fact, he’s doing some of his best work this season…”

  12. And the rest of the NFC is thanking the Lord that Jerry Jones feels that way, that a defense just gave up FIVE TOUCHDOWNS to the Bears backup QB is “just fine” with Monte Kiffin.

    I guess Rob Ryan wasn’t the problem after all!

  13. Lets try my abilities at gm ,,,

    Fire kiffin at end of season,
    Cut miles Austin,
    Draft best safety available in draft,
    Use the rest of the picks for defensive line,
    Develop young Undrafted guys for depth,
    Tell the owner to stay out of daily operations,

    Time to retire jerry

  14. This is what happens when you hire someone you went to high school with in the 1920’s. It was a different time back then. People were loyal!

  15. Why is it that a defense that sucked all year now can be fixed in, “over the next week, two weeks, three weeks,” Jones said.”

    I mean does he listen to himself at all?

  16. As an Eagles fan there’s nobody I’d rather have running the Cowboys than Jerry Jones. There’s nobody I’d rather have quarterbacking the Cowboys than Tony Romo. There’s nobody I’d rather have coaching the Cowboys than Jason Garrett. There’s no team I’d rather have a 1 game divisional lead ahead of in December than the Cowboys.

  17. The Cowgirls seem to lack a “mean” streak on defense. They look like they are afraid of hurting someone else by hitting them. With the sorry condition of the “Alice” defense (no D in Dallas), I respectfully recommend to Jerrah that he hire my ex-wife as D coordinator. She would teach them the meaning of “mean” and they dang well would be more scared of her than anyone else. Hell, Jerrah would be scared of her. Heck, even my wife would put the fear of God into them.
    Disclaimer: my wife does not know I posted this, and please no one tell her 🙂

  18. He just said a few weeks ago that it may have been a mistake to fire Rob Ryan.

    Giant fans have been laughing at your franchise for 10 years!

  19. Really, there is nobody you would rather have to run your defense? Not the top NCAA college coordinators or I dont know, the guy who filled in for John Fox in Denver, or someone defensive minded like Lovie…holy cr@p Jerry!

  20. thestrategyexpert says:Dec 10, 2013 11:59 AM

    I wouldn’t let Monte be my DC if he offered to pay me. He’s too old and I know how to strategize on Defense a lot better than he does. Maybe he was good a decade or so ago, but he’s not good today, and that’s all that matters if you want to be a good professional football team. I wouldn’t even have given him a thank you card on the way out the door. I don’t like people who cost me football games, they aren’t worth anything. Kiffin did a lousy job all year long and the injuries are not enough of an excuse.

    Ernie Sims isn’t hurt, but they WANT him to play still. Even after all the bad tape he created for the Lions. Only an idiotic DC would let Ernie Sims be responsible for his job. Kiffin is an idiot.

    Granted the Dallas D is not good but to call Kiffin an idiot when you are on a football blog site calling him out while saying you are a better defensive strategist than him is downright delusional.

  21. bennyb82 says:
    It seems that Jerry would rather have control over a team that loses than not have control over a team that wins.


    Says it all……

    Just too funny & sad at the same time.

    I would feel kinda bad for the Dallas fans if they weren’t just as lame enablers….

  22. The reporter obviously cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

    Jurray said, “there’s nobody I’d rather have than Monte Kiffin running my defense into the ground.”

    Dallas Defensive ranks:
    #26 in points allowed
    #32 in total yards allowed
    #32 in allowing first downs
    #32 in passing yards allowed
    #31 in passing TDs allowed
    #28 in rushing yards allowed

    Jesus! Dallas needs Jesus to get into the playoffs

  23. Jerry Jones is like so many first generation wealthy He loves wielding his power so much losing football games is part of it.

  24. Michael Corleone (aka Jarrah Jones) just walked up to Fredo Corleone (aka Monte Kiffin) and kissed him right on the mouth…

  25. As much as Jerry’s comments usually get on my nerves, I have to agree with what he said.

    Being one game behind, the Cowboys certainly aren’t out of the playoff hunt, so getting rid of Kiffin now would be demoralizing at a time when you have to hope that your defensive players come to play. Also, if you get rid of Kiffin and you don’t make the playoffs, you would second guess whether it was the right decision.

