Ray Anderson is leaving the league office

After eight years on the job, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson has decided to leave the league office.

The NFL announced the decision on Wednesday.  In a release, the league said that Anderson will be pursuing other opportunities.

“I have been involved in many different aspects of the NFL — as an agent, club executive, and league executive,” Anderson said. “I have always enjoyed new challenges and the time is right for me to evolve into the next phase of my career.  I appreciate the opportunity Commissioner Goodell gave me and the support I have enjoyed from a great staff.”

Anderson was a central figure in last year’s lockout of game officials.  It was believed by some in the wake of the lockout that Anderson would be nudged out of his job.  He wasn’t.

In January, word surfaced that Raiders owner Mark Davis possibly would hire Anderson into a “senior executive front office job” in Oakland.  At the time, Amy Trask was serving as the team’s CEO.  She has since resigned.

It’ll be interesting to see how Anderson’s job is filled.  Last year, when we were informed that Anderson would not be fired, we also were told that key management positions no longer will go automatically to “football people” who graduated from other jobs in the football business to significant jobs in the league office.  The league could start looking for folks from other industries who have demonstrated the ability to handle high-paying, high-profile, high-power jobs that entail operating under a high-powered microscope.

Whoever gets the job, that person’s first order of business could be to finalize the penalty imposed on the Steelers for coach Mike Tomlin’s sideline side-step right.  Anderson made the initial determination regarding the imposition of a $100,000 fine on Tomlin.  Eventually, a draft-pick forfeiture or modification will be determined.

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  1. Oakland made a smart move by hiring Ray, they won’t be flagged or fined as much now. Now thatRay knows all the inside info on Gödel and his henchman.

  2. The league news just goes from bad to worse. Most of what’s wrong with the NFL today stems from Goodell’s “corporate” sensibilities. He’s running a company, not a sports league. Yes, it’s profitable. But he too often makes decisions based on what he believes looks good to the public at large rather than what is good for the game and its committed fans.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in how he’s approached issues of traumatic brain injury. The new rules were never vetted to ensure they actually reduce the number and severity of head injuries. As a result, we still have players being concussed at about the same rate, but we have more players suffering knee injuries. The fines make spectacular headlines, but do they keep anyone from suffering brain damage? Do we have any data one way or the other? The neutering of defenses ensures higher-scoring games–which pleases Fantasy players and casual viewers. But that’s about revenues, not safety.

    And now we’re learning Goodell’s henchman Anderson will be replaced by someone who may have no football knowledge or experience whatsoever. Something tells me this won’t improve the quality of the product on the field.

  3. will i must say he has a fine taste for colors in the photograph. Nothing wrong with Silver , black, and white.

  4. Others will comment on this action, for and against Anderson.

    Me? I wonder how in the world you could possibly segue from Anderson’s resignation to the status of Tomlin’s misstep. Amazing, just amazing!

  5. Please go to Oakland.

    It might help end an alleged conspiracy that the NFL has against the Raiders.

    Based on the stadium speculation it wouldn’t surprise me.

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