RGIII: I expressed my desire to play, but Shanahan shut me down for season

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III met the media on Wednesday afternoon for the first time since getting benched by coach Mike Shanahan this week.

Griffin said that his job for the rest of the season is to help Kirk Cousins win games for the Redskins, but made it clear that he would prefer that his job responsibilities still included starting at quarterback.

“I’m sure everybody knows by now that coach decided to shut me down for the rest of the season. We talked, I talked to coach, he talked to me about it. I expressed my desire to play,” Griffin said. ” He explained to me his reasoning. At the end of the day, coach’s decision is what we go with.”

Griffin dodged a question about whether he would want to play for Shanahan again next year in the increasingly unlikely event that Shanahan’s apparent staredown with owner Dan Snyder doesn’t end with a new coach. He did say he “can’t bother” worrying about whether Shanahan’s stated reason for making the move at quarterback, protecting Griffin, was the actual reason, although his demeanor and body language suggested he was bothered.

Snyder declined to comment on his way into the owners meetings on Wednesday and Shanahan is due to address the media shortly.

81 responses to “RGIII: I expressed my desire to play, but Shanahan shut me down for season

  1. Can we stop saying that he was benched for his health already? He was benched for his lack of ability to play QB.

  2. So you really want to risk further injury playing meaningless games for a coach that will not be there next season? Go ahead and let Cousins audition for his next job.

  3. Is it just me or has this season been juicer than normal? I mean last season we just had the Jets to laugh at, but this season we’ve got the Redskins name controversy, the Shanahan-RGIII-Snyder disaster, the Schiano-Freeman train wreck, the Miami-Martin-Incognito mess, along with a couple other minor scandals and we’re only 3/4 of the season through.

  4. Doesn’t this move open up the Skins to penalty for deliberately tanking a season? It should. Sitting the star player while he is perfectly able and willing to play while sitting near the bottom of the league standings and top of the 2014 draft order.

  5. Robert needs to stop focusing on being a hero and worrying about his stats. He hasn’t impressed me or a lot of other Skins fans this year. The season is over. Sit down, heal up, study up and focus on trying to save your job for next year.

  6. “RGMe” – name me a player in the NFL that doesn’t want to start and I’ll show you a born-loser.

    Looking forward to 2014 because I think the ‘Skins will have a nice turnaround. Amazing how visceral some people are and the desire to see other’s fail. Personally, I want as many amazing and talented players as possible in sports – better product on the field.

  7. Because you have been playing absolutely terrible… Even tannehil is out performing you same with many others.. You were the toast of the town and your career is in jeopardy of being toast in DC..
    Why??? Because like any other professional athlete who can’t prepare physically THEY ARE PREPARED MENTALLY and you act like all you have to do is show up..

    Qb is a mostly cerebral position.. You should have been better at reading coverages and defensive schemes, but it appears you were too busy talking to the media (even if not true). I can’t figure out why someone with so much free time off the field isn’t putting in the necessary work in the film room getting mentally prepared. That’d the single most concerning thing… You will be healthy again doing the same thing as before but then hurt I’m sure again and restarting this process…. Just like MIKE VICK… Amazing talent peanuts for understanding the position…

  8. nflsecurity862 says: Dec 11, 2013 2:09 PM

    I still can’t believe how bad the Rams fleeced Washington on that trade! Wow!


    Don’t be surprised some owner does the same thing with that QB at Texas A&M.

    Predict it will the same result.

  9. I thought the boys were going to have an easy win regardless of the defense when they play the skins with RG3 starting. Not sure with Cousins starting now.

  10. this means Snyder will make sure in the offseason that Cousins gets traded in order to avoid a QB controversy in 2014.

  11. Does anybody remember the direct comparison made between RG3 and Andrew Luck?

    Everything happening to the Redskins right now is a result of EVERYTHING scouts said about RG3 compared to Luck.

    Luck a pocket passer knows how to….wait for it…..wait for it….wait for it…..READ DEFENSES!!!

    Luck reads defenses, RG3 reacts to defenses.

    Look at the teams he’s beaten. The Chargers and Raiders have some of the worst defensive backs in all of football, they make ANYBODY look good.

    I love watching RG3 playing. He’s exciting, you never know what to expect. That said, I don’t want him as my quarterback.

  12. This is nothing but a stick in the eye to Snyder from Shanahan.

    A) Why would Shanny pull Griffin for lack of performance? These last three games mean nothing to him. He would be fired if they won out.