    So, wait until the season is over, and then get rid of him. I think they might get rid of Kiffin and promote Marinelli to D coordinator to at least keep a little continuity.

  26. Leave it to jj’s to put blame & make DC’s try to fix his problems!! Know wht your doing & get the right players first off! How can anyone blame any DC!!!! Who could run this defense w/ these players!!!! #fedupCowboysfan

  27. Dungy built that Tampa 2 team, and Monte road his curtails. Monte has been subpar everywhere he was a defensive coor except for tampa. Said it was a terrible choice then, still say it now.

  28. Well clearly Marinelli is the DC-in-waiting. I’m not so sure Kiffin is alive and not in a Weekend At Bernie’s situation with Jerry calling the plays.

    If Lovie Smith gets a coaching gig this offseason, he would likely lure Marinelli away from Dallas.

  29. I don’t often make ridiculous statements praising my defensive coordinator that just blew a game, but when I do, it’s Monte Kiffin.

  30. @America’s team is god’s team:
    Nothing against your favorite team but you are delusional. The current Cowboys’ D is the only one worse than the Bears’. The Bears receivers are just way and I mean way better than the DB’s who played for Dallas last night, so yeah it was kind like cheating.
    Also, Brandon Marshall is better than Austin used to be, before the injuries. Even though he doesn’t wear the star.
    Hopefully, this post doesn’t bother anyone else, because that would mean there are two people so blindly in love with the Cowboys that they can’t see the truth. Sometimes it’s ok to say your team isn’t the best, when they are in fact not the best instead of crying. I know the Bears are terrible on D as hard as it is to admit it simply is. Just like the Cowboys simply are not great in 2013, relax and watch video of one of the many years that they were great.

  31. Cowboys, Redskins, and Yankees all claim ‘smart’ owners that micromanage. May they continue to do so. It leaves the top prize to ‘teams of professionals’ rather than egomaniacs.

  32. Whenever an Owner, GM, or Coach uses the “There is no one I would rather have than _____” line, you know it is over… Enjoy your retirement Monte, you earned (not this season, he didnt earn jack this season, but back in the late 90s – mid 00s)

  33. Translation:

    “Monte has promised me that he will retire at the end of the season, so I can say all of these wonderful things about him now and send him off with a gold watch when the season ends. Lord knows it’s too late to fix it now.”

  34. thegenoatkinsdiet says:
    Dec 10, 2013 12:00 PM
    Jerry, all of Cincinnati thanks you sincerely for not keeping Mike Zimmer.

    And while we are talking about Zimmer…why is he not a HC in this league? Barely hear his name mentioned – if ever – when discussing vacancies.

  35. schmitty2:

    Not sure why the opinion is delusional just cause it happens to appear on a blog. Does it somehow have more credibility if I explained this to Monte over lunch and in person? I just don’t understand your POV on this one sorry.

  36. He was a terrible DC in USC facing up tempo, multiple offenses. Why Skeletor thought he would succeed when the NFL is going that way is beyond me.

  37. Long live Jerry Jones! There’s no one else the rest of the world would rather have as Alice’s owner and GM. The continued cycles of hype and promise followed by substandard performance and continued mediocrity are the best entertainment I can imagine.

  38. last season, when dallas had even more significant injuries on the defensive side of the ball, jerry’s general manager decided to scapegoat rob ryan rather than shoulder the blame for having no depth on the team.

    unfortunately, this rash decision was followed by another bad call; bringing in a dc running a tampa 2. this meant his lineup, meant for a 3-4, was immediately not suited for the tampa 2. and once again, dallas has had injuries on the defensive side of the ball (who would have thought?); and the defense looks worse than last year. one would have thought last nite they would have brought up the safeties and forced the bears to beat them solely through the air. instead, they laid back, let the bears run at will, then season the running game with play action as necessary.

    but the final straw would be when my general manager gave an interview and declared this season’ s roster to be “some of his best work”. Is that arrogant, or what?

    the evidence is clear, jerry. you need to fire that good for nothing general manager of yours….

