Jerry Jones says DeMarcus Ware should be producing more

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In narrowing down the sources of the Cowboys’ problems this year, owner Jerry Jones has already absolved his General Manager, who is doing some of his best work. He’s also taken the blame away from his quarterback, and said his defensive coordinator is not the reason the team has gone awry.

That has allowed him to start zooming in on players themselves, and he said in his weekly radio show that the team should be getting more from defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

The 31-year-old Ware has battled through injuries this year (missing three games and playing one-legged in several others), and has just 6.0 sacks.

Asked if his diminished production was a function of age or injury, Jones said Ware should be able to do as much as ever.

“I don’t know, as far as evaluating where he is at his talent level as it regards to age,” Jones said on KRLD-FM, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s a remarkable athlete. That shouldn’t be the case at all. He should actually be in the prime of his career, candidly, strength-wise, explosion-wise. That’s one of the things we got to, I think, count on is him having more impact in the game as he moves away from his injury.

“He’s feeling better and we should be able to count on better production from him.”

While Jones has been known to ramble, it’s hard to not read that as a challenge to his best defensive player.

The player who was drafted and signed to a lucractive extension by the G.M. who is at the top of his game.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones says DeMarcus Ware should be producing more

  1. Like the now famous from the Family Vacation Christmas movie “Jelly of the Month Club’

    Jerry appears to be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for the media.

  2. I am an Eagles fan and I think Jones should shut up. Ware is the only Cowboy player that I fear on defense, Lee is never healthy, so not a fear. Jerry needs to look in the mirror. He is the problem. The worst GM in football. I hope he continues to be the GM.

  3. While perhaps not the best way to deal it, for once Jerry Jones is actually right in what he says.

    Except for the early part of the season, Ware has been a shadow of himself for the most part. He declared himself 100% fit and feeling the strength back in his legs before the Bears game and he ended up playing like one of the ‘guys off the street’.

    I have the utmost respect for Ware and he’s been a great player for many years, but the next few weeks are crucial and he needs to step up his performance level.

  4. Good job Jerry! Dis the most hard working, most talented player on your team.

    Why doesn’t your GM try putting a team around him to occasionally take off all the double and triple teams?

  5. Jerry you are a horrible GM! I been a cowboys fan for many years, this team is the same year in year out! It’s time to move on from these players that you think are so great! It’s time for you to hang up the GM role also because all you do is drive this team into the ground with your idiotic business decisions!! We the fans have suffered too long, we deserve better than a .500 non playoff team! 30 million OVER next years salary cap, wat joke! Get with the program Jerry, obviously you have no idea how to manage a NFL team!

  6. So weird, the Cowboys could still make the playoffs so why single out individuals at this juncture. It reads like preemptive blame for an action that hasn’t happened yet.

  7. Pointing fingers at Ware, but Kiffin and his horrible defensive scheme gets a pass this guy has no clue.. Coach Jerry needs to fire himself and hire a GM that has a clue..

  8. Problem solved,

    Just hypnotize all of the Cowboys defensive players to see Jerry’s face on their opponents and I guarantee there wont be an opposing player left to finish the game healthy!

  9. The Cowboys GM has collected the best talent in the history of the game and an elite coaching staff — the reason the team sucks is because of a conspiracy involving the NSA.

    Jerry Jones has become a caricature of himself. What a joke.

  10. NO JERRY… WE, THE FANS deserve better from YOU!! Step away the the GM job and hire a REAL football guy!! You are the laughing stock of the NFL. The problem isn’t Ware, it’s the WHOLE DEFENSE!! And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Kiffin is the issue either, his Tampa 2 is old an dun imaginative, you need a defensive mind who isn’t 102 years old!

  11. It’s a ” Money Grab” for always has been. He could care less about a SB. Why do you think he clashed with Jimmy. Fire JJ? Really!!

  12. So what happened when Rob Ryan was there? He didn’t get the same respect, it was all placed on him and not player output. Yes, JJ needs to fire JJ the GM.

  13. I don’t understand the sarcasm in this “article”. So Jerry Jones wants to see a little more impact from the future HOF player who has produced 11+ sacks every years since his second season (and was the second faster player ever to 100 sacks)…is that really so outrageous?

    When you’re better than most everyone else, the expectations tend to be higher too. If anything, this is a compliment of the standard Ware has set.

  14. It also should be noted that Jones isn’t “blaming” Ware for anything. He was asked whether he thinks Ware’s current decline in statistical impact was due to injuries or age, and Jones basically is saying “it’s not age”.

    “That’s one of the things we [HAVE] got to…count on IS him havING more impact in the game as he MOVES away from his injury. He’s feelING better and we SHOULD BE able to count on better production from him.

    Because I didn’t fail at reading comprehension, I noted that he’s talking about the present and the future, NOT the past. So all he’s saying is he expects Ware to be himself GOING FORWARD. You know…the same player who had back-to-back 2 sack games early in the year before injury.

    Sounds reasonable to me. And if you interpreted this as Jones taking a “shot” at Ware…you basically don’t know how to read.

  15. @dreamer5873….you are absolutely right about a money grab. Jerry is probably the best promoter in the nfl. He has the ability to fill the stadium with 8 – 8 teams…..says something about the fan base……LOL Jerry laughing all the way to the bank!

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