    B) Why would Shanny care about protecting RGIII for the future? He sure as heck isn’t going to be there.

    Shanahan has shown himself to a petty, vindictive, little man throughout his career. He hates Snyder, hates RGIII and realized after he wasn’t fired Monday that Snyder wasn’t going to give him what he wanted before the end of the season. So this is his parting gift to them both.

  13. Why can’t this spoiled brat just keep his mouth shut or at least just tow the company line? No one is going to hire you for multimillion dollar endorsements if you keep whining like that. This kid is throwing away a fortune everytime he opens his mouth. No more Subway sandwich commercials for you. They’d rather hire someone with a good image like Calvin, Russell Wilson or 100 other guys.

  14. Wait, is that circus music I hear. The big top is in town. Step right up folks see Little Egypt do the famous dance of the pyramids, She walks she talks she crawls on her belly like a reptile. Just one thin dime one tenth of a dollar, Step right up folks.

  15. I am an eagles fan. He does not suck. If they use him as a running Qb he will never survive. I think this kid has very good passing ability. He has to get the right coach. This dope and his son is the reason for his failure. That and coming off a bad knee injury way too early. Just my opinion.

  16. bunjy96 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 2:17 PM
    nflsecurity862 says: Dec 11, 2013 2:09 PM

    I still can’t believe how bad the Rams fleeced Washington on that trade! Wow!


    Don’t be surprised some owner does the same thing with that QB at Texas A&M.

    Predict it will the same result.
    We’ll be sitting in the Johnny Football draft slot and we’re gonna fleece the crap out of the Jets for him.

  17. He can’t NOT take a shot….

    “decided to shut me down”

    He’s not smart. Sorry.

    I was as big a fan of his last year, starting with the Saints game.

    I’m over him and would like Cousins to start.

  18. Why not focus on improving pass blocking schemes instead of benching the quarterback because he is taking too many hits?

  19. A lot of what made RG3 great last year was his ability to use his speed at the right moment. This year, he look plain slow to me. I have to wonder if the loss of his mobility has forever ruined his ability to play QB effectively.

  20. They brought him back too early. His knee wasn’t ready and/or he wasn’t ready mentally to return. Then, as the season wore on, the young QB lost his confidence.

  21. ron69 says:Dec 11, 2013 2:22 PM

    Obviously they want to increase Cousins value going to offseason, they might get a 3rd or a 4th in return.
    I hope that’s sarcasm considering he was already a 3rd round pick. Hence, his value only increases if they get a 2nd or better. I would trade him for a 3rd still though…his salary would be better spent on an offensive lineman to protect Griffin or to try to upgrade that defense.

  22. I wonder how many people like me are out there: People who became hyper-enthusiastic RGIII fans during his last season at Baylor. People that thought he had the smarts, leadership skills, and immense talent to become the Michael Jordan of the NFL … the man who changed the game. People who thought everything RGIII did his rookie year only further convinced us we were right. And then …

    BOOM. 2013 arrived. And with it that quirky playoff game. Since then, he’s conducted himself in a very different fashion on, and most importantly, off the field. With each passing month, he lost more and more of my respect. Nowadays, I’d just as soon drink a cup of water as watch him play. And as far as waiting for him to come around … to grow up? … I learned my lesson with Vince Young.

    -Titans Fan

  23. RGIII will be a decent and perhaps very good QB. What the DC Eleven needs is defense. Most of their games are over before the half. Chicago didn’t punt once this week. They could have scored a couple more times if they had wanted. Whether RGIII plays or not will not make the defense any better.

    That said, most of his offensive statistics are put up during garbage time. Their receivers stink and their O-line reeks. Johnny Unitas couldn’t win with that team. They need a complete rebuild, starting with the defense in 2014 and putting together an offense in 2015.

  24. He’s a good QB having a so-so season after a great one… not surprising given the injury and the other issues with that team. Really can’t believe there’s so much hate for the guy… he’s a class act.

  25. thegreatgabbert says:
    Dec 11, 2013 2:10 PM
    Doesn’t this move open up the Skins to penalty for deliberately tanking a season? It should. Sitting the star player while he is perfectly able and willing to play while sitting near the bottom of the league standings and top of the 2014 draft order.


    Well, playing the “star player” while he’s been able and willing has led to a 3-10 record so far. One can also say that continuing to play said “star player” would be deliberately tanking a season.

    Also, the Rams have their first round pick. The more they lose, the better the pick for the Rams, not the Skins.

