Bradshaw blasts New Jersey Super Bowl

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Count Terry Bradshaw among those who aren’t thrilled with a Super Bowl to be played in the open-air elements of New Jersey.

Bradshaw, who works for FOX, has complained about the title game to be televised by FOX from MetLife Stadium.

“Thank you Commissioner, thank you Super Bowl committee for putting us in New York,” Bradshaw said during his weekly appearance with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts of WFAN radio in New York.  “And we all know why we’re in New York, it’s because they overpaid for that stupid stadium in New Jersey. . . .  By the way, not a gorgeous stadium either.

“It’s freakin’ outside in New York, are you kidding me?  Not even New York — New Jersey.  It’s not like Minnesota, it’s a dome.  It’s not like it’s Detroit, it’s a dome.  It’s not like it’s Indy, it’s a dome. . . .  I don’t want it to be bad, ’cause I’m there.  I don’t want it to bad, I want it to be nice, but I don’t think you should be putting Super Bowls in northern cities in the winter time.”

Bradshaw, who has played in a few bad-weather games, doesn’t believe the Super Bowl should come down to the elements.

“You should be in Florida or California or Arizona, where there [are] no excuses,” Bradshaw said.  “What if the Saints make it there?  What if Seattle [qualifies]. . . .  Teams that run the football will have a bigger advantage than teams that throw the football.  What if we get two passing teams?  What if they get Denver there?  What if it’s pouring down snow?  You get a bad game.”

He’s right.  The goal of a neutral site is to let the best team win.  If/when elements are an issue, the best team won’t win.  The team best suited to play in those specific elements will.

To those who disagree, Bradshaw had this message:  “Get off the pipe, because something’s wrong with you.”

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  1. Not only that, but as a fan, I’m supposed to pay north of $3K for a ticket (plus another $3K in air, hotel, and food) to freeze my butt off?

    And they banned tailgating?

    And you can’t take a cab or car service or walk to the game? You won’t be let in unless you ride some stupid bus, which costs $50 a person?

    My HDTV with surround sound and recliner with built in beer fridge sounds pretty sweet right now.

  2. I don’t care if it makes the game unfair, I hope there is over a foot of snow on the field for the Super Bowl.

  3. More importantly, why can’t Seattle ever host a Super Bowl? That would be awesome for other fans to replicate the 12th man noise because of the design of that stadium. Its not like Minnesota or Green Bay where it gets -10 that time of the year outside just because its a northern city.

  4. I liked him better when he was dead

    On a serious note though, he’s completely wrong. You know the Super Bowl is going to be in cold weather. Adjust accordingly.

  5. Old school players: The changes that are being made to this game are making it flag football. Football is a mans game.

    Old school players: We can’t play football outside in the cold. We need perfect golf like conditions.

  6. It is a fallacy that teams that run have an advantage in bad weather. Did you guys see what Brady did against the Titans in a snowstorm a few years ago? The defensive lineman could get no traction to rush the passer. The receivers know their cuts and the DBs have a hard time reacting. Brady put up 50+ on the Titans, mostly though the air. The smart team that can adapt has an advantage in bad weather, especially if they have a history of doing and come in with confidence that the elements favor them.

  7. Who on earth besides the suits who are pocketing the money thinks this actually a good idea? It makes no sense, yes football is a cold weather sport but you play 16+ games in order to determine the 2 best teams, so why not put them in a neutral environment.
    Imagine the superbowl being played in a game like we witnessed in philly this weekend, awful, and it doesn’t really determine which team is better, more like luckier.

    I really hope it’s a blizzard.

  8. With all the bellyaching going on about the weather, you can practically guarantee that Super Bowl Sunday is going to be one of these random, mild late winter days that we’ve been experiencing in the NY/NJ area for the last 5-10 years. Heck, the first weeks in February 2012 were downright pleasant. Not tropical, but not anywhere near what all these doomsayers are fretting about.

  9. Waaaaah, poor Terry is gonna be a little cold! Hey Terry, put your big boy pants on, put on a coat, some gloves and a hat, and do your job that you get paid millions of dollars to do. Quit your whining!

