No practice for Wes Welker


The Broncos have a quick turnaround from Sunday to Thursday night this week and it may not be enough time for wide receiver Wes Welker to get healthy enough to be in the lineup.

Lindsay Jones of USA Today reports that Welker did not participate in practice on Tuesday after suffering a concussion against the Titans on Sunday. The league’s concussion protocol dictates a series of tests that Welker must pass before he’ll be cleared to play, something that usually takes more time than the Broncos have at their disposal right now.

The final injury report for the game will come out on Wednesday and we’ll find out Welker’s status for Thursday at that point. As of now, though, questionable seems like a stretch. Luckily for the Broncos they also have Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno and Julius Thomas available to catch passes from Peyton Manning.

Jones also reports that defensive end Derek Wolfe and cornerback Champ Bailey were held out of practice. Wolfe hasn’t played since suffering seizure-like symptoms on the Friday before the Week 13 game with New England and Bailey’s been in and out of the lineup with a foot injury all season.

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  1. If they can survive this week without Welker, so much the better for the Bronco’s. They need him in the playoffs more than they need him right now.

  2. Tamme and Julius T. can handle slot duties while the little fella gets right.

    Caldwell seems ok taking return duties (awesome return negated by stupid penalty), although I’d rather have Holliday back (heart attacks and all).

    Welker, of course, has been awesome, so I hope he is able to return soon and be healthy for the playoffs.

  3. I didn’t expect him to play this week. He couldn’t even tell that there were some lizards eating his legs.

  4. But he’ll be cleared to play…the Donkeys aren’t treated like other teams…they are the NFLs little darlings and are above the rules.

  5. Considering they cleared him to play when he had one, and he suffered another one, they might want to be cautious.

  6. I am a long-time Patriots fan. I use to collect the Coca-Cola bottle caps with each player’s picture and glue them to the spread sheet Coke gave out. I would go to gas stations with a magnet to pull out all of the used caps from the opener dispenser. That was the early 60s. Welker may be the toughest player I have ever seen wear a Patriots uniform.

  7. Tough is one thing….stupid is another. He’s been basically knocked unconscious two weeks in row. He should retire and spare us all the stories of how he can’t function in every day life years from now. There is more to life than this weeks game Wes. That being said I believe he will be in uniform Thursday nite.

  8. Didn’t take long for Manning to get him banged up. Only missed 3 games in 6 years with the Patsies.

  9. The Broncos can afford to sit him until the playoffs and he really needs the healing time. 2 concussions in a month, on top of all the others – well – I’d be consulting with my financial planner and my agent about lining up some post-playing career jobs.

  10. All these Patsies fans looking for justification losing Welker and picking up Amendola by stating that one is playing this Sunday and the other isn’t?? You are correct about Welker not playing this Sunday, nor the Broncos. Check the schedule.

    Welker > Amendola x5!

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