Eli’s willing to restructure, but is he willing to take less money?


Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the only two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback whose contract has become a ball and chain for his team.

Eli Manning of the Giants also has a contract that eats up too much cap room.  And so he says he’s willing to alter his deal to create cap space.

“I haven’t thought about it, but if they come to me, yeah, we’ll discuss it and figure out a plan,” Manning said Wednesday, via Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com.

Signed through 2015 at salaries of $15.15 million and $17 million over the next two seasons (via NFLPA records), the question isn’t whether Eli is willing to move money around for cap purposes while ultimately taking the same amount of money.  The question is whether he’ll sign a new contract that extends beyond 2015 and that pays him less than the current market value for franchise quarterback, which is in the range of $20 million per year.

Via Spotrac.com, Eli counts for $20.4 million and $19.75 million over the next two years under the cap.  Getting those numbers down while also getting Manning paid in line with other quarterbacks who have fewer Super Bowl rings (including Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan) will be a challenge.

Plenty of players are willing to restructure their deals, since that usually means converting a large chunk of the coming year’s base salary into a signing bonus, resulting in the player getting no less money.  With Eli having only two years under contract beyond 2013, a so-called “simple restructuring” isn’t a viable option.

The Giants need to extend Eli’s contract, and there will be nothing simple about determining the right long-term value to a player who has won a pair of Super Bowls but who has missed the playoffs in four of the last five seasons.

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  1. I think they would be wise to trade him and get a new franchise QB. He’s making too much money and they need that money for other positions. He’s just not good enough to justify the contract levels that he probably thinks he’s worth.

  2. And honestly at what point does the players union stand up and say this is insane. I understand the best players have to get paid but talk about unfair for a lot of these guys. Most will have long term damages that QB’s can never even begin to experience. You would think the majority would have a voice and say we want a lower ceiling and higher floor for players pay. Is that not what happens with the NBA?

  3. The Giants have some good personnel people and I doubt any talk of doing anything with Eli’s contract is coming from inside the organization. He has proven he can get it done on the biggest stage so I see little reason to move on from him. The contract is to new for either side to do much with it. Keep drafting and developing and they Giants will be playing for the NFC East more times than not in the near future.

  4. No one is going to trade for him with that current contract. The receiving team would still have the same issue the Giants have: too big a chunk of cap space taken up by his salary, not his pro-rated signing bonus.

    And you wouldn’t trade for him without a restructed contract signed first… which neither the Giants or any other team would do unless he took a ton less than $20m/yr, since you can get a 1st round QB nowadays for a quarter of that and control him for three or four years anyway.

    Manning’s only option to stay with the Giants is an extension but at far less than $20m.

  5. Eli is not getting traded nor does he have to worry about getting a contract he is worth because he is already playing under $100+ million deal. The article is about him taking less money to allow his tEAM to sign other players.

  6. He already restructured once before, which I don’t think is mentioned above. He’s got a lot of pride but I think if it benefits the team he would (and, in my opinion, most certainly should) take less. He’s made a king’s ransom up to this point. He’s had two down years in a row. He still has endorsement money rolling in.

    Call me crazy, I still think the Giants have a shot at one more under Coughlin and Eli. Maybe not a 3rd ring, but a legitimate shot (an appearance in the NFC championship game, for instance) and they will have to make some big decisions in order to set the team up for that opportunity.

  7. restructuring sounds like the way to go… Eli seems to want to stay and the saved money can be useful to round out the team so they once again be able to make the playoffs…if they go trade route a line up will form for his services….

  8. I bet he’d be willing to take less money if the Giants then spend it on:

    A: an o-line that doesn’t let defenders walk in at will and

    B: a receiving corps that doesn’t tip the ball directly to the defense, resulting in a lot of those picks you all seem to love mentioning.

  9. By the Giants winning the dead games this season. (Teams that had starting qb’s out) It took them out of saving the team next year. If the Giants had a very high first round draft pick they could be picking quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Then trade Eli Manning for a lower first rounder and 3rd and 4th round picks. Then rebuild the O-line and linebacking position while saving money for other FA players.

  10. Could they extend his contract a couple of years with the remainder of the balance of the current contract and then tack on performance bonuses? Would performance bonuses count against the cap?

  11. He’s a good QB that stepped up to the challenge (unlike Peyton) during 2 postseasons. That doesn’t make him elite. He was on a team with an outstanding defense. Elite QB’s carry their teams.

  12. Grossly overpaid and very lucky….Lucky in the 2 super bowls and lucky to have the last name Manning

  13. Your times up Eli time to move on. Giants his best days are way way behind him get rid of him and start fresh

  14. You don’t just walk out there and buy yourself a new franchise quarterback. He didn’t win those two Lombardi’s on his own and he didn’t miss the playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons on his own either. I realize an elite qb makes those around him better but there’s still only so much one guy can do, just ask Eli’s dad. You don’t win sb’s on defense alone either, ask the Bears about that one.

  15. If the Giants had a supporting cast, Eli would be just fine as a franchise QB. Without a supporting cast he’s screwed.

  16. Eli isn’t even a top 20 QB much less elite. He’s had two great postseason runs where in the regular season the team barely made the playoffs. What really stands out is missing the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 seasons. I’m sure the rest of the division won’t mind if the Giants keep paying him.

  17. It seems fairly simple to me: If Eli is an asset to the future success of the Giants (and I believe he is); AND if he is willing to work with management to restructure his contract (which he says he is) and a proper extension–then you do it!

    Look at the teams that are struggling to come up with a QB having Eli’s talents (The entire AFC South with the exception of Indy, The Jets, The Rams, The Cardinals…….you get my drift).

    Find the deal that gets your QB (Two-Time Super Bowl Champion) paid and leaves room in the cap to allow the so-called experts in the front office to replace the non-asset players and improve the team.

  18. if his last name was smith, he never would have pulled that garbage when he got drafted, and never gotten that insane contract.

    I know he has won 2 superbowls, but this cap destruction and basically holding the teams hostage has to have an end point. It’s starting to rival the #1 draft pick a few years ago before the slotting pay rate.

  19. Ok…I get it…you can’t spell eliminated without eli.

    Know what else you can’t spell?

    two tImE super bowL MVP

  20. I do not believe getting “Manning paid in line with other quarterbacks who have fewer Super Bowl rings” is even in the equation. Eli got the crap kicked out of him last year because his O-Line could not protect him. By taking a cut in salary, the Giants could sign one top-tier and one above average top lineman who could protect him. Eli is a fierce competitor and his ability to reemerge as one of the top 5 QB’s will be his overriding goal. His ability to win one more Super Bowl will be the deciding factor in getting him into the Hall of Fame. I truly doubt he will allow such pettiness to stand in the way of his two ultimate goals.

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