Kirk Cousins: This is Robert’s team in 2014 and going forward


Kirk Cousins will be Washington’s starting quarterback on Sunday against Atlanta, but he says there’s no quarterback controversy.

Cousins told reporters today that he believes Robert Griffin III is the franchise quarterback, and he expects Griffin to get his starting job back in 2014 and beyond.

“Even as I start this week, I believe that this is Robert’s team going forward into next season,” Cousins said. “The reason they’re resting Robert is because this is his team, he is the franchise quarterback. They wouldn’t rest him if that wasn’t the case. So my job is to help this team get a win against Atlanta and then the last two weeks after that. I’m going to try to excel in my role as a backup quarterback to Robert.”

That’s probably true, but the reality is that it’s way too early to say anything about who the quarterback in Washington will be in 2014 because right now we have no idea who the coach in Washington will be in 2014. And if Cousins plays better in the next three games than Griffin has played over the last 13 games, it’s at least possible that some new coach could come in and open up a quarterback competition in 2014.

More likely, however, is that Griffin will return to his spot atop the depth chart when 2014 begins. And if Cousins plays well enough over the next three games to show that he deserves to be an NFL starter, Washington will probably use him as trade bait, rather than move him ahead of Griffin.

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  1. RG3 has lost his mind if he pushes to start anyway….

    Actually, since he wasn’t able to keep his mouth shut this week, he proved he lost his mind and is not a franchise QB…. they never do this.

    Also, none of this would be an issue at all if he had just simply played like an NFL QB and avoided contact last year.

  2. “The reason they’re resting Robert is because this is his team, he is the franchise quarterback. They wouldn’t rest him if that wasn’t the case. So my job is to help this team get a win against Atlanta and then the last two weeks after that. I’m going to try to excel in my role as a backup quarterback to Robert.”


    Cousins have rocks in his head if he thinks that’s the reason RG3 was benched but kudos to whoever prepped him. That’s about as noncontroversial as you can get.

  3. Many people hate the Vikings and I don’t blame them.

    Greatness usually brings hatred.

    The impending Vikings dynasty will start after the draft.

    We have more talent than any team in the NFL, just no QB.

    Keep hating.

  4. Danny isn’t trading his boy. RG will be starting next year. That be the 1st criteria in the search for a new coach. Danny has had big name coaches and washed-up HoF’ers but never a franchise QB. He’s not tossing him after a ROY, & NFC East title as rook.

  5. Lol watching the RGFragileEgo presser and every time he says the words “coaches authority” and “I have to respect that” it looks like he wants to put a gun to coaches’ head.

    He has the body language of a spoiled brat

  6. If Cousins plays well enough, may they can give him and next years 2nd rnd pick to the Rams and get their 1st rnd pick back.

  7. Well, it looks like at least one person in DC knows how to say the appropriate thing (even if it may not be true).

    The rest of the organization needs to take a lesson from Captain Kirk Cousins.

  8. McCown did the same thing and its a brilliant move, IMO.

    I’m sure both Cousins and McCown believe themselves to be starting caliber NFL QBs, but by saying that they are just backups they keep things civil in meetings and at practice without bruising any egos.

    When it comes time for a trade or free agency they look like humble, hard working, high character guys with talent to boot.

  9. I really hope Cousins is just doing his best to control the drama around the team because I’d like to see him go lights out and create a controversy.

    If not..Griffin’s the new Sanchez.

  10. Capt. Kirk is repeating the company line. That will show coaches that he can be counted on when it comes to public relations. However, he should a pair and sounds like a competitor. Should say something like I know I can be a starter in this league.

  11. Washington is playing Cousins hoping he does very well and in doing so, generate interest from a team needing a QB and willing to trade a draft choice or two.
    Welcome to Cleveland Kirk.

  12. thepftpoet says: Dec 11, 2013 1:51 PM

    The impending Vikings dynasty will start after the draft.


    Perhaps another Christian Ponder is coming. And a trade for Brad Keisel with his Duck DYNASTY beard.

  13. Kirk is playing his cards right. Remain humble and say ALL the right things so in the end… YOU look like the better leader… Kirk is already 1 step ahead of Griffin in the QA department.

  14. How is this even a topic? Redskins gave up 3 1st rounders for RG3. They’re benching him do he doesn’t re-injure himself in 3 meaningless games. Cousins is a free agent after 2015 and will sign with a new team afterward.

  15. Robert Griffin = Tim Tebow. Praised and worshiped by the media non stop. Neither of them are a legit NFL starting quarterback

  16. There is no way that Cousins isn’t going to use these 3 games to prove he is the better QB but if he came out and said that think of how big of a mess that would cause. Before players meet with reporters especially in situations like that, the team will meet with the player and prep him to say the “right thing”… Can’t always take what players say word for word.

  17. I hate the Redskins as much as anyone…but you guys are being pretty harsh. What’s the guy supposed to say? By taking the high road, the only player in a bad position is RGIII.

    Cousins has a great opportunity ahead of him these next three-weeks. The team will probably respond and he has a shot to win the last three. If he does that, nothing bad can come of it for him.

    He either lets his play do the talking and he comes into next year to compete, or he goes to a team via a trade and starts immediately.

    If Cousins plays poorly, he’ll probably come back next year no worse than he was this year; a young player with some promise and RGIII’s backup.

  18. As a supporter of RGIII, i’d like to say I like the move, no reason to risk injury for meaningless games the season is over for the most part and might as well see what you have in Cousin’s.

    I also strongly believe that behind this offensive line no one is safe Trent Williams is the only legit starter, the rest are bums and backups at best.