  39. A Fish rots from the head down….this one’s been deteriorating for the better part of 20 years…I’ve never had so much fun watching a team disintegrate! Apparently Jerry Jones lives by the credo, if it’s broke, don’t fix it….of course, that would have to result in him admitting he doesn’t know dick about football! LOL

  40. What Jerrah really meant to say is “There’s nobody I’d rather have than Rob Ryan.”

    As a 20 year Bucs fan, I concur Monte is way overrated…go ask Warren Sapp his thoughts on Monte. Those two were like oil and water in the locker room. Rod Marinelli is the reason Sapp was a HOF inductee. Rod is a GREAT D line coach but not HC or DC. If he cant get it done with the front 7, then its time to change the parts of that front 7.

    PS- Can we have George Selvie back who we kicked to the curb after preseason because we cant evaluate D talent? – Coach Schiano. Toes on the line! lol

  41. Jerry is either fooling himself or more likely ..he is just afraid to admit
    The obvious . The key is to listen to what Ware said. The Cowboys
    are lining up in straight zone coverages. Watch the opposing
    Quarterbacks there are no pre-snap reads…there is no confusion
    as to what the Cowboys are doing. When the opposing Qb knows
    what the defense is running …they will just wear you out. Last
    night you saw a back up Quarterback who was completely at ease.
    Jerry Jones was critical of Ryan’s intricate defense. He said it
    was too difficult learn. Jones wanted players like Ware to play
    not think. Well you have your high school cover 2 zone. How do
    you like it now Jerry ?
    Please Jerry just admit you blew it and move on. To prolong this
    mistake will be your biggest mistake !

  42. thestrategyexpert says: [[ I wouldn’t let Monte be my DC if he offered to pay me. He’s too old and I know how to strategize on Defense a lot better than he does. Maybe he was good a decade or so ago ]]

    Maybe?!?! You mean when he DC’d the best pass defense in history by DVOA … “maybe” he was “good.”

    No idea what he’s like now as I (like any logical football fan) don’t watch a lot of the .500 gang but to not credit his past defenses is utterly absurd.

  43. At this point in the season with a playoff birth still attainable albeit unlikely given our offensive defensive play it just does not make sense to fire Monte Kiffin. First he is still getting paid why pay him to sit at home. Who at this point knows the defense better than him. It is not all on kiffin the players are not performing most look lost and under prepared and over matched. They show no discpline leaving assigned gaps and not setting edges prefering to wander away from assignment’s to make the big play just to leave a huge hole for the other team to exploit at will. This is either the worst coached unit in the NFL or the Dallas Cowboys have massive issues evaluating talent. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Jerry Jones has created a toxic enviroment he has surrounded himself with yes men. Who can stand up to him and call him out and not be oztrised. This is not the best way to run a successful organization. Except it is successful making truck fulls of money a veritable money making machine. Successful to Jerry not a loyal fanbase who is wallowing in mediocrity.

  44. Plus it doesn’t help that Gruden was suggesting certain types of plays to expose Dallas with and then Chicago listened and ran those plays.

    The Cowboys were just no match for Gruden’s scheming! Maybe they should have offered him a job so he wouldn’t have been able to announce so much advice for the Bears. 🙂

  45. Not surprising. Jerrah’s mammoth ego would never allow him to admit he’s wrong or made a mistake.

  46. njligernj:

    There is no point to give him credit for the past. Any good work he may have done in the past isn’t relevant to the present if he’s not doing a good job overall despite supposedly having experience doing good work.

    My opinion is that when people get older they become less sharp, they think slower and have other issues. I think Kiffin isn’t intelligent enough for a complex assignment like NFL DC, this is based on everything I have ever seen about Kiffin in my lifetime, and over 10 years ago I wasn’t paying attention closely enough so I cut that out and say ok maybe he was good, if he was or not I DON’T CARE because it’s not my team and it doesn’t affect my team if he was good or not in the past.

    I live for TODAY’S football games, and Kiffin can’t help the Cowboys today. I think he’s a lousy DC and not a sharp thinker, and they need a lot more brain power in the strategy and planning of their football team. That’s all I care about.