    Football is meant to be played outside in any kind of weather. When did we become such a wussified society that a little cold weather scares people? Give me a break. That Eagles/Lions game in the blizzard this past Sunday was one of the most fun NFL games I’ve seen in years.

    If you’re a truly great football team, you can play and win in any kind of weather. That’s what the NFL is about, not every game is played in 75 degree sunny weather.

  10. This is just silly.

    How many teams have to play through the elements to get to the superbowl.

    Football is an all weather sport and its championships should be played as such.

    It works both ways. Yes playing outside in January will give the Pats the advantage but obviously playing in a dome will give that same advantage to a team like New Orleans.

    If you can’t hack it in the elements you don’t deserve to be the best.

    The best teams adapt and win regardless.

  11. Every owner, general manager, coach and player has known for over 2-3 years that the Super Bowl that follows the 2013 season was going to be in New Jersey. It is the fault of the individual organization for not being prepared for the possibility of the cold, snowy and/or windy conditions of the game. The best will win the game. No excuses.

  12. Part of being a good football team is being able to endure and overcome the elements. I love the fact this is being played in New York and think this game should rotate around all NFL cities.

  13. Too many concussions. What pathetic crying! “Teams that run the football will have a bigger advantage than teams that throw the football.” SO WHAT?! Did I miss the memo that says teams should be rewarded for being one-dimensional and wholly reliant on finesse passing?

  14. He is exactly right. I just watched Glenville H.S. (Cleveland where Ted Ginn Sr. coaches) play in the Ohio State Title Game and there were about 4-6 inches of snow on the ground. The other team ran a Wing-T offense and Glenville was a speed/passing offense. When I left at halftime it was 34-0 in favor of the Wing-T running team because the elements impeded their offense. If the game was in a dome instead of the elements Glenville would have won hands down, but in the elements they could not pass at all and the center kept sliding the ball back to the QB in shotgun.

    I’m glad Bradshaw said it, because we were all thinking how horrible an idea it was.

  15. The NFL better hope the weather is not like it was in Philly or Baltimore last weekend. That will turn the SB into a huge debacle.

    I am with Bradshaw on this one. The SB should either be played in a dome, or a place where the odds are the weather will be nice enough for fans to enjoy it. Football is all about the fan experience. Seems like the NFL forgot that part. Without fans, there is no NFL.

    Imagine sitting at the SB in an ice storm for the first half and that ice storm turns into a blizzard for the 2nd half? Then try to get out of town afterwards in a blizzard?

  16. Bradshaw is one of the most over rated players of all time! Even Aikman might be better. Bradshaw, in his career threw as many INT’s as TD’s. So we really want to know what’s best for Terry!

  17. I recall it raining in Miami the last time they hosted a Super Bowl, so does that mean they shouldn’t be able to host a Super Bowl? If a game shouldn’t be decided by the elements then all Super Bowls should take place in domes.

  18. If the Superbowl looks like the Det/Phi game, then it will never be in an outdoor cold weather facility again.

  19. what a ridiculous argument. the “best” team has lost the big game even when weather was not a factor. they’re already officiating the game in favor of passing teams and offenses, and now you want perfect conditions to make things more suitable for them, too?

    outdoor games played in warm weather areas can be impacted by rain, too. what you’re essentially saying is that the superbowl should always be played indoors. what a joke.

  20. The teams are all playing in the same elements, that’s 100% fair. Screw dome passing teams, that’s not football. They get the benefit of playing in better weather than the rest of the NFL, they can deal with the elements for once.

    Stop trying to emasculate football like everyone else Terry. This isn’t baseball for pete’s sake.

  21. this is not an argument against the superbowl being played in a cold weather site – it’s actually an argument against football being played outdoors at all. get over yourselves.

  22. Terry: “C” and “T”.
    Why should fair-weather teams always have that advantage? You build a team to play in NE, Pittsburg, Chicago, or Green Bay. You factor in the weather. Why is the weather a factor for 17 weeks, plus the playoffs, but taken out of the Super Bowl EVERY year. THAT is what is unfair.

