Wade Phillips wants to be the Texans’ permanent head coach


Two years ago, Wade Phillips passed on the chance to interview for the head-coaching position in Tampa.  That doesn’t mean the three-time former head coach doesn’t want to be the next head coach of the Texans.

Phillips has made it clear that he’s interested in removing the “interim” label from the job he inherited after Gary Kubiak was fired last week.  In fact, Phillips won’t say that he’s willing to remain as the team’s defensive coordinator, if someone else gets the coaching job.

“I would never say that, because then they wouldn’t hire you as the head coach,” Phillips said Monday, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.  “I’m not going to fall for that one.”

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, McClain said that he doesn’t believe Phillips will be viewed as a serious candidate for the job.  If, however, the team can break an eleven-game losing streak and win the next three games, Phillips’ candidacy could gain some steam.

McClain also said that G.M. Rick Smith remains entirely safe, and that any candidate who is offered the job but who doesn’t want Smith setting the table will not be the next coach of the team.

Another intriguing topic — what will the Texans do if they “earn” the first overall pick in the draft?  Though some have dismissed the possibility that McNair would want Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, McClain thinks McNair would have no qualms about adding the 2012 Heisman winner to the team, if his stock rises to the point where the pick is justified.

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  1. He seems like a respected coach. I would try to trade him. But I think this team should hire somebody much younger with a fresher vision. This team is plagued by old-fashioned styles and philosophies and it’s holding them back.

  2. Drafting Manziel in the first round– much less #1– is a mistake. I like Manziel but he’s already been beat up in college and he throws it up to Mike Evans in traffic a couple times a game and Evans somehow comes down with it.

  3. The Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and Jacksonville Jaguars all want Wade Phillips to be the Texans’ permanent head coach, too.

  4. Very good and respected as a DC but lacks leadership and others intangibles (ability to control, motivate, and discipline his players) as a head coach – at least that what he lacked as a HC in Dallas. But then again, he had Jerry Jones as his GM and owner…….

  5. Nothing remotely resembling a thing called winning has been associated with this man. Bob McNair must be on the pipe if he even considers handing his team to Phillips.

  6. I think Wade is one of those guys who’s great on one side of the ball but just is not cut out to be a HC, much like Romeo Crennel. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just is what it is.

    Also I cannot imagine the Texans taking Manziel #1 overall, I would think at the least they would trade down a bit to behind whoever took Bridgewater if they want Manziel.

  7. Jerry Jones will be the only one desperate enough to to take you back.

    That’s because he won’t be able to get anyone else!

  8. What a joke. Most HC would want there pick of a GM. And you would rather possibly lose a quality coach who can bring the Texans back, just to keep Rick Smith around. Mcnair let’s face it, your just a wealthy man who knows zero about football. And Smith is not far behind you. You want a General to win the war, then let him pick his men!

  9. That panicked scream you just heard was Johnny Manziel freaking out before running to Texas A&M to enroll for another year.

    Matt Leinart recommends taking a class in Ballroom Dancing.

  10. Never a fan of interim coaches being hired full time. Jason Garrett and Leslie Frazier prove that point. I like Phillips, but as a DC. He is great with that job. He is medicore as a headcoach. That team needs to pull the band aid off and replace the entire staff with a new HC and his people.
    That being said, there are worse candidates than Phillips. (Gruden would be one of thos worse, yeah he has a superbowl ring, but was worthless most of the time. Always out smarting himself with senseless moves)

  11. The Texans should hire a marshmallow to be their head coach rather than going with a proven loser in Wade Phillips. He might be able to coordinate, but he is not head coaching material at any level.

  12. My ideal situation is to get lovie smith as the head coach. OR as the d-cord. I don’t think it’ll happen as a D-cord but i’d still love to see it. The texans going to a 4-3 would be pretty good imo. Mercelus switching back to end. Imagine having jj watt at dt mercelus at end like he played in college and got 16 sacks then taking clowney and having him at the other end.. They would instantly go to one of the best 4-3 d-lines in the NFL. If love does get hired. I’m hoping kyle shanny gets hired as the o-cord. Similar style offense to kubes but he has fresh visions. I think he will be a good o-cord in the future. We will see though. I’m excited.

  13. Amazing the vitriol against Wade.


    In 9 seasons as a HC in the NFL (excluding his interim HC at NO in 1985, and ATl in 2003) he’s had 6 winning seasons, 2 losing seasons, and 1 8-8 season, with 5 seasons in the playoffs (only a 1-5 record however). His winning percentage is .590 (79-55)

    Pluses for hiring.
    Maintains the integrity of the Texans going into 2014 (Defense would stay the same, familiarity with the current player and management/ownership group), excellent defensive minded coach, solid history of regular season success.

    Minuses for hiring.
    Reputation as a “laid back, players coach” (usually with such a big collapse, you change coaching style, with a disciplinarian replacing a players coach, or vise versa), poor playoff record, rigidly devoted to his defensive schemes (even when it seems offenses figure out how to beat his plans, he doesn’t seem to adapt enough).

    Honestly, I would rather have someone else, but I’d be fine with Wade with a short leash. But let’s be fair about it, and not trash the guy.

  14. For all you Texans fans too young to remember, google Music City Miracle before you jump on the Wade Wagon.

    Or, just ask Doug Flutie to remove the curse.

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