The game of chicken continues in D.C.

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It started as an homage to George Costanza’s effort to get fired by the Yankees.  It quickly became an homage to Costanza’s effort to get fired by Play Now.

It’s now become an homage to Costanza’s refusal to stop driving his former future in-laws to a non-existent house in the Hamptons.

With Redskins coach Mike Shanahan suggesting on Monday that he may shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III for the season and owner Daniel Snyder leaking word that benching his alleged BFF won’t cause Snyder to fire Shanahan or violate Shanahan’s contract by overriding the decision, Shanahan reportedly plans to sit Griffin and go with Cousins — unless Griffin can convince Shanahan otherwise.

The situation has been explained in a series of tweets from Jay Glazer of FOX, who reports that it appears Cousins will get the start this week, but that it won’t be a done deal until practice starts on Wednesday.  Glazer adds that Shanahan could change his mind, if Griffin convinces Shanahan otherwise.

If, as Shanahan explained it on Monday, the goal of shutting down Griffin would be to protect him for the 2014 offseason program, what could Griffin say to change Shanahan’s mind?  I strenuously object?

This is now about making Griffin more than a passive pawn in the head coach’s power play.  Shanahan apparently hopes that Griffin will go to Snyder and complain about the manner in which Shanahan is disrespecting the quarterback who, after Shanahan recklessly left him in a January playoff game with an injured knee that eventually imploded, has busted his ass to get healthy and make a positive contribution.

While the blame for the current fiasco lands in the laps of Shanahan, Snyder, and Griffin, it’s now becoming obvious that Shanahan is simply pushing buttons in the hopes of getting fired — and getting paid.  And that could push Snyder to fire Shanahan for cause, hopeful that Commissioner Roger Goodell eventually would agree that Shanahan has placed the interests of the team behind his own desire to leave Washington with an extra $7 million.

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  1. Eagles fans should be angry because after the rest of the team quits on Shanahan, the Cowboys are going to pick up a free win in the division.
    Not to mention an easy game prior to the big week 17 showdown.

  2. scoonie97 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 8:55 AM
    Eagles fans should be angry because after the rest of the team quits on Shanahan, the Cowboys are going to pick up a free win in the division.
    Not to mention an easy game prior to the big week 17 showdown.


    If I’m an Eagles fan, I’d be pissed too. You are 100% right.

  3. In light of what’s going on today, I wonder if anyone (aside from committed haters of the Raiders) STILL believes that Shanahan had the moral high ground when he was endlessly whining for years without end about getting screwed for “not getting paid” when he was fired by the Raiders 24 years ago?

    Once a rat, always a rat.

  4. I think the reporters here take too much liberty with expressing opinions as fact. I think both Snyder and Shanahan could agree that benching Griffin is in the best long-term interest of everyone. Cousins has no trade value now, so he needs the chance to play to generate that value. Meanwhile, Griffin needs to get healthy and humbled, and there’s little value in playing him in three meaningless games. The Redskins have one home game left this season, against Dallas, and fans will fill FedEx for that game if they were starting Heath Shuler.

    As a Skins fan, benching Griffin is good for the team.

  5. Shanahan must work for the Nationals. Any chance the Caps would shut down Ovechkin for the season?

  6. After successful stops with The Jets and The Bucs, looks like the NFL circus has decided to pitch it’s tents in D.C. for awhile. I’m gonna have to get some more popcorn for this one!

  7. At this rate, we might hope for the same fun and games next season as Little Danny attempts to force Shanahan to suffer with this team (if he’s going to get paid) and Shanny attempts to make Danny pay to get rid of the vile taste in his mouth.

    But sadly they will probably agree to a reduced buy-out at the end of the season, and Little Danny will then pursue his next shiny object fior which he will have to pay exorbitantly and re-commit the cardinal sin of not having a true strong GM, but he will make grand announcements and market the hell out of it. I think he’s the inspiration behind the new Acura ads.

  8. Obvious? To whom? Shanny is a bad coach, and Synder is a bad owner. But you can make an easy argument that benching RG3 is in the Redskins best long term interests. Love the Seinfeld analysis, but it is all supposition, not fact.
    I’m not sure the Eagles are getting screwed. Alfred Morris should be good for 200 yards, and Cousins has a better chance to generate a passing attack than RG3 does at this point in time.
    The NFC East is shockingly bad this year.