  23. Take the Lions – Eagles game this past week. That was a joke. It negated the passing game so it came down to Lesean McCoy VS Joique Bell. Guess who won that one? Totally different game without a foot of snow on the field. HUGE factor.

  24. I agree that a cold-weather Super Bowl isn’t a good idea. It won’t even be a fun game to watch. It’ll mostly be a running game. The players won’t be having much fun. The halftime performer is going to be miserable playing outside. Etc

    But with that said, aren’t the best teams supposed to get it done no matter what? The truly greatest team in the NFL should win the game, no matter what the conditions. That’s what makes them the best.

    Just saying.

  25. Money.

    This was never not about money. Goodell leaks it out that they’ll “do research” or whatever about future cold weather Super Bowls, but that was all a load of crap. This was just to secure funds for that new stadium. The Super Bowl will never go back there.

    It’s ALWAYS about money.

  26. Bradshaw is an old man that is bitter because his best days are behind him. Why is it fine to play the NFC or AFC championship games in cold weather but not the Super Bowl? And if it’s in a dome than the dome team would have an advantage right? Don’t whine, just play.

  27. I think Bradshaw was hit one to many times in the head. Football is absolutely AWESOME in the cold and the snow. Look how much fun that Philly vs Detroit game was. Here’s hoping it snows a foot at MET Life Stadium with the fans pelting Goodell with snowballs!

  28. So let me see…. If it is bad weather, it favors a running team, and that is not fair.

    But if it’s good weather, and that favors a passing team, that’s ok?

  29. Is he serious? He’s rightfully criticizing the no tailgating policy but hates the bad weather? That’s like being kicked in the balls but only hating the fact that the guy used cleets to do it.

  30. The Broncos and Seahawks will make it to the Super Bowl pretty much by default because they’ll have home-field advantage all through the playoffs. But once they’re put together in New Jersey, it won’t even be a good game.

  31. B.S. and double B.S. The Super Bowl should rotate around all the league cities regardless of venue. We (FOOTBALL FANS) don’t care if so called journalist, actors, politicians, and other rich folks are comfortable or not. The “snow” games last Sunday were fantastic.

  32. This guy is an IDIOT!!

    I don’t agree that Super Bowls should be played in ‘great weather cities’. Did they do that bak in your day Bradshaw? Didn’t think so! This guy will be retiring from the Fox team shortly. Every year he starts slipping mentally more and more.

  33. Funny! Given that the unpredictable weather elements HAVE ALWAYS BEEN a part of the game and no team plays all 16 games under a dome if a team isn’t prepared to tuff it out in a game that has weather issues it just means they haven’t fielded the best team because they have not built their team & prepared themselves to handle the seasonal aspects of the game!!

    Why should the Superbowl continue to be biased for teams who have domes & built their team for domes?!!! Its gone on like this long enough!! Its all a matter of perspective…. Plus FYI… you are trying to sanitize the Super Bowl in some preconceived notion of ‘perfect conditions’ that favors dome teams every year…

    I’m surprised how you could be so DEAD WRONG on this one Terry & I actually like you….

  34. Not all superbowls are played in domes. Is having it in the cold any different than having it rain in Miami? I’m not going to the game, so I really want to see some snow if just to say once I saw a superbowl in the snow.

  35. “The goal of a neutral site is to let the best team win. If/when elements are an issue, the best team won’t win. The team best suited to play in those specific elements will.”

    NEWSFLASH: Domes and climate controlled stadiums aren’t neutral! They’re suited specifically for soft teams that obscenely pass the ball over all else.

  36. Here’s an idea. For all the media that thinks it’s a bad idea… STAY AWAY. Take a vacation to South Beach (or where ever), and don’t bore us with your over-hype. Sorry that you aren’t getting a free golf trip, while boring us to death with useless stories for 2 weeks.

