Saban talking to Alabama about a new contract


At a time when Redskins owner Daniel Snyder may be thinking about the next high-profile coach he’ll overpay to underachieve, Nick Saban would like to remind Snyder and the rest of us that Saban is still coaching.

Gil Brandt of tweets that he’s been told by a source that Saban currently is in negotiations with Alabama regarding a contract extension that would pay him in the range of $7 million per year.

Coincidentally (or not), current Redskins coach Mike Shanahan currently earns $7 million per year.

The more likely explanation for this latest development is that word of the potential extension was leaked by Saban or someone close to Saban to a member of the media with close ties to the University of Texas as a message to the Longhorns, who are believed to be interested in hiring Saban.  But Brandt also has close ties to the NFL, which makes us wonder whether Snyder is one of the intended recipients of Saban’s message.

Why wouldn’t Snyder be interested in Saban?  Sure, he burned out after two years in Miami because a little thing called the salary cap prevented him from over-recruiting the most talented players in the nation and then lining them up and letting them win championships.  (Besides, NFL kickers are way better at making 57-yard field goals.)  No numbers of crystal footballs will soothe Saban’s lingering torment over the perception that he couldn’t get it done at the highest level of the sport.

The key for Saban would be negotiating a contract that gives him as much power in the NFL as he enjoys in a town he runs called Tuscaloosa, with enough extra money to make up for the fact that he’d to deal with a far more zealous and independent press corps in D.C.  So if $7 million per year keeps him in Alabama, what would lure him back to the NFL?

$8 million plus total control of the football operations and a promise from Snyder to stay out of the building?

$10 million plus full control?

Surely, there’s a number and a set of terms that will get Saban’s attention.  But first, Saban has to get Snyder’s attention.

Mission accomplished.

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  1. FWIW, there’s been speculation all season that the University of Texas will be changing coaches after this year, and that their oil-rich boosters will offer Saban an eight-figure annual contract.

    I actually think Texas is a far greater threat to snatch Saban away from Alabama than any NFL team.

  2. $7 Million for a college coach. That’s more than the entire budgets for several academic departments. Disgusting. And shows where the “school’s” priorities are and it ain’t “school”.

  3. Didn’t Mrs. Saban say last week or perhaps 2 week ago that they had already bought burial plots in Tuscaloosa? If you’ve done that a handshake deal would seem more fitting.

  4. Since Saban , who has been successful in Miami, or Washington for that matter ? Don’t think it was all Saban responsible for that record or lack of turnaround in Miami. Several more qualified people have failed since.

  5. Um, good luck with that Washington. Pete Carroll went from USC to Seattle because he was losing recruiting tools due the NCAA investigation. What makes you think Saban would jump ship from a team that ultimately sells itself to recruits for a team that is lacking it’s most important “recruiting” tool, a 1st round pick. The front 7 of that D is great, but the back end is atrocious, and the high picks given up for RG3 are what is needed to fix it. Sure, I bet you could swindle some team into trading for Griffen to grab a high pick this year and some next, but now you are hoping Cousins pans out, no devastating injuries, and no distractions. Washington is toxic, in my opinion, for any high-profile coach, even if Snyder backs several large trucks of money into your driveway. There will be many better options after this season in the NFL. Houston, being at the top of that list.

  6. Ferdinand says: Dec 10, 2013 7:07 PM

    $7 Million for a college coach. That’s more than the entire budgets for several academic departments. Disgusting. And shows where the “school’s” priorities are and it ain’t “school”.

    The difference in revenues between a wildly successful team like the one Alabama has had under Saban and the unsuccessful ones they had under Shula, Franchione, etc is a lot more than $7 M.

    In other words, Nick Saban makes Alabama a crazy amount of money and is underpaid at $7 M per season.

  7. 3 points on Saban

    1) he chose Culpepper over Brees. He claims it was doctors, but BS

    2) Saban is the Dick Cheney of football coaches. Some people like him, but not many.

    3) he would need to change his approach in a second NFL stint. He grated on every long time employee of the fins, and the press. You cannot yell at a secretary for talking to you in a hall. He got the name nicktator for a reason.

  8. Saban was asked in a press conference if he was interested in going elsewhere and he said “no.” So that’s the end of it, right?

  9. Let’s see, he can rule college football making pro-coach money…or he could return to the pros and be just another guy who gets canned after a few years because the team isn’t progressing. I think he’ll stick with college, where a good recruiting pitch at a top school guarantees talent.

  10. Yo! Ferdinand!

    The academic departments are not bringing in any money. The Alabama football program brings in enough money to pay the coach that amount. Also enough money to fund scholarships in “lesser” sports where student-athletes can pursue degrees in various academic departments. College football also brings joy and entertainment to millions. People like you suck the joy out of life. Maybe we should just all retire to the library, hold hands, and meditate.

  11. Texas is prepared to offer him 10 to 12 Million a year. PERIOD! Not a Longhorn fan, just stating what I’ve heard from some friends that went to Texas and played sports.

  12. Saban isn’t going to Washington, ever.

    I thought maybe Texas, but losing to Auburn meant that wasn’t going to happen. Every player on the roster knows his system and has been a part of his “program” for 1-4 years. They’re bringing in a recruiting class like no other, and finally with the new 4 team playoff SEC teams will get the bump in over another team with equal loses. The first few years of the playoff 2 SEC teams will get in.

  13. To those complaining/whining about Saban making $7m at a public university, his salary is paid directly by the athletic department out of the $70m+ the football team generates per yr.

    His salary is not impacting the academic side of the university in any way. Know your facts!

  14. Saban already had an NFL gig … and he tapped out 1/2 way through his 2nd season. Only a moron would hire Saban to coach in the NFL.

  15. Some coaches are simply a better fit for the college game ; ability isn’t everything — you’re just not going to be able to mold players into your way of thinking in the NFL the way you can at the collegiate level.

  16. Wow it would be all about money if he left the best recruiting school in the country for a losing NFL team. I mean none of the top teams would want him, at least not when they are winning so were talking a rebuiling job, lack of draft picks, the whole nine yards versus sitting back and having the best players in the country calling you. Um tough decision.

  17. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Dec 10, 2013 7:09 PM
    Still think Texas offers more money and still believe he’s going there.
    Don’t think to hard you might hurt yourself. Saban isn’t going anywhere, he put out the news about Texas and is now getting what he wants from Alabama. Nobody in their right mind would leave Alabama for that dump in Texas. Big 12 Bahahahahahahahah!

  18. Ask anyone who saw it up close – Saban was an unmitigated disaster in Miami. NOBODY in that building could stand the guy, and all rejoiced when he bolted. So, he’d be a perfect replacement for the soon-to-be-cooked Red Lobster. Run one circus clown out of town, and reload with a new one. He and Snyder make a perfect couple.

  19. Oh what’s that won’t give me the money I want, I guess I’ll go talk Texas and that’s when Bama makes it rain on Saban it’s a sick game but I’d play it too if I were in his position

  20. He is not going to Texas.If he ever leaves,it will not be to take a step back,and Texas,despite the misguided egos of it’s boosters and fans is a step back,both in Conference and tradition.Whether any team in the dysfunctional world of the “hired to be fired” NFL is a step up is highly questionable. Egotistical and interfering owners(like U.Texas boosters),disinterested,tuned out and overpaid players,largely ignorant and yet rabid fan bases….and with the fluke loss to Auburn ,the challenge returns,replacing the burden of unrealistic expectations of yearly National Championships with revenge motivation and the quest to attain Number 1 yet again in a playoff system built for results and not merely undefeated seasons(such as FSU and it’s lone meaningful victory over Clemson or the atrocity of O.S. till the last weekend and the usual parade of Oregon,Baylor,Boise State,OK State et al)

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