Ratliff aggravates Cowboys by making plays against them

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The Cowboys thought Jay Ratliff should have been playing for them.

So when Jeremiah Ratliff started making plays for the Bears last night, it was salt in the wound.

Ratliff, who didn’t play a snap for the Cowboys this year, played 44 of them in the Bears’ win last night, 80 percent of the defensive snaps in the game.

It’s just business. They get rid of you, somebody else wants you and they’re on the schedule, that’s how it goes, so be it,” Ratliff said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m really enjoying myself.”

The Cowboys might not have been. Owner Jerry Jones said last week he thought Ratliff should be playing for his team at the moment, so seeing him get a sack last night had to sting.

Bears head coach Marc Trestman was glad for the help after injuries blew the middle out of his line, including franchise player Henry Melton.  He said Ratliff’s “personality has been a great fit for our locker room. We see him as just being a great person.”

“Anytime you get a sack, especially after over a year of not being on the field, it feels good,” Ratliff said. “It feels real good to get back in the game and definitely play a lot more, body held up good.

“It’s just a blessing to be here right now. I’m just thanking God.”

Jones and the Cowboys might not agree, after paying Ratliff to not play for him.

12 responses to “Ratliff aggravates Cowboys by making plays against them

  1. Just the latest proof that the most important change the Cowboys need to make is a change in ownership. Jones’ stupudity masquerading as knowledge is preventing this team from success.

  2. Guy is a joke. Go out fake failing physicals to get cut, collect his bonus and runs for another payday.

    I hope Jerry goes after him for the money.


    That sack was Romo falling. He was taken care of all night, see the 200+ rush yards the awful cowboys got. Wasnt he brought in to help stop the run?

  3. Ha Ha! How bout dem Cowboys? I bet that was a long plane ride back to Texas for the Cowboys. Jason Garret thru his defense under the bus in his post game interview big time. Then he tried to back track and say the offense helped lose too. Nice try Jason but the damage was already done. If the Bears offense looked a little familiar to the Saints offense last nite that’s because the Bears offensive coordinator coached under Sean Payton in New Orleans for a few years. I especially liked the ‘sucker screen plays’ McCown executed flawlessly for the most part. That play is straight out of Sean Payton’s playbook. If i was a Bears fan i’d rather have McCown than “tap-out” Cutler. I’m so glad Jerry Jones fired Rob Ryan. I hope Jerry Jones continues to be the Cowboys General Manager till the end of time. Because that way we will never have to worry about the Cowboys winning the SB ever again. Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  4. LMAO He made it sound like he worked for that sack Romo Went down to the ground when he didnt have too if u watch the play I hate this loss but for Ratliff to act like he did something is hilarious, What about the Cowboys running straight thru him when they did run he was blown off the line every Run play

  5. Were we watching the same game? Ratliff was largely ineffective all night, and the one sack he got was when Romo was already crawling on the ground and Ratliff managed to brush his leg while being forced to the grass by a lineman.

  6. why are you guys talking about jones….we should be yelling for kiffin’s firing….how horrible is this guy? cant blame this on tony…3 td’s but NO help from $50M man Carrthey need to be put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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