  37. I like it for one reason. The Super Bowl has become such a corporate snooze fest that quite often life long fans of a team are blocked out of access for tickets while some CEO ends up getting a dozen for clients that don’t care one way or another who is in the game let alone who wins and ends up going for the wine & cheese experience rather than the championship game experience. This should make more tix available for the diehard fan at a slightly more affordable price out on stub hub or some other third party ticketing site.

  38. Isn’t the Giants Colts “Ice Bowl” considered the greatest game in NFL history? Fantasy numbers will be down in cold weather, but that doesn’t prevent the game from being a classic.

  39. From a game perspective: it’s football. Grow a pair. They are grown men and paid professionals. It is a sport played outdoors in the winter.

    From a fan perspective: no way I’m going to pay big money to freeze my butt off.

    So it is up to the NFL. They can (a) stay true to the sport and play it anywhere during any weather, or (b) base the decision on money.

    They chose (a) for once. Relax, Bradshaw, it probably won’t happen again.

  40. The game is not played for the sole benefit of those who sit in booths during the playing and around a pool before and after.

    But having said that, I’ll find out this Sunday, if the Hawks would do well in the frozen swamps of New Jersey, in February. Quite frankly, I’m dubious, after hearing a few, two weeks ago when it was in the thirties in Seattle. Pete shouldn’t have a problem as he did coach in Minnesota, for five years, and also had time in the Northeast.

    The Patriots would be my pick for the SB, if the weather is lousy. We “know” that Brady, is no stranger to playing in blizzards.

  41. OK, but where was all his outrage when the NFL voted to do this in 2010?

    I agree it’s a stupid location in February but as usual Bradshaw’s a day late and a dollar short. Or did his brain matter just kick in?

  42. Hey Terry. It’s not too late. Quit that crummy job and show them you don’t need them. You got that singing gig and you can make it on them thar record sales. You don’t need no stinking Fox job. JUST SAY NO!!

  43. Why does anybody care? Is there a single person posting on here who’s actually going to be at the Superbowl?

    I like the idea of a frozen Superbowl, let all those corporate idiots who overpay for 1 game waste their money and feel miserable about it.

    The fact that the NFL can create the worst possible conditions for their biggest premier game and still sell every ticket in the house at 3000% the normal price is good for them and stupid for any consumer.

  44. Why should warm weather / dome teams always get the advantage? That’s ludicrous. The more cold weather games the better. Real football.

  45. I hope the weather is bad a week before and after and this all blows up in Gödel’s face. I know it is not a fan game with all the corporation able to scarf up the tickets. This is where the NFL has taken the game, let them pay deeply for it.

  46. New Jersey isn’t the arctic. Odds are game temps will be in the low or mid 40’s, like a late October or early November game in GB. Perfect football weather.

  47. What was arguably the greatest championship game, the pre-Super Bowl ’67 NFL Championship, is now know as “The Ice Bowl”. I think a freezing-cold game in the snow would be an awesome, refreshing change from the golf-course venues. It would be great watching a sissy team like the Saints flounder in the great outdoors. Football is a game for real men.

  48. Another aspect to consider is “fan” attendance during the game. With tickets going to corporations, contest winners, etc the true fans of the teams involved are largely aced out of going to the game. Sooo, most of the folks attending have little emotional investment with the teams battling it out. How motivated will these folks be to leave their hotel, that they likely did not pay for, to attend a game using a ticket, that they did not have to purchase, to sit in crappy weather to watch teams they could care less about? Don’t know how many people would choose to stay in the hotel, but not having a full stadium would suck.

  49. For all you folks whining about “old school football” ( and I certainly don’t support the panty waist tactics of Roger Goddell ), remember that playing in freezing conditions also means that the fans will do likewise. For those folks that have to pay to actually see the game live, spending $3000 on tickets, anothyer $3000 on a hotel/food, and adding transportation to that tab….going to New Jersey in February seems like a bad bet. I don’t care if the teams play in snow/ice…but I do care about spending a week in “lovely New Jersey” in the dead of winter.

