PFT on NBCSN: Coaching hot seat, Power rankings

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There may not be a hotter seat in the NFL right now than the one under Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

The question that must be answered is whether Shanahan is providing the flame himself. We’ll discuss that on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN on Tuesday in an attempt to make heads or tails of what’s gone on in Washington over the last few days. The rest of the vulnerable coaches will also be up for discussion during our weekly temperature check of the coaching ranks.

We’ll also have a look at the power rankings for this week. The Seahawks weren’t shaken from their perch at the top by last weekend’s loss, but the conversation will cover which other teams are moving up and down the list with just a few weeks left in the regular season.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

10 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Coaching hot seat, Power rankings

  1. Whoever made the call to start RG3 at the beginning of the year needs to be removed. He was clearly not healed enough to play effectively. As non-coach/GM’s, all of us NFL fans could plainly see it.
    No excuse.

    PS – Not even a ‘Skins fan

  2. Mike Muncheck in Tennessee could be out. If Dallas doesn’t make it to the playoffs, Jason Garrett needs to be added. Even though Jerry says he’s safe. Jerry’s patience is wearing thin. Dennis Allen in Oakland, Jim Schwartz in Detroit, Leslie Frazier in Minnesota NOT SAFE!!!

  3. Dennis Allen in Oakland RU crazy that tam looks better now then it has in years they lost 5 or 6 games on end if game drivesIts his first year and he has a lot of position to fill. This team will be a contender in 2 years you can bet your paycheck on that.

  4. who ever gave up the all the future draft picks to get RGIII and the person who rushed his comeback should be gone. You cannot put all the blame on the young QB. He has an offensive line that is playing terribly and the kid has been running for his life since he has put on a Redskins uniform. I think the entire coaching staff needs to go, especially the person who is calling the plays. Good luck Redskins, I am an EAGLES fan and I like it when all the teams in the NFC East are good, it makes for a great year of football, and after last year I feel your pain Redskins fans

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