Josh Gordon closes in on NFL record for receiving yards per game


In 1982, Chargers receiver Wes Chandler played in just eight games of a nine-game, strike-shortened season, and yet he still managed to catch 49 passes for 1,032 yards. That average of 129.0 receiving yards per game remains an NFL record, and few receivers have ever even come close.

But Browns receiver Josh Gordon might break it this year.

Gordon, who was suspended for the first two games of the season, is currently leading the league with 1,400 receiving yards. That average of 127.3 yards a game puts him in second place on the all-time yards per game list, dangerously close to breaking Chandler’s record.

For Gordon to break the record, he would need to gain 407 receiving yards over the last three games of the season, and finish this season with 1,807 yards. Considering that Gordon has 774 yards in his last four games, it’s certainly not a stretch to think he can gain 407 yards in his next three games.

If Gordon does break Chandler’s record, his 2013 season will deserve to be remembered among the greatest seasons that any wide receiver has ever had.

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  1. Why overuse him though if they lose their next game and get eliminated from the playoffs?

    No point in getting him hurt just so he can accomplish a fantastic stat that his agent will then want to charge a premium for on his next contract. Sounds like a poorly leveraged risk to take if a SB is not in play.

  2. BROWNS: We’ll trade you this Gordon kid for a 2nd rounder.
    COLTS: Hmm, tempting, but no. We want a RB.
    BROWNS: Well, Richardson over here has promise, but he’s really underperfo–
    COLTS: We’ll give you a first for him.
    BROWNS: Done!

  3. Some teams would love to have a qb as capable as one of those 3. Matt Flynn and others have been much worse

  4. Yet – despite the best 4 game stretch by a WR in NFL history icluding the first ever back to bak 200+ yards by a WR he still cannot get a player of the week award. Plus he is way down the list in Pro Bowl voting.

    Not sure what it will take for the rest of the country to take notice but Flash Gordon is already one of the top WRs in the league – by yardage he is No. 1 in the league despite missing two games due to suspension.

  5. The top 5 receivers in the NFL:

    1) Dez Bryant
    2) Terrance Williams
    3) Calvin Johnson
    4) Miles Austin
    5) Josh Gordon


  6. @4thqtrsaint says:
    Dec 11, 2013 1:19 PM
    Maybe I’m not understanding this. Shouldn’t Calvin Johnson’s record year put him at number 1?

    Clearly not. Johnson played 16 games, Chandler only played 8. Johnson’s YPG was 122.75, which is less than 129.0

  7. Why not put Cleveland in the national spot light for something good. Yes, in most years I would say let’s not risk it and save him for next year but over the last four games he’s averaging 193 yds/game. If he can maintain that (which will be hard to do), do the math, that’s not only the yds/game record it’s the season receiving record as well. With nothing else to play for, why not.

  8. That’s cool but he’s still on the Browns, they suck as an organization for a reason. I hope he isn’t one of those guys that believes in ‘loyalty’ to an organization to help fix them. If he is for real and not a flash in the pan, get off the team as fast as can and go to a winner.

  9. As a Bengals fan, I’d trade AJ Green for Josh Gordon in a hearbeat, and I could only dream of trading BJGE for a first round draft pick.

    People can make jokes about Cleveland all they want, but it makes me nervous seeing the moves they’re making.

  10. Passing and receiving records fall like raindrops in the new Arena Football League that’s been created

  11. jjconley says:
    Dec 11, 2013 1:43 PM
    As a Bengals fan, I’d trade AJ Green for Josh Gordon in a hearbeat…

    That’d be a foolish trade considering Gordon is one violation away from a 1 year suspension.

    AJ Green is a beast in his own right, and has no off-field issues.

  12. jjackwagon says:
    Dec 11, 2013 1:22 PM
    impending Vikings dynasty…that’s been impending since the merger.

    It has been impending since almost a decade BEFORE the merger.

  13. He’s great, but he missed two games. It’s silly to award these records without someone playing a full season.

  14. I’d take two average to above-average level high character locker room leaders over one low character “superstar” every day of the week.

  15. So, this is not based on a 16 game season, obviously. Can I play one game, get 130 yards and break this record? Kind of worthless. CJ has the record over 16 games. The only average that matters!


  16. The top 5 receivers in the NFL:

    1) Dez Bryant
    2) Terrance Williams
    3) Calvin Johnson
    4) Miles Austin
    5) Josh Gordon


    Hahahaha this is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year. Way to be objective with your comments.

    All jokes aside, like Terrance Williams and Miles Austin even being on this list, I love Dez Bryant. But I would take Flash Gordon over him any day. Dez Bryant hasn’t proven to be that consistent and drops a lot of balls especially on big plays.

    Considering Dez hasn’t produced like Gordon has this year with Romo throwing to him, while Gordon has had Weeden-Hoyer-Weeden again-Campbell-Weeden again- and finally Campbell again, I would say Gordon has had a much better year.

    Dez is a stud but Gordon is and will be a better receiver. As for now Megatron is still at the top of the list. Anyone who disputes that is either biased or doesn’t watch football.

    Terrance Williams is/will be a good WR but will never sniff the top 5. And Miles Austin had one good season then completely disappeared. But it was a good joke.

  17. People blast weeden, but some of Gordon’s biggest games were from weeden at qb. And consequently one of the reasons weeden was a higher pick..he’s got an NFL arm. Little else though.

  18. As a Browns fan I’ll be on the edge of my seat during the offseason waiting for news on his behavior. Tons of talent that he has proven, questionable life decisions, that he has proven. I just hope he behaves himself.

  19. Picked up Gordon week 4 started him every week since. Also picked up Alshon Jeffrey and already had Marshall and Demaryius Thomas. I guess you could say best WR corps ever.

  20. couldn’t believe the niners didnt trade gor him when we had the chance.. I just hope he doesn’t get busted for anything and miss 8 games to a year.I guess tjatd his next punishment for his mexg offense

  21. Yea, just imagine how great he’d be next year if one of the Pats secondary players went at low and blew out one of his knees?

  22. Does this mean Gordon has overtaken Megatron as the career yards per game average leader, because CJ has that record right now over his career by 5 yards a game over Andre Johnson. Of course, if there’s no minimum games, then Gordon has that record now. There must be a rookie somewhere who’s played one game and shattered all these career and season records.

  23. you know its weird, Gordon is definitely the best WR I have ever seen wear the orange and brown, and its funny that Weeden is the one that chucks the ball best to Gordon because well,… Gordon normally is far away enough for Weeden to throw the ball to (since he cant do short passes) But the Browns offense is anemic with Weeden on the whelm, I was figuring that Gordon’s production would fall when Campbell came in, which it did, but least it still wasnt bad at all… still though, could you imagine Gordon with a real QB? that would be sick… I wish Weeden would have panned out, he holds the ball too long, and makes bad decisions like the stupid under arm throw.. i understand u suck at throwing short passes and doing it underarm is better for short passes, but come on dude, just take the sack than to throw those stupid under arm throws…. i am at a point as a browns fan, to just tell the front office to go crazy piling QBs until u find the one.

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