  50. You go the whole playoffs with on team possibly having a home field advantage because of weather and that is fine but when it comes to the superbowl ohhh no we can’t have that!

    What if the better team lost early in the playoff’s because it was “pouring down snow”?

    Maybe we should play every playoff game in a dome or how about every game in dome? Then everything is fair!

    Give me a break. Shut up and get paid Bradshaw.

  51. so using his logic, then the same should apply for the afc/nfc title games then right?

    So that means that if it were say, SF at Green Bay, then it should be be played at a nuetral site then right? Or that means that NE should never get to host a home game after basically october because the weather in the north east gets nasty and unpredictable.

    And that means that Bradshaw’s Steelers shouldn’t have been able to host the Raiders in 1975, The Oilers in 78′ and 79′, for the AFC title game since they are all warm weather teams right?

  52. Amen to that as fan of a warm weather team. I get it in the playoffs you get home-field up north that’s your right but the Super Bowl is truly supposed to be at a neutral site. It won’t be!!! I am sure cold weather folks will say it is because it benefits them but it isn’t. It’s no diffrent from holding a football game here in the south mid – summer when it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity.

  53. The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field (Said in the voice of John Facenda).

    The ’58 Colts-Giants Championship.

    The Immaculate Reception.

    Defining moments in the history of the NFL all occurring in cold weather temp games. Seems like the game can survive a Super Bowl outside and north of the Mason-Dixon line. Give it a rest Terry!

  54. Terry’s from Shreveport.

    We didn’t have much snow in Shreveport

    Except in the winter of ’48 . . . .

  55. Doesn’t it work both ways though. If you play in a dome or sunshine you are blatantly favoring passing teams. I like having cold weather Super Bowls thrown into the mix. It gives teams an incentive to build their teams defensively and rely on the running game instead of the pass. And if it chases away a bunch of whiney suits who are afraid to sit in the cold, then there will be more tickets for the rest of us. Good riddance and I’ll see you in Santa Clara.

  56. Sorry, Bradshaw, I don’t agree with you. I love watching a football game in the snow. I love being at a game in the snow! I’m hoping for a blizzard that day! We’ll see what these teams are made of. Stop being a wussy and let’s see who the real men are.

    These players that break records in domed stadiums mean nothing. Let’s see you break those records in real weather conditions. Those are the guys that deserve the recognition.

  57. Stupid Lions Fan says: Dec 11, 2013 2:50 PM

    Take the Lions – Eagles game this past week. That was a joke. It negated the passing game so it came down to Lesean McCoy VS Joique Bell. Guess who won that one? Totally different game without a foot of snow on the field. HUGE factor.
    Take a look at what is wrong with the NFL. While Green Bay, Chicago and even the Vikings will be playing outside in the most hostile environments in the country, the Detroit Lions and their fans continue to enjoy the comfort of their dome and whine about playing outside in the winter. And you wonder why you’re the only team in your division never to be in a Super Bowl? If Alex Karras could only hear you now. Sad.

  58. By his logic wasn’t it unfair for the 1999 Rams (The greatest show on TURF) to play the Super Bowl in the Georgia Dome??

  59. Let’s see, queue the apology from Bradshaw, written by FOX, to everybody that might have been offended just a little. He’ll be taken off coverage of the game and will have to make some type of donation to a New Jersey charity.

  60. I think the general message in TB’s ramblings is this: Inclement weather can give an advantage to a run heavy offense, while an indoor or warm weather venue will not usually be a disadvantage to either team. That being said I’m looking forward to this one because it will be memorable even if the game is forgettable. At the very least it will have train wreck watchability.

  61. If it snows 6+ inches like that Detroit Philly game, I’d be glad to watch it, from home in my warm house. I wouldn’t want to pay that much to sit through it, but someone would be willing to do that.

  62. “He’s right. The goal of a neutral site is to let the best team win. If/when elements are an issue, the best team won’t win. The team best suited to play in those specific elements will.”

    No it’s not.

    It’s a way for the NFL to extract massive paydays and facility upgrades from cities that want to host a Super Bowl. That’s exactly what happened here.

