Matt Cassel’s starting, but Vikings aren’t sure about their running backs


Christian Ponder has recovered from his concussion, but Matt Cassel’s still going to start at quarterback for the Vikings this weekend.

That was the word from coach Leslie Frazier when he addressed the media on Wednesday. Cassel has completed 37-of-71 passes for 508 yards, three touchdowns and an interception since taking over for Ponder during the Week 13 victory over the Bears. Sunday’s game against the Eagles will be his fourth start of the season.

No announcement was made about a starting running back, however, and none will be coming until Friday at the earliest. Frazier said, via Ben Goessling of, that both Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart will try to practice on Friday. Frazier feels more optimistic about Gerhart, who hurt his hamstring, playing than he does about Peterson.

Frazier added that Peterson has ditched his walking boot and will be in the pool working on Wednesday. He won’t play without practicing on Friday, same as Gerhart, and the Vikings may be rolling with Matt Asiata and Jerome Felton in the backfield if things don’t break their way.

31 responses to “Matt Cassel’s starting, but Vikings aren’t sure about their running backs

  1. Sit AD & Harrison Smith for the season.

    After drafting our franchise QB in the draft we will be a fully loaded rifle ready to explode

    We will hit the NFL by storm and the impending Vikings dynasty will begin.

    We have the most talented team in the NFL other than QB.

    We have depth on depth and once we fix our secondary through free agency & get all our starters back we will be unstoppable

    We aren’t a one man team like the packers

  2. It is tremendous to see the Packers, Bears and Lions battling ferociously into the final month of the season for a glorious playoff berth. These teams are exceptionally relevant, and vitally important to the NFL community. Their effort and dedication is testament to proud history of the Black and Blue division.

    And then there are the hapless and tasteless Vikings.

  3. We will hit the NFL by storm and the impending Vikings dynasty will begin.

    It’s kind of like waiting for the next ice age, everyone knows it will happen but probably not in our life time.

  4. Seriously why isn’t Freeman getting a shot. He sucks major nut$ in his one game but he also didn’t know anything in the playbook so that was obviously going to happen in the NFL! Why is he inactive all the time is he mentally broken I’m seriously asking bc as a fan from another division i don’t understand.

  5. all of the above are warriors. Fighting injury with the mindset to play on Sunday.
    Unlike qb rodgers, who has resigned to not playing. playing. not playing.
    oh, the drama.

  6. Cassel is the only QB under contract for next year, as Ponder will probably get released.

    Derek Carr, Sammy Watkins, Johnny Manziel or that CB from Michigan St. You can pencil in the Vikings now as 3-12-1 and the 3rd or 4th pick overall pick.

    Brian Billick, Leslie Frazier or Mike Tomlin for head coach.

  7. Save Peterson for the final game against the Lions. The Vikings will lose their next two but finally deliver on their potential in the last game of the year, thus allowing another team other than the Lions to sneak into the playoffs.

    Beside humor, that’s all that’s left of the Vikings season.

  8. we need to trade draft picks away for an established qb not draft a qb. whatever it takes sell the future now to give adrian peterson the best chance to give the vikes a superbowl if not trade him now. so for my purple veins lets get this guy a qb so we can keep him!

  9. all you freeman lovers look at his last 13 games they were just as bad as his last game he played. he has lost it dont know how or why he just lost it. i have higher hopes for joe webb as a qb than i do for freeman

  10. Both Peterson and Gerhart will be chomping at the bit play. Rodgers… Not so much. He’s just chomping at the Packer salary cap. What a Chump!

  11. If this post is shaky, I apologize, as I was laughing at the comment above professing that the Packers are relevant anywhere outside of Sheboygan.

  12. Good chance Les will put Cordarrelle in as chief RB and pound him into the line 29 times a game for the rest of the season. That ought to take a few MPH off of his feet.

  13. If Frazier plays Peterson, then everything ever said about Frazier being a good guy, a player’s coach, an honest man is a lie. The only reason to play Peterson at this point is to try and save your own butt for a failed season that is your fault and you’re risking an all time great’s health (Peterson’s) to do it. That’s shameful. AD to IR for 14. If Frazier give a crap at all about the men on his team, that’s what he’ll do.

  14. What you will see this Sunday from Cassell are batted balls and turn overs. This Eagles Defense is coming together nicely under Billy Davis. Wait, did I just say Billy Davis?!?! Yes, I did. Whoa. Look for Cassell to throw 2 picks and/or fumble a ball or two. Bowls with Foles baby!

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