Report: Ted Wells cancels follow-up meetings in Miami


NFL investigator Ted Wells apparently has all the information he needs from Dolphins players to prepare his report regarding the Jonathan Martin situation.

According to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, Wells has canceled a round of follow-up meetings scheduled to occur this week in Miami with Dolphins offensive linemen.  Though Wells, per Darlington, gave the players no explanation for the cancellation, the decision resulted from the follow-up session between Wells and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

Last week, we reported that Wells would be meeting with Martin, agent Kenny Zuckerman, and one or more of Martin’s family members.

It’s unknown whether any other meetings have been canceled, or whether any other meetings will be occurring.

For now, the development means that Wells believes he doesn’t need any further information or clarification from the Dolphins linemen.  Which could mean that Martin answered any lingering questions in a way that persuaded Wells that Martin’s version of the events is accurate.  Or it could mean that Martin failed to persuade Wells that Martin’s version is correct.  Or perhaps it could mean that the information from Martin, his agent, and Martin’s family members prompted Wells to conclude he fully understands the situation, regardless of what his conclusion will be.

Meanwhile, Courtney Fallon of NBC 6 in Miami reports that Martin “isn’t turning over text messages to Ted Wells,” and that Martin won’t meet with the NFLPA investigator who is reviewing the situation.

Wells’ report, when finalized, will be made public.  While it may be impossible for him to fit various conflicting puzzle pieces together, it now appears that, as it relates to the players who interacted for more than a year, Wells has all the pieces he needs in order to craft an account of what he believes did and/or didn’t transpire.

20 responses to “Report: Ted Wells cancels follow-up meetings in Miami

  1. Miami should go after Martin for breach of contract! I am not a lawyer but I feel they can and should…

    His text to Richie can be gotten by Richie.

    Martin is a quitter and ran home to his parents!

    He is a coward not a bully victim.

    Richie should sue Martin and the NFL also should back up any action against Martin.

  2. The fact that Martin won’t turn over pertinent text messages is telling. Victims usually cooperate in investigations they willingly cause via accusations. Shady. Manipulator. Martin is the problem here.

  3. Not a lawyer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night:

    1) Wells finds it’s much ado about nothing as far as bullying.
    2) Martin’s people won’t turn over or cooperate because there is a lawsuit coming and they don’t need a formal report they cooperated with saying no bullying happened. They will take thier chances with a jury that won’t understand locker room dynamics to the extent Wells researched.
    3) No team will sign Martin if he files suit.
    4) Martin just can’t deal with being a scrub in the NFL, being abused by the media, and just ants to cash in.

  4. Randy Starks was violated and harassed on the field during play by a Steelers player worse than anything Martin was subjected to. Yet that story has barely gotten any coverage.

  5. Richie Incognito may or may not be guilty of bullying Jonathan Martian.

    Regardless, Richie Incognito is still guilty of being an A-hole and Martin is guilty of not being a team player. Has anyone else noticed that Miami’s O-line has played their best games of the year since these two left? Moving on…

  6. guilty or not, what made me Incognito’s “what did i do wrong” schtick on TV was a complete joke… dude deserves to be banned from the NFL for being a complete douche nugget. That being said, I once though the was def. guilty of this, but i will reserve judgement now until after i hear from the report.

    Id say Martin should be abolished from NFL too but I am pretty sure he walked himself right out of the league

  7. Fin Fan here….J Mart did us a favor….he got rid of the two BIGGEST problems on our O-Line and since their departure Ryan has more time to throw and our running game has really improved. Richie is innocent. They’re both guilty of being average linemen at best!!

  8. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there has been both EVERY PLACE Incognito has played in college and the NFL.

    He’s a cancer to a team. Find one place Incognito has been where the team won and/or he wasn’t kicked off the team or let go in some fashion or another.

    People keep making it seem like poor little Richie is a great guy who made one little mistake here. The dude is a nut job with a long pattern of anti-social behavior and he’s a disgusting human being.

  9. I don’t think anybody is really defending Incognito from the standpoint that he’s not a POS. He is.

    But Martin is a POS on a whole other level. Sub-par tackle, crybaby, loser who airs the teams dirty laundry in public because he’s too much of a coward to handle it himself.

    Mommy is an expert in workplace harassment so what better way to make a money grab?

  10. The Dolphins are playing much better without either of these guys. Considering Incognito was the leader of the offensive line and on the Dolphins “leadership council”, it looks like they’re a lot better off without Richie’s leadership.

    Not a surprise really.

  11. First off, who is going to trade for or sign Martin–who’s gonna want him on their team….let alone he wasn’t playing well.
    He broke the code and took it out of house–and he will get the cold shoulder at best moving forward.
    The Dolphins should get their money back from Martin since he basically walked off the job.

  12. It’s far enough along to assume that neither player will be returning to the Dolphin’s Roster.

    A question that I have been wondering about since both left the locker room is this: Will the Dolphins receive any compensation for this. In particular I was wondering about compensatory picks, especially for Incognito. The Guy WAS a pro-bowler just last year.

    I’ve not heard anybody else bring up this aspect of the situation. I’d love to hear from someone with a lot more knowledge on this. What are the guidelines regarding compensatory picks? Unless Mr. Well’s reveals an astonishing report that implicates the front office, then it is not the Dolphins fault that they lost two key players, much like the loss of a free agent.

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