  63. Actually, Bradshaw sounds like the one that needs the pipe because he’s obviously absorbed too many blows to the head. He spews nonsense every time he opens his mouth, and this is just another example. It’s FOOTBALL and FOOTBALL has been played IN THE ELEMENTS since football’s inception. If a team can’t adjust to the elements, then perhaps that team shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl.

  64. as a fan why do u care how much it costs??your not going so dont worry about it. why do u care how cold it will be outside when u will be in your house. the only people bitching are the media who are coming from the warm weather.

  65. If the forecast is for bad weather a few days before the game, maybe all the 1%’ers will unload their tickets to real football fans for half price or less.

  66. “What if we get two passing teams? What if they get Denver there? What if it’s pouring down snow? You get a bad game.”

    So, you play all of these “unfair” games in Nov/Dec in the bad weather to determine who gets to the playoffs which is fine, right?

    I mean that’s “bing-bang-boom”, John Madden, tradtional football. Then you play for the game to decide it all and it’s not “real football”?

  67. No matter what is said, Bradshaw is right. Now the owners have set a precedent, just like in the court system. Every northern city will now want to host a Super Bowl because of the $$$$ generated by this event. Chicago and Green Bay (yuk) as well as Kroft’s New England Patriots and (choke) the Buffalo Bills will be clamoring for their piece of the pie shortly. This lengthens the time for it to return where it rightfully belongs and should be every year just like the NFL All-Star game in Hawaii, and has been successfully held 10 times previously, the Superdome in New Orleans.

  68. The comparison between the AFC/NFC championship and the Superbowl is faulty at best. The conference championships are for the actual fans of the cities where those games are played. The Superbowl is a large corporate party. The people at those games don’t really care who is playing. It is a celebration for rich people. A big show. It is also a huge day for the network that broadcasts the show. An outdoor show in bad weather is not good for anyone.

  69. SuperBowl should be rotated between the following sites: regardless of new stadiums- Miami, New Orleans, SD, Tampa, LA, Houston/Dallas, Phoenix, and a wild card amongst newer stadiums with dome/retractable roof (ala indy,Minnesota ,Detroit) every warm weather site and/or deserving fan bases get a game or a chance of one every 6/8 yrs. as it should be

  70. Stupid. If this is about “may the best team win” then perhaps good teams will find a way to win regardless of the weather conditions!

    The Eagles played last week in around 8 inches of snow. They have a good deal of running plays, but it wasn’t until they started running it right up the gut until they started winning that game. Every team will need to make adjustments to win in the snow.

    Weather is a part of the game. Whiners say they wouldn’t pay the ticket price to sit in the snow? Well there are plenty of people who will. This is THE SUPERBOWL we are talking about. Not everyone is sissified in this country.

  71. No, it’s not only the players out in the winter weather, at night, on a frozen field. It’s all the fans, the on & off field officials, coaches, security, vendors, etc. etc. Sure the players can play. They’re the only ones working up a sweat, too. Everybody else is miserable. TV audience is comfy.

  72. He’s 100% right. It should be fair for both teams. If the Saints make it to the bowl you can guarantee they won’t win it.

  73. terry is right ,again… the marque game should be in a place where every condition is as near ideal as can be… $$$ paid I don’t want to freeze my ass off …

  74. This past weekend with all the snow games was one of the best football Sundays I’ve ever had. Nearly every game was epic. Imagine a Super Bowl that ended like the Vikings-Ravens tilt, it would be talked about for 200 years. I think the league is secretly terrified that a snow Super Bowl would be so amazing they’d never get a sunbelt/dome one again.

  75. Giving the Super Bowl to a random city that built a new stadium is a lazy, uninteresting holdover from the AFL vs. NFL days.

    What if the Super Bowl contender with the best record got to host the game? That would keep the top teams in each conference supreme motivation to win out.

  76. Because it never rains in Florida or California Super Bowls, creating a battle against the elements…

  77. So inherently teams that have to build themselves to play in elements are at a disadvantage once in the big game to those that only have to prepare for perfect conditions.