  9. I can’t remember a team with such a high ceiling at the beginning of the season ending it in such a massive drama filled train wreck. You really gotta wonder how the season would have gone if griffin had been benched during the playoffs last year to protect his knee or if he had been given more time to recover at the beginning of the season. OR is this all just a giant smoke screen concocted by Snyder and shanny to distract people from the name change controversy. Far fetched? Obviously. Outbid the realm of possibility? Idk

  10. Honestly, I have to take Dan Snyder’s side on this one. The guy has been justifiably pilloried in the past for being too hands-on and reactive when things aren’t going well. Things aren’t going well and now he’s sitting back and letting things play out, not being hasty, and not reacting to what people are characterizing as Shanahan’s pedantic tactics to ensure that he is fired in time to be considered for the Houston vacancy. In my opinion, he’s doing all the right things at this point. Worst case, RGIII gets rest, is not unnecessarily exposed to injury in garbage time and Cousins, if he plays well, increases his trade value. Snyder, for his part, will now look as if he has been patient and allow Shanahan to finish his term out as HC. If he REALLY wants to do it the right way, he will let Shanahan finish out the season, just pay him the $7 mil he is owed for the final year in his contract and say good-bye.

  11. I can’t stand the Redskins (no, not a racist comment). But how is it “clear” what Rat-Face is doing? This whole story is media conjecture. I smell a media conspiracy to destroy the greatest NFL franchise of ALL TIMES! What does logicalvoice say? (RING DING DING DING A DING A DING)

  12. I don’t like all three of these guys. Owners not leaving though but the other two I’d get rid of one way or another.

  13. Hey logicalvoice,

    Tell me again exactly how the Redskins are still the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports with this circus going on?

  14. I try not to follow NFC teams as a general rule, given that they are but a sad parody of the true football teams in the AFC, but it’s hard to see how the Rams ending up with approximately 8 first round picks out of this debacle won’t stack the deck in their favor for a decade. I could easily see 3-4 Super Bowl losses in their future.

  15. I’m really sick of Shanarat ruining my favorite team.

    All the negative stories about him were true. Arrogant, stubborn control freak. Horrible personnel man. No understanding of defense. Petty. Turns on his players.

    Ugg. Just end this. There’s always next year… 😦

  16. It occurs to me that the next shiny object Little Danny acquires is Rex Ryan, right after the Jets come to their senses. Skins have a poor defense and Ryan is desperate to be a HC, especially in a market near enough to the Ravens that he gets his name in the local press.

    Plus it will be easier to sign Ravens’ cast-offs.

  17. It’s not a game of chicken at all. This only plays out one way. Snyder fires and Shanahan, Shanahan gets his paycheck, Snyder chases Saban and comes up short.
    Don’t be surprised to see Bill Cowher hosting ugly sweater parties in D.C. for the next 5 years or so.

  18. Once again, Eagles fans show their brilliance. Cousins is a better QB than Griffin. The entire Washington team knows it. Cowboys will have an exponentially tougher game against a Cousins led Washington than an RGIII led Washington.

    But carry on, idiot Eagles fans. Let’s hear more of your brilliant insight.

  19. I would love to see Cousins go 20/24 320 yards and 3 TD’s.
    That would give me a great off-season of sports radio in the Nations Capital.

  20. Having seen RG III perform it’s not unreasonable to bench him due to his play. He clearly has lost more than a step and given his injury that’s not a surprise. So call it what you want perhaps it’s time to play a QB who is a backup but has the potential to perform and not just go with the box office draw.

    “The game of chicken”

    Well maybe but perhaps not.

  21. Shanahan is absolutely awful he’s so selfish people side with dan Snyder and how dare anyone say he’s even a good coach look at his record elway was such a great qb he overcame shannys ignorance it sickens me people don’t take this fool to task for how awful he is I remember him saying he would put his reputation on the Grossman beck combo and that’s exactly what I think of him maybe even less he’s a turd that won’t flush

  22. Why do people give that Washington idiot on these boards any free press. Don’t even mention his login. That idiot had the Gaul to go on to other NFC east web sites and talk crap !!! What about all the crap before the year started that he said. He really knows nothing and should just go away

  23. And borrowing a scene from Seinfeld, Shanny is soon expected to be driving with the Redskins Super Bowl trophy tied to the back of his car…

  24. Or maybe Cousins is the better player????……Dude are you