  26. After watching the replay on the Chief’s game I have to admit that this guy is not ready to be an NFL Qb. and that the Skins way over paid for this.Now lets hope the Rams can cash in on the mistake they made.

  27. Well, at least he had one good season before he started being the backup.
    A lot of guys don’t even get that far.

  28. The second coming of Heath Schuler…..
    Naw, I don’t think so. I think Snyder should fire Kyle Shanahan as the next move in this chess match

  29. RGIII has been playing terrible football all year. 3-10 record… some horrible stat lines during certain games earlier this year. For example, both Philly games. In the 2nd game, the Skins had something like 4 passing yards through 3 quarters. Sonny Jurgenson was saying (radio broadcast) that RGIII needed to be be benched and give Cousins a chance. How many games (when we were still in the playoff race) did we start out with ZERO points in the 1st quarter or 1st half? Then we would have to play catch up in the 2nd half against defenses that were in “Prevent” mode. RGIII would end up with decent stats but the Redskins had another loss. We were down 31-0 in the first half to KC just last week. Name another team that would have kept their starting QB playing if they were 3-10 and consistently fell behind early in games because the team’s QB was flat out terrible (in comparison to the year before). This move was long overdue.

    So what if RGIII wants to play the last 3 games. The question should be… does he deserve to play? Just because he played great last year does not guarantee his status as starting QB this year. Remember the NFL stands for “Not For Long” if one is not playing up to a certain standard. That;s for any position or any person. The sooner RGIII learns this the better. For his and the Redskins future.

  30. The guy should take lessons from PFM. When talking to the media, never answer a direct question, quote facts, interject a little humor, watch film, film and more film, – retain what you watched on film, film and more film, go out on the field and use what you learned from watching the film to read defenses. I realize PFM probably overdoes the studying part – but – apparently its worked out well. Might try it.

  31. when the meeting first started with Shanahan RG3 thought that mike was boiling mad at him because mike’s face was a bright red, then RG3 remembered that mike’s face is always bright red

  32. The steelers showed the blueprint on how to beat this guy last year, when he was fully healthy. So no excuses that he’s struggling this year because of health, teams just have the blueprint. The kids done, he wasn’t that good to begin with. The comparisons to vick are insulting atleast he put together a few seasons

  33. This is silly, stupid and ugly. If I was a Skins fan, I would hit Snyder where it hurts– empty seats = no $$$ on Sunday. Disgraceful actions. Should every team bench their franchise QB when its obvious they are not going to the playoffs??? Is this really about his health??? If the O-line is that bad, what does it say about their opinion of Kirk Cousins??? If he really is set up to be cannon fodder, why not sign Tebow or any of those guys we cannot name who are sitting at home??? This is a full on joke kids, but it aint funny here in DC. So glad I grew up hating the Redskins and a Cowboys fan. We have our own issues, which I won’t name, but his initials are Jerry Jones.

  34. I can’t wait till the RGII press conference – I must know what this man is thinking! He served his country, he has a right to an opinion!

  35. RGIII needs to grow up, he is not one of the marvel super heros.
    He has not played well since his injury, because he is not ready.
    We saw the potential his first year, lay low and be ready for next year.
    Do not act like a spoiled brat.

  36. I hope that he is healed by draft day. He can do jumping jacks at the draft party, while The Redskins have to give away another first rounder that could of replaced him.

  37. I think its actually pretty smart, RG3 has had 14 games to play this season so that’s plenty. Why risk another injury in the last 3 games, to a player obviously who is still not fully recovered from this first one? If Cousins plays well too, use him as trade bait to teams looking for QBs, and get some much needed talent on that defense.

  38. Ok, so if he wasn’t healed by the start of the season, hes got to be healed now right? I can’t believe they treat him so much differently than the other players…

    1. If they are “shutting him down” because of injury concerns and to keep him healthy for next year, what about the others players? He can’t be the only starter on that team they want to keep healthy for next year! Do the redskins not care about those other players health?

    2. If they are benching him, then don’t call it “shutting him down”…maybe if he knows(as well as media) hes being benched because of his play it will ignite a fire under him. Why coddle this guys ego?

  39. Funny, but this happens alot in football, the QB gets rejoiced when the team is winning and takes crap when they lose. It’s sad that ppl here are blaming him for the taking to many hits, when its the offensive lines job to block.

    You people need to go to the bookstore and get a football book and read on football because none of you know nothing about the sport!

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