  78. I disagree. Everyone knows the game was going to be played outside and they’ve all had time to prepare for that. You trying to tell me last weeks games outside in the cold and snow weren’t exciting? Not only that but they provide a stunning background for television and pictures. Who says the team best prepared to deal with these elements isn’t the most deserving if they win it.

  79. I hope the SB ends with a score of 2-0 in a complete white-out. That will forever kill the possibility of it ever happening in an open air stadium in the north again. Don’t think the NFL isn’t afraid of that happening because they are.

  80. so instead he wants to make the superbowl unfairly advantageous to passing and dome teams only?

    what about teams built with good running games and defenses? why shouldn’t they get an advantage in the super bowl every once and a while

    the game of football was NEVER designed to be played indoors, and who cares about the 70K people in attendance who are too cold when there are 120M people worldwide watching it

  81. Terry is showing why he is considered one if the stupidest players ever. Aww if the saints get there they might be at a disadvantage. Like the teams that play in cold weather and build their teams accordingly aren’t at a disadvantage playing in hot and humid locations. The game should be played in the city of the team with best record.

  82. Terry’s an idiot. Does he think the Conference Championship games should also be played in domes or in the south. Teams have play their opposition AND the elements all season long. The Super Bowl shouldn’t be any different.

  83. Boo-hoo. So much crying. It’s snowing in NJ right now. It will be cold tomorrow. Yet somehow I am still going to the Giants-Seahawks game. How will I ever survive the weather!?!?!

    I didn’t buy the ticket. A buddy had an extra, so I’m going. If you can’t handle the cold, don’t go. Someone who wants to be at the game will go in your place.

  84. Remember the AFC playoff game with San Diego playing at Cincinnati?

    On Jan 3, the Bengals beat Buffalo, 28–21, in an AFC Divisional Playoff game. A week later, playing in their first AFC Championship Game, the Bengals defeated San Diego, 27–7, at Riverfront Stadium in a temperature of nine degrees below zero with a wind-chill factor of minus-59.

    Didn’t bother the Bengals any.

  85. UMM..the Bengals play in cold weather..Unless you being sarcastic. Terrible idea for the biggest sporting event to be spoild by the elements (maybe) fans should stay home and show the NFL that they make the league what it is today. Not all the lawyers in suits. The fan is the one who’s gona pay the price..

  86. Ok, so im born and raised in the area. First off, technically yes the stadium is in NJ,but the Area is called New York Metro area. I love Terry Bradshaw, i grew up a steeler fan but, grew up 10 miles from Giant Stadium. i understand what he is saying, but The New York Metro area is the largest populated area in the nation and 2nd in the World. The busiest. the largest transportation syatems in the nation all in NY and NJ. Also, who the hell wants to spend thousands and do what in Arizona?.please…the most of everything is here? Also Mr BRADSHAW DO YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY IN LOUISIANA OR NEW YORK…LIKE ALL THE RETIRED COMITATORS…!!!!

  87. He’s partially right. Who in the hell wants to wait in line in freezing weather, then watch a game for what 4 hours. Going to a game is bad enough in snow, but the Super Bowl…Wow, the fan is in for a miserable experience

  88. I have been to that area in late January and early February each year for several years in a row back a decade ago. It was quite cold and snowed every day. I was being paid for being there.

    If I have to pay $6K+ for a couple of tickets and another $4K for expenses, including the bus ticket, I think I will opt to pull out my large screen, smoke some pork shoulders and ribs. Add some BBQ beans, and other sides, invite some friends and neighbors over and enjoy the broadcast in 60 degree temps and sun where I live.

  89. We are talking about a once in life time experience. What about New Yorkers and Jersians who have to pay to go to Arazona..The freekin Desert! i pay 5 bucks on the train and im right there. People who come here can go to legendary places before and after. Stay in the city and hang out with a 24/7 subway system. Stay up all night with pizza, franks, you name it. The for the Superbowl.

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