Randy Starks discusses his on-field prostate exam

Getty Images

What happens at the bottom of the pile usually stays at the bottom of the pile, typically because what happens at the bottom of the pile can’t be seen by the many cameras blanketing an NFL field.

But when Steelers center Cody Wallace opted to insert his hand in a certain sensitive area of Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks and, you know, move it around, the cameras had a clear shot of the move.

At it turns out, everyone except Starks knew what had happened.

“If I’d known exactly who it was at the time, I probably would have gotten thrown out,” Starks said Tuesday, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post.  “So I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t.”

For Starks, the experience had no precedent.

“I heard of stuff like that happening,” Starks said.  “It’s the first time that happened to me.”

The violation has become a gift that keeps on giving.  Starks says his teammates are giving him a hard time about the situation.

“Oh, they’re getting on me,” he said. “‘Check for prostate.’  I’m hearing it today.”

When it comes to prostates, it’s always better to simply hear about it.