  47. For the sake of Cowboy fans everywhere Jerry needs to learn how to be an owner like Kraft, Blank and the others who are very involved with the team but let those who know what they are doing handle the football (coaching and personnel) business. I love Jerry’s passion but he doesn’t know how to run a football team. Jimmy Johnson would be a great GM hire for the Cowboys.

  48. a thoroughly incompetent owner. Stupid coaching choices across the board, and that’s in part why the Dallas defense is a laughing stock

  49. Jerrah should just get rid of the DC, OC, HC and wear the headsets himself as he wouldn’t be any more of a joke than he has been for the last 20 years.

  50. jimthebuilder27 says:
    Dec 10, 2013 12:03 PM

    Skeletor has a habit of unconditionally and unequivocally supporting his employees until he no longer supports them.

    Just remember that guys!
    Skeletor….that’s awesome!

  51. I’m forever grateful for Monte for his defenses here in Tampa.. But he’s a great coordinator with crappy players who really doesn’t fit his tampa 2 system.. Some players who played a 3-4 under Ryan are getting beat up and down playing cover 2 in the 4-3.. Give Monte a break.. It took him really 3 yrs to get the Bucs defense truly dominant in 1999, after being very good from late 96-98. Plus he had Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Barber, Kelly, Nickerson, McFarland/Cullpepper, Rice, etc. In Dallas he has Ware and who?

  52. It’s amazing how much better Monte Kiffin looks as a defensive coordinator when he had players like Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice, Brooks, Barber, and Lynch starting for his defense.

  53. Whether Aaron Rodgers or Matt Flynn plays for the Packers this week, they’re both licking their chops at getting to play this pathetic excuse for a defense on Sunday.

  54. Seeing a shot of Jerry and his son lounging on that chair last night in the owners suite was priceless! The best Defensive co-ordinators that ever coached couldn’t fix this defense with the sorry players they have. I have watched many a football game in my life and that performance last night on defense was about as bad as you can get. That Redskin Cowboy game on 12-22 is shaping up to be called the disfunctional bowl. So its ok for all you Cowboy fans to live in the past boasting about the rings,but I myself prefer to live for now and the future..

  55. And there’s nobody we’d rather have fix healthcare than Obama.

    Make sure you buy plenty of pizza for the team after all those moral victories, Jerry!

  56. “underperforming defense”

    Who says it’s underperforming? Their performance seems about right to me.

    Both safeties suck.

    Brandon Carr is an overpaid embarassment. Morris Claiborne is a draft bust (next Deion Sanders? NOT).

    They have one decent linebacker (Sean Lee) but he’s fragile and Jerry has already overpaid him, as usual.

    Sorry Jerry, but 31 year old defensive ends are not in their “prime”. Ware’s arrow has been pointing down for a couple of years now. Our best defensive lineman is Hatcher and he’s already declared that he will “test the market” after the season. The rest of the defensive line was signed off their couch during the season.

    3 out of 5 of the offensive linemen SHOULD have been on their couch this season.

    Dez Bryant is a big bag of overhyped nothing with an attitude problem, who can’t run the right route, or beat double coverage, and he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks.

    Miles Austin is an overpaid pulled hamstring.

    Years of bad drafts. The Parcells guys that are left (Ware, Witten, Romo) are aging. The arrow is pointed down. Jerry is too blinded by his own ego to see it.

    The Cowboys are entering salary cap hell next year, with no hope, and no clue.

  57. He fired Rob Ryan last year because the defense sucked.

    Ryan went to New Orleans and turned their defense around, but Dallas defense still sucks.

    The problem is Jerry Jones. I became a Cowboys fan in 1960. I used to live and die with that team. I now actively root against them, because I take pleasure in Jerry’s humiliation.

    My only hope is to outlive him.

  58. “He’s the most familiar with our situation…” What’s that? A record breaking low defense that’s decimated by injuries once again? If there was a ever time to say you messed up and just start from scratch this would be it. Changing D coordinators to switch to a 4-3 your roster doesn’t support, drafting Frederick in the 1st round to enable you to get Escobar in the 2nd (a third potential starting pass catching TE we don’t need), and ignoring the defensive line’s needs has got you where you are. If last season didn’t open your eyes to the need for depth on the D line I don’t know what will. Maybe a second season of the same thing?? Rebuilding with virtually no cap space the next five years will be fun.

  59. Jerry Jone is full of it. The only reason he is saying that is because he hired Kiffin. He doesnt want to look like an idiot cause of his ego. I’m a Cowboys fan; and as long as Jerry Jones is GM, this team will never win a SuperBowl again.

  60. thestrategyexpert says:
    Dec 10, 2013 1:35 PM
    Plus it doesn’t help that Gruden was suggesting certain types of plays to expose Dallas with and then Chicago listened and ran those plays.

    The Cowboys were just no match for Gruden’s scheming! Maybe they should have offered him a job so he wouldn’t have been able to announce so much advice for the Bears. 🙂

    Dude: if this post isn’t tongue in cheek, its probably the silliest post ever. I’m pretty sure chicago’s coaching staff can recognize a tampa two without grudens help. most particularly since lovie ran it for the last 6 or 8 years. and my guess is that they had more to do last nite than listen to gruden babble on.

  61. thefirstsmilergrogan:

    I included a Smiley face. And I just thought it was funny that Gruden suggested a rollout play and then McCown did a last second readjustment maybe based on what he got at the last second from the headset, and then he rolled out and threw a pass, and he could have ran for it if there was no Defense for it. Gruden called that play and then they ran the exact play!

    And it scored a TD on the Cowboys. 🙂

  62. I hated the cowboys growing up but they are so pathetic now I feel bad for them. Romo and the offensive talent are not the problem, they are one of the most dynamic and exciting in the league. The play calling and defence do this team in. Jerry’s obsessed with defensive playmakers instead of solid players. The defence needs to be blown up entirely, almost every defensive guy has an ego. The jags have way less talent but play better d, that says a lot.

  63. I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 35 years and it is beyond obvious to almost all of us that Jerry Jones needs to either 1) die or 2) step down as GM.

    At this point, I’d take either option.

  64. Jerry may be a terrible GM/President/Assistant coach but he’s at least classy. He could have thrown that old man under the bus. So, let’s at least give him credit for “keeping it in house.” Kiffin will be axed at the end of the year.

  65. Not only has the game passed Kiffin by but simply did not have the talent to succeed with the Tampa 2. Lee is a nice player but no Derek Brooks and certainly do not see a Sapp and Lynch type in the front 7 on that roster.

  66. Jerry likes ‘YES’ men.

    Kiffin fits:

    Jerry: “Did the stinkin’ Bears just run over our defense?”

    Kiffin: “Yes:

    Jerry: “Is our Defense LAST in the NFL???”

    Kiffin: “YES”

    Jerry: Do you know I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth as usual and you are fired right after the season?”

    Kiffin: “YES, everybody knows this about you”

  67. The only thing that’s going to make Jerry change is a hit in the pocketbook. Anyone who buys Cowboys merchandise or goes to a home game is enabling Jerry’s delusion.

    Boycott Jerry Jones; it’s the only way.

  68. gavriloprincip33 says:

    “Monte will be in an assisted-living facility this time next year”
    Good thing for Jerry that there is a jr. Kiffin that is unemployed….

  69. The best way to fix the Cowboys’ defense is to induce a coma in Jerry Jones so he quits making boneheaded personnel decisions. Or, do what George Costanza did to “fix” his life: do the OPPOSITE of what he would normally do in every circumstance.

  70. giantschamps says:
    Dec 10, 2013 1:40 PM
    How the hell did Jerry get so rich, being so dumb?

    Simple. Delusional Cowboys fans continue to buy tickets to games along with merchandise. Every year they buy whatever Jerry sells. After all “this is the year the Cowboys are going back to the Superbowl”.. Every single year.

    No doubt Jerry laughs all the way to the bank while destroying a storied franchise.

  71. Jerry Jones is so arrogant and delusional he fails to realize he is the most disliked man in the NFL.

  72. thebadguyswon says:
    Dec 10, 2013 4:48 PM
    I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 35 years and it is beyond obvious to almost all of us that Jerry Jones needs to either 1) die or 2) step down as GM.

    At this point, I’d take either option.


    The only problem with option 1 is Stephen Jones; he knows less about football that Jerruh and yet he thinks that he is a genius as well…

  73. “Instead, Jones said, he expects Kiffin to get to work at improving the defense to get the Cowboys to the playoffs.”

    OK, so like WTF has Kiffen been doing all year? What flipped the switch after yet another unbelievably pathetic performance? So MK now says to himself, “Oh, I guess I better get this thing figured out?” This is a defense that is an embarrassment to football at every level. Jerry probably thought all along it’s Romo’s fault, right?

  74. Oh, forgot to state the obvious. Jones is a certifiable, committable moron, lunatic, idiot–pick one or feel free to add your won.

    A loooooong time Dallas fan

  75. Cowboys fans you can complain and criticize Jerry Jones all you want and it won’t do a damn bit of good. You should be use to the fact by now nothing will every change as long as Jerry owns your team.
    Your options are: Support your team and quit your complaining { it is what it is }, find another team to support or find another interest to pursue.

  76. There was no love lost when he went to USC from Tampa. His defense had become old in style and predictable. It was great 15 years ago, not so much today.

  77. The more Jerry talks, the more we realize that he knows nothing about the NFL game.You are a marketing machine, Jerry, just like the Kardashians of the world. Hire a GM. Win some games. Then talk.

  78. The Cowboys rank last (32nd) in the NFL in total defense. They give up an average of 426 yds per game. The lowly Vikings (31st) are averaging 401; that’s 25 yds FEWER than the Cowboys. They are the sole residents of the 400+ club.

    “and if there are adjustments to be made”
    IF? Jerry, when did you suspect adjustments might need to be made? Way back early in the season, maybe? So why didn’t Kiffin make those adjustments then?

    I have always suspected JJ’s reasoning and, even more, his comments. He puts his credibility (which already is plummeting like a dead bird) way out on a broken little limb by supporting Kiffin. My eyes burn to read his words.

    I’m not one to insult anyone, especially if they’re not out to get anyone. That’s not why I’m here. I’m just absolutely flabbergasted at what he’s doing and saying. What fools these mortals be!

  79. Want to get rid of Jerry (as GM) and return the Dallas Cowboys to greatness? Simple, easy cure: STOP GOING TO THE DAMNED GAMES! STOP buying Sweatshirts, Ball caps & T-Shirts.
    Jerry is having fun AND making money while the team & fans suffer. Want Jerry to hire a new GM? Just take away the money!

  80. So a defense that Kiffin hasn’t been able to fix for the first 13 weeks of the season will get sorted for the last 3 games? Riiiiiight…

    And it WILL be the last 3 games, because I can’t see the Cowboys getting to the playoffs. In some ways that’s a relief, because it means one less humiliating defeat this season in the first round by the Panthers or 49ers.

    Despite having the worst defense in their history, the Cowboys could still make the playoffs. I wonder how the season would have unfolded if the defense was even as good as just the middle of the NFL pack? It shows that the offense and special teams have played their part and been let down by a pathetic excuse for a defense.

  81. The mummy goes on and on about monty and rob ryan has a better de and better game plan.I ask dallas fan now knowing what romo still brings to the table would you give him 100 million at the end of this season.You expect romo to dwarf into this championship qb and its not happening fellas.Romo should go to the best playmaker on crucial downs and he still throws it to miles austin,beasley ,harris.Does he just not like dez or what.Let me put it to you this way ELI threw to plax on the wining drive three times in a row and the same play over and over in the superbowl against trust only the best.send dez to Giants and we will give you nicks.Eli will throw to him 15 times a game and we would win another ring.You guys got Bad coaching,bad owner.bad qb.

  82. Dallas fans should appreciate that Jerry is a good business man. He sells more jerseys south of the border than all other teams combined. And he has expensive prices for parking, food, and beverage besides the seats. You should pity him. After he’s barely able to feed his sons, let alone give them their entitled birth right.

  83. Kiffin’s problem is that he is lacking quality throughout the defensive side on the ball. He did not cause that problem-Jerry the GM did.

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