Rex admits he called brother Rob for advice on Panthers


Rob Ryan’s done some impressive work this season as defensive coordinator in New Orleans, but if he can stop the Panthers three times this year, it will be quite the trick.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday he made sure to call his brother before facing the Panthers Sunday, since Rob’s team held them in check so well last week. The Saints held the Panthers to 13 points, with a late cosmetic touchdown covering the fact the Panthers managed a pair of short-range field goals the rest of the day.

Oh yeah without question I’ve already talked to him,” Rex said on a conference call, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “Our defenses are two different defenses, he has his own style, so do we. But again, without question I’ve already talked to him about the things he picked up. Just anything you would do against any opponent, but in particular he just played them this past week so I definitely already talked to him.”

The Panthers also struggled with Rob’s Cowboys defense last year in a 19-14 Dallas win.

Of course, Panthers coach Ron Rivera could return the favor, and he wouldn’t exactly need the friends and family plan to figure out how to slow the Jets’ offense.

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  1. Maybe every coach should call the coaches of teams that play against their division rivals to give them advice. If you can spot an easy exploit, then wouldn’t you want to share that with the team they are playing especially if they are in the other conference?

    At what point does it become illegal or unethical for teams to help out other teams. Maybe if there is a bye week, the coaches can go to another city that is playing one of their rivals and work overtime for them to help them defeat their rivals? What’s the rule on that?

  2. Can’t be that hard could it? People forget Mike freakin Shula is their offensive coordinator. Which shows in the numbers after Carolina’s offense was top 10 the past 2 years. Now it’s 26th.

  3. I think the Saints exposed Cam as being an average drop back QB with limited weapons. If you respect Cam’s running ability he becomes limited with what he can do in the pocket, plus their running game is thinner without Stewart.

    Jets 10 Panthers 9

  4. They did this when the Saints/Jets played New England. It’s a lot like what the Manning brothers do when playing New England. In the case with the Manning’s, I believe the Colts organization and Tony Dungy’s staff provided intelligence info for the Giants in the Super Bowl based on all their games with New England. It’s cheating but what can you do?

  5. This seems like a big conflict of interest to me.

    There’s only 1 team an NFL coach should be concerned with helping win, their own.

    The Harbaugh’s do this too and I just don’t think its right for them to do so.

    If I was the Saints owner I’d be extremely pissed Rob helped another team try to win. Also think this is something the league needs to look at putting a stop to.

  6. It’s amazing how much run the Jets get in the press and the NFL network. This is one of the all time overrated sports franchises. They have been BAD my entire life and yet they get a ton of run even here on the west coast.

  7. It’s simple. They play conservative to get into 3rd and manageable. They try to attack deep in 2nd and short situations.

    It’s a classic Mike Shula offense. Been that way since he was HC at Alabama.

  8. panthers34 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 1:27 PM
    Wonder if the refs will allow the same amount of holding in this game.

    I’m going to assume you’re talking about the panthers DBs holding the Saints receivers, because it was blatant. Even Collinsworth pointed it out a couple of times, and just said “i guess the refs are just letting them play”.

  9. 64post says:
    Dec 11, 2013 1:43 PM
    It’s amazing how much run the Jets get in the press and the NFL network. This is one of the all time overrated sports franchises. They have been BAD my entire life and yet they get a ton of run even here on the west coast.
    I agree its ridiculous how much attention a truly bad team gets, but its no mystery. They play in NY.

    The NY metro area is 6.5 times larger than the average metro area of NFL teams. It’s also more than twice the size of even the number 2. It’s a media hotbed, inescapable. The result is the rest of us hearng way too much about a franchise who you would be paying them too large of a compliment to even call them mediocre, while good franchises consistently slip under the radar.

  10. It would be a very interesting development if Baltimore (vs Detroit), Miami (vs New England) & San Diego (vs Denver) loose and the Jets (vs Carolina) win…. All those games have playoff implications so there are no gimmes this week.

    Which would mean the Jets NOFFENSE will have to stay on hiatus while the Jets Offense shows up for 3 more weeks in a row!…. PRETTY TALL ORDER I admit, but I can fantasize one week at a time yes!!

    I have no idea whats going to happen, but it’s a winnable game unless Cam Newton picks us apart in the 2ndary with his arm or shreads us with his legs. It would make for an interesting end of season stretch to remain in the playoff conversation, while especially giving all the haters agita right up to the very end!!…. 🙂

  11. If Rob really loves his brother, he told him, “I’ll give you my game plan, but you won’t be able to use it because I have better players. On both sides of the ball.”

    Four scoring drives for each team on Sunday.

    Panthers 28
    Jets 12

  12. Panthers have the most conservative offense in the league and they can only score on short fields. Make them go the length of the field, they can’t do it.

    Also, line up your biggest meanest DB across from Steve Smith at the line and have him beat the crap out of him on every jam.

  13. Rex I can help you out with this:

    Give your QB just a few seconds and he will find bountiful open land to harvest for his wide receivers.

    The Panthers D-Line can be effective but if they don’t play GREAT, the defensive secondary can get embarrassed by an experienced QB.

    Unfortunately for the Jets, they do not have an experienced QB.

  14. If the Jets are barely mediocre with six playoff appearances and six playoff wins in the last twelve seasons, there are a lot of sub-mediocre teams in the NFL.

  15. Jon Gruden gives out tons of advice pre-game and during game every week. He actually called a few plays minutes before they happened in the Cowboys/Bears game.

    Who needs to call someone when you’ve got an NFL head coach giving out advice on a national scale every week?

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