Shanahan still doesn’t deny ESPN report

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Mike Shanahan’s wide-ranging and at-times rambling Wednesday press conference included plenty of intriguing nuggets.  MDS has done a great job of distilling the most salient points.

There’s another point that relates back to the report that got this giant ball of dysfunction rolling.  Shanahan still hasn’t denied the ESPN bombshell that Shanahan nearly quit in January due to the relationship between owner Daniel Snyder and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“What I said is there’s always bits and pieces of an article that are true,” Shanahan told reporters.  “I’m not going to go into detail what was true about the article.  I don’t think it’s fair to the organization and I would speak to that person first before I would speak to anybody else.  But when you get partial truths — and I’m not one to say somebody is lying or this isn’t reported correctly — but I’ve heard that my whole life. I think everybody in this room knows that I don’t talk to anybody off the record.”

If Shanahan truly doesn’t talk to anybody off the record, he’s the only person connected to the NFL in any significant capacity who doesn’t.

Everybody talks to somebody off the record.  With local and national media more prevalent and aggressive than ever, everyone knows someone they’ll talk to without attaching their name to it.

In this case, Shanahan or someone close to him was talking off the record to someone at ESPN.  The fact that Shanahan has failed to dispute the notion that he was ready to quit in January proves it.

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  1. Well it doesn’t “prove” it. There are multiple explanations possible for his lack of disputing the report.

    The most likely explanation is this:

    By letting it linger, it adds to the layer of the gamesmanship that he is playing with the Owner, and to just deny it can then offer some peace of mind to fans that don’t want to think their coach would do that. But he doesn’t want that to be the case, he wants them to think negative things, but negative things they can’t pin on him since they can’t prove it. He’s only not disputing it so that the game can stay afoot and add to Snyder’s headaches. He knows Snyder knows what’s going on, but Snyder can’t do anything, except fire him, which is what he wants.

    Snyder knows he’s toying with the fans, but the fans don’t know for certain due to the lack of disputing the report and it being off the record. Shanahan wants him to be in this pressed and uncomfortable position. He’s doing a great job too of sounding really sincere (even though it’s clearly quite fake and engineered so I think at least) and trying to sound like a good wholesome coach who is a really nice guy and probably getting taken advantage of by bullies that want to paint him as the bad guy of all people. Can you believe that?

    Well Shanahan wants you to believe that, and hopefully to even feel sorry for him. That would only anger Dan Snyder more.

  2. Hey why don’t we get coverage of the salary cap reduction both Washington & Dallas

    are working under because they “over spent” the year the NFL “did not have a salary cap”

    but the NFL punished these teams because they did not go along with the “collusion cap”!

    It certainly has had an negative effect on both teams.

  3. You know I would have paid good money to be in that room and hoping like hell that Shanahan came into the meeting room with all the players looking on, that Shanny in his best JJ Watt impersonation looked RG3rd string and say “SHUT YOU DOWN”!!!

  4. It’s no secret that he rat has always used the media, specifically Adam Schefter.

    If Schefter thinks the rat is about to get bounced, he’ll turn on him quicker than the rat would turn on Schefter.

  5. Instead of the Native American profile as Washington’s logo, they should use Shanny’s profile instead. It would end the Redskin name controversy cuz I mean look at the guy, his face is always red.

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