Lamar Miller recovering from concussion

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The Dolphins weren’t expecting to get running back Daniel Thomas back in the lineup two weeks after he hurt his ankle, but it’s a good thing they did.

Thomas was needed to play a featured role in the offense in the second half against the Steelers because Lamar Miller was forced out of the game with a concussion. Miller is in the league’s concussion protocol now and his status will be monitored throughout the week in hopes that he can be cleared in time to face the Patriots.

If he can’t, the Dolphins will need to hope for more of the same from Thomas. Thomas ran for 105 yards in Sunday’s win, which earned him praise for playing hurt from offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

“There is a certain amount of mental toughness that plays a part in it,” Sherman said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “He wasn’t 100 percent but he played as if he was. There’s one thing to play with some pain and another things to play well with some pain, and he certainly played well.”

The Dolphins lost to the Ravens, giving Baltimore the tiebreaker should the two teams finish in tie when the regular season comes to a close. The Dolphins, therefore, can’t really afford a loss and they may have to lean heavily on Thomas again this week to avoid one.

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  1. We have not beaten the New England Patsies since 2009. If the referees will only call this game fairly, the Phins have a great chance for success on Sunday. We have some momentum going after playing the Jests and the Steelers. Thomas has an opportunity to show the world he is a quality running back. We really do need a great running game against New England as it sets up the play action pass. I hope RT has a career day, and Thomas can really help make that happen.

  2. Thomas has a lot riding on the Game… He is probably not going to be resigned by the Dolphins, so this is basically his Audition for Free Agency. He is a decent blocker, but he lacks quickness in decisions. Not always his fault, but this guy is not an east-west runner and M. Sherman makes some stupid calls when a power runner needs a yard. He gave a great effort last week, but Miller could have done better. If Thigpen and Gillislee could block, they would be in. I still can’t believe we tried Clutts at FB when Connor was available. We use Egnew as FB? No wonder 3rd downs are impossible. Connor wpuld have made a huge difference, especially with a terrible OLine, albeit somewhat improved the past few weeks. We easily could have been at 9 wins with a consistent groundgame.

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