Report: Neither Incognito nor Martin will be back in Miami


The Dolphins are four days away from having to decide whether to bring back guard Richie Incognito or cut him.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Incognito definitely won’t return to the team — after Sunday’s game or ever.

Salguero also believes that a decision has been made or will be made to extend Incognito’s currently paid suspension through the end of the regular season, keeping him out of action for the Dolphins or anyone for the rest of the year.

In March, Incognito becomes a free agent.

That cuts against the sense of optimism previously emanating from Camp Incognito regarding the possibility that he’ll be playing in the postseason.  Salguero believes Incognito will go along with an effort to shut him down with pay, given that he did some things he shouldn’t have done, even if NFL investigator Ted Wells concludes that those things don’t amount to bullying or harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin.

Speaking of Wells, Salguero expects the public release of the independent report to be delayed, possibly until after the Super Bowl.  Salguero also reports that Martin will not be back with the Dolphins, at any time.  Salguero writes that Martin will be traded to the highest bidder in the offseason.

Of course, there will be no bidder unless it’s clear that Martin truly wants to play football.  If no one is willing to take that leap of faith, the Dolphins may have to waive him.

34 responses to “Report: Neither Incognito nor Martin will be back in Miami

  1. Martin will be traded to the highest bidder? The Incognito camp expected to see Richie play in the postseason? I think we’re seeing another case of bath salts in Florida.

  2. Probably best to put some distance on this event, Best locker for Incognito is Giants (Coughlin wont put up with any crap) and Martin is Broncos. (Maturity in locker room)

  3. No great loss, that goes for both. I don’t know what exactly happened, and we may never know. But the facts are that one is a jerk and the other isn’t a team player. And it is interesting to note that Miami’s offensive line is playing better since losing those two than it did with them.

  4. And what about the General Manager who was responsible for putting both of these players on the team? Miami may make the playoffs but Ireland must be made accountable for this mess!

  5. One is a decent player, but a social misfit and borderline psychopath, the other is an underperforming mentally unstable Woos. Either way neither should be on Rosters and are detriments to a lockerroom. The Phins Oline has actually improved without them. Go figure?

    Kudos to Coach Philbin for keeping this Team focused during this nonsense fiasco. Kudos to M.Sherman for calling better situational plays based on the personnel we have more recently. I am neutral on Coyle as our defense gets slashed on the run and only calls pass blitz on typical 3 and 8+. Too predictable! Finally to our teflon friend, Ireland, please just go away. It seems everytime we win 2 in a row… You get a contract extension. SMH

  6. I guess Wells finally figured out it was just a lovers quarrel and now that they are broken up, life goes on. Booohoohoo.

  7. sc711 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 10:49 AM
    Probably best to put some distance on this event, Best locker for Incognito is Giants (Coughlin wont put up with any crap)

    I guess you forgot that the biggest bullying/hazing story before this was the video of Prince getting forced into an ice bath, which was not only verbal, but physical. It happens everywhere, it shouldn’t, but it does, and thinking a certain coach or franchise doesn’t have their own skeletons is delusional. This story was just pushed by the media.

  8. Ireland’s such an idiot that he’d probably tell another GM: “If you give us a 7th rounder for Martin we will throw Incognito in for free. Package deal.”

  9. So essentially Ritchie is taking a paid vacation in a handshake deal to get paid, not talk and in return they will put in a good word for him to other teams when he’s free to sign.

    Martin, you F’d up. Now your career is over. Ugh.

  10. This whole thing is the biggest waste of money. Martin is a baby and Incognito maybe a bully, so what? It’s been a load of nonsense, and now Mr Wells has cancelled all the other interviews with the players. I guess he can’t find much wrong, so it’s just wasting everyone’s time if he re interviews.
    How pathetic the whole thing has been, let the Dolphins play the damn game.

  11. Why would Incognito not force their hand to release him? If I’m the player’s agent and he’s a FA. I want him out there, not suspended with a cloud over his head. Some team will take a flyer on him. He’s got talent. I’d want my player out there on his best behavior.

  12. ninersareyesterdaysnews:

    You got part of that right, the “big” part. Dude is 6-5 and 310+, and a young good prospect. He seems like a dependable and loyal defender of his principles and rights, and I think my QB has a right to not get hurt by opposing players. I bet if I showed Jonathan Martin a little love and support that he would be able to do what he does best, which is defending the QB on the field. That’s all I’m interested in.

    I’d take him, but I sure wouldn’t trade for him. I’ll just wait for Jonathan Martin to suggest that he is retiring and they cut him, and then I’ll coax him out of retirement when he becomes a free man. Then I’ll let him play some real football and in a healthy environment that he is willing to embrace and see how good of a player he is. I think after talking to all other teams he will find that I’m the right guy that wants him the most. He is going to play for me as long as nobody else cares about him and wants him.

  13. “Of course, there will be no bidder unless it’s clear that Martin truly wants to play football.”

    Any proof that he doesn’t want to play football, because this is kind of backhanded claim that this was all part of ploy to get him out of the NFL with pay. So far, all signs are that he just didn’t want to deal with the nonsense in Miami where guys with brains aren’t welcome in the locker room.

  14. Philbin wanted to get rid of Incognito a long time ago. This just made it easier. As for Martin, nobody will trade for him. The Dolphins should cease all payment to this clown. They should also sue for recovery of his signing bonus. (prorated from when he abandoned the team)

  15. “even if NFL investigator Ted Wells concludes that those things don’t amount to bullying or harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin.”


    Is this even up for debate? I thought those death threats saved on Martin’s voicemail pretty much cleared up that up. The question now is whether other teammates and management were involved.

  16. IMO Martin will be released, not traded. As a result of the report from Wells, the NFL will be as accommodating as possible to Martin, and allow him to find his own landing spot. The Colts and 9ers would be the most likely home for him.

  17. Low character 31 year old offensive linemen with an ENDLESS HISTORY of poor sportsmanship, off-field legal trouble, and instigating intense negative media scrutiny of the NFL …. don’t get re-signed or signed.

    His career is done.

  18. Martin was a Stanford guy who played with several of the Colts (including Luck Fleenor) who have given him praise in the local press. If they were honest, and since the Colts need line help, it would not surprise me to see Martin land in Indy.

  19. Wouldn’t want either on my team. Incongnito is crazy and Martin is an emotional ticking time bomb. Both those guys seem to make others feel uncomfortable in a locker room and you can’t have that.

  20. So even if the highly-paid, independent lawyer who talks to EVERYONE decides Incognito is not guilty, the team and the media will still punish him? Excellent!

  21. Regardless of the record on Dec 29 some people should be held accountably for this mess, and it should start at the top with the general Manger. Bill

  22. Both players are not worth wasting a teams time over anymore. They both had the chance of a lifetime to be on an NFL team and couldn’t be trusted with that opportunity. Both of these players don’t have enough talent to put up with the potential aggravation that could come by having either on your team. 53 spots on a teams roster just not enough spots to waste on these two.

  23. Heres the thing: Next year we may lose Starks and Solia to freeagency. Then we need to replace Incognito and Martin on the offensive line. Why not resign Incog to a new cheap deal. Saves us one less fat boy we need to draft. We may lose Mckinney too… That makes 5 fat boys in this years draft – SICK!!!!! Boring freakn draft if you ask me… we might need to draft a new #1 wide receiver and some running back help. We may lose Dimitri too so count up a CB and we may lose Wheeler since he hasnt done much. That aside why not resign Incog so its one less linemen to draft so we can cover some of these other needs.

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