    I will also say I think due to the system Cousin’s played in at Michigan St. he was and is far more NFL ready than RGIII, I believe he reads and reacts to defensive coverages quicker and better than RGIII, and expect him to actually do pretty well especially with a full week of practice.

  19. Translation: This is not my team because I am auditioning for other teams to get away from this trainwreck. I never wanted to be a Redskin and frankly i’m suprised that they picked me when I was projected as a 2nd round talent that could have started elsewhere.

  20. Kirk is no dummy. He knows that these last three games are going to have a huge impact on his bank account long term. Gotta give him props for being humble too. I actually hope he wins his last three. It aint his fault the guy ahead of him on the depth chart is a prima donna.

  21. I don’t take any comfort out of the increasingly apparent fact that Washington is run worse than the Browns were under Holmgren. OK, I’ll gloat a bit, but I won’t take comfort.

  22. I can’t believe you actually think there is some doubt as to who the Redskin Potato QB will be next season.

    Haven’t you learned enough about Daniel Snyder to know better than to say that the identity of the QB depends on the identity of the next coach? Who do you suppose will be hiring that coach?

    Do you think Snyder is going to hire someone who won’t commit to RGIII unconditionally the first time he sits down with him?

  23. Think this is a smart move. Should have been done in week 1 when Griffin III was not ready to play after missing all of the preseason games, mini camps and still rehabbing his knee. Everybody (announcers, critiques) was saying after the 1st game that Griffin’s mechanics were way off, throwing off of his back foot, not following through on his passes etc… basically still favoring his knee and not wanting to take a hit. My answer to all of this is “What took you so long”?

    Cousins is a great QB who is a natural leader. He does not put himself in front of the rest of the team. If he is hurt (preseason for example) then he takes himself out to give the team a better chance to win. Unlike RGIII, who should never have played the remaining 3 quarters of the playoff game last year against Seattle. For that matter, RGIII should have waited a little longer before playing this year.

    Obviously, RGIII is not the same QB as last year. When other players from opposing teams state this fact then that’s all I need to hear. But RGIII doesn’t think team first. He is all about showing what kind of “man” he is and how tough he is ( I am not denying he is tough) etc… but does that show true leadership? Or common sense? Was RGIII thinking about himself or what was best for the team? Look what happened to him later in the playoff game. He destroyed his knee. What did he gain, the team for that matter, from playing injured?

    To me RGIII puts himself first (Seattle gm/and beginning of the year), rather than what was/is best for the team. It showed last lear and it has shown this year. His stats are way down all across the board from a year ago. Even the Seattle game RGIII’s stats (after he hurt his knee in the 1st Qt) went from being spectacular to 0 points the rest of the game and something like 5 first downs for the remaining 3 quarters.

    RGIII is going to be fine… but Cousins is the real deal. RGIII knows this as well. Perhaps he was scared he WOULD lose his job to Cousins in the beginning of the year. Who knows? For now, Shanihan is doing the right thing and watch Cousins play great ball over the next 3 weeks. Plus Shanihan will build value and maybe the Redskins can get a high draft pick if they choose to trade Cousins in the off-season. To me this move does not sound like a game of chicken or a coach wanting to get fired. Rather, this a move that is planning for the future of the franchise. A SMART move by Shanihan.

    If RGIII or Snyder is crying about this too bad. Be a “Man” and take it… maybe the two knuckleheads can learn something by watching Cousins move the team down the field and score some points. You know, be competitive and win a game.

  24. Cousins is playing this very smart. It reminds me of here in Carolina back in ’97. We were crashing down from our NFC title run in ’96, Kerry Collins had lost the locker room and the world was screaming for Steve Buerelein to be the starting QB. Whenever he was asked about it, Steve said, “No way. I’m just here to be the backup and come in when I’m needed. Kerry is The Guy.” The next season when Collins quit on us, Steve got the job and eventually went to the Pro Bowl. He obviously knew in ’97 he was good enough to be our QB, but he stayed away from the drama, bided his time and when his time came, he made the most of it. Sounds like Cousins is doing the same thing. As long as he stays away from the drama and plays well, he’ll get a starting gig.

    There are a few lessons for Bob Griffin to take from his backup here.

  25. kirk, remember when russell wilson was picked ahead of you? your teammates went bonkers saying that you were way better than russell. well let’s see what you got.

  26. Interesting how opposite these two individuals appear and majority of those telling him to grow a pair are more than likely die hard griffin supporters.

    One can only imagine if griffin approached his injury, rehab, and this season with just a hint of humility. Shanahan’s craziness would be an issue in itself, but griffin would probably be in a better situation and have less detractors.

  27. Watch Kyle’s play calling suddenly re-appear this Sunday- all the screens, timing patterns, quick ins & outs, slants that have been non-existent all year suddenly get called. Kyle’s either been stiffing RG3 with bad play calling on purpose, or RG3 really can’t do that stuff….I don’t believe that, I think Kyle’s stiffing Griffin because hey don’t get along.

    He did it to John Beck because he wanted Rex Grossman back, now he’s been calling all this nonsense because he & Griffin don’t agree. Think about it before you call me nuts-Running over and over when they’re down 24-0 in the 4th against Philly, calling a bunch of QB runs against the Giants and watching Bobby run out of bounds on purpose or slide unnecessarily-Griffin wasn’t cooperating, and Kyle was calling those plays on purpose. All the 5- and 7-step drops waiting around for someone to get open, instead of plays where RG3 gets rid of the ball quickly- This has been going on all season. Watch the play calling Sunday and see

  28. A prayer from Kirk:

    Dear lord:

    Please let me play well enough to leave this dumpster fire and go to a team who is a QB away for being good. Then everytime I come back to D.C. I can smoke this overrated and egomaniac fool RG3 and I would never ask you for anything again.


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