Aaron Rodgers gets some first-team reps in practice


The Packers might be pessimistic, but they’re not ruling Aaron Rodgers out yet.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com, Packers tight end Andrew Quarless let the cat out of the bag, saying Rodgers took snaps with the first offense Wednesday.

Rodgers said he had too much pain while doing individual drills last week, which dampened the enthusiasm.

“Twelve [Rodgers] looked real good today,” Quarless said. “It was good to see him out there, really working with the [No. 1] offense. He was out there before but wasn’t working as much with the offense, but today he took some offensive reps, which is a great thing for the team.”

When asked to clarify they were reps with the starting offense, Quarless replied, “Yes, sir.”

While his politeness is appreciated in a day and age when the media is not held in sufficient regard, Quarless’s coach might not appreciate it. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said that Rodgers was limited, and tried to keep the speculation in check.

“We’ll see how he is tomorrow. We’ll set a plan for him again tomorrow,” McCarthy said. “Aaron still is not medically cleared, and really, I think it’s important to stay in-tune with that because the topic of ‘Is he playing in the game?’ versus ‘Is he medically cleared?’ – those are two totally different issues.

“I clearly understand the importance of Aaron to the team, to the NFL, but we’ve got to make sure we do our due diligence and go through the process of getting him healthy.”

It still seems that they’re planning on Matt Flynn starting again, but even the hope of Rodgers returning is worth hanging onto.

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  1. Well of course he’s trying to play in this game. Indoors against the worst defense in NFL history. If Flynn starts he’ll look like Superman again, and Rodgers has been very clear there’s only room for one Superman on this team.

  2. Aaron Rodgers is the only good player on the whole Packers team.

    If he wasn’t your QB, this franchise would be even worse than the Jaguars.

    I feel bad for Aaron, he could be on a talented team like the Vikings with a ton of weapons.

    He won’t win another superbowl as long as he’s in Green Bay.

  3. I understand its up to the doctors.

    Regardless the Viking fans will crucify Rodgers, much like they did years ago when it came to giving autographs to someone.

    At least they have a TRUE franchise player moving forward. That isn’t in the midst of trade rumors.

    Regardless of how long his bone mass takes rejuvenate.

  4. why play Rodgers on a broken collarbone with a wildly improbable playoff scenario?

    They are literally 100:1 shots to get a wildcard…. you risk aggravating an injury on a guy that’s one of the most valuable in the NFL?


  5. As a longtime Aaron Rodgers keeper in fantasy football, I’m praying he’ll be back to normal and starting this week.

    As a football fan, I really think they should shut him down for the year. I know it’s possible for the Pack to make the playoffs, but honestly how far would they go? They’re not beating Seattle or New Orleans. The 49ers would be a really tough matchup and they’re not beating Carolina. Why risk a career-threatening injury to your franchise cornerstone when you can let him heal up and be back to normal for next season. I had hoped the Patriots were gonna do that with Gronk; they didn’t and look how far he was set back. I just don’t think it’s worth it

  6. Jim Schwartz needs to be fired if the Lions can’t win this division despite all the fortuitous injuries to other teams in their favor. What an embarrassment.

  7. Half a game back behind two teams that are one game above 500 and they are 100:1 odds? How do you pass drug tests at work?

  8. “… but even the hope of Rodgers returning is worth hanging onto.

    Not so. This statement simply enhancing propaganda for a false idol. The circus has arrived, folks.

  9. rgmememe December 11, 2013, 3:25 PM CST

    My grandmother could go out compete against that Cowboy D as bad as they are.

    that’s what the giants and raiders said after Dallas lost to the saints look how well that worked out for them so GB better watch out… just saying

  10. I see now, you brought in wildcard. Who says anything about wildcard. What are the odds of winning the division?

  11. If and when he is medically cleared to play, he should play.

    What’s with all this talk about ‘shutting him down?’

    He’s a football player. Even if they are eliminated from playoffs, if he is healthy to play he should play.

    He could have an impact on who wins the division – even if Pack is eliminated – by playing at Chicago in final week.

  12. Media deserves all of the negative attitudes they receive. 99% of the questions are TMZ, trying to produce drama out of every situation.

    That said, this question was actually relevant to the football field, and football is better when Aaron Rodgers is upright. Here’s hoping he plays against the Cowboys this week and is in top form without having any rust to shake off.

  13. Colin Kaepernick was better than Karen Fraudgers in Week 1 and will forever remain so. #WeAreTheGoldStandard #YoungWasBetterThanFavre

  14. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 4:37 PM
    Packers are going to run all over Dallas regardless of who the QB is.


  15. The Pack is a 1/2 game out of first with Chicago on the docket in 3 weeks. One loss by the Lions and the division is in their hands. If they lose they lose, but play it out, me boy!

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Once you get in the playoffs, anything can happen.

    As opposed to being Minnesotan. Then I would brag about how awesome it’s going to be, lose, fail, and then pretend I never cared because I can go to Mall of America and shop at The Gap.

  16. At a certain point if you are a superstar QB you have the right to play regardless of whatever anyone says. That is the way it works. That is how Favre did it. This game against the Cowboys is a virtual playoff game, with no defense played. Cowboys 56 Packers 49

  17. randomguy9999 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 4:32 PM
    why play Rodgers on a broken collarbone with a wildly improbable playoff scenario?

    They are literally 100:1 shots to get a wildcard…. you risk aggravating an injury on a guy that’s one of the most valuable in the NFL?



    If it was just the wild card you’d be right, but the Packers win the division if they win out and the Lions lose one game. The odds are still against them but really not by much. Any coach and player would play hard given those odds.

  18. If he’s remotely healthy, they’re nuts not to play him against the toothless Cowboys defense, particularly with Stafford and Detroit trying to play games with both hands wrapped firmly around their collective throats.

  19. Rodgers could probably be the single most valuable player to their own team than anyone in the league. He “band aids” lots of flaws on that team and it has shown the last several weeks he has been out. the Packers, with Rodgers, are a playoff contender, but without, are a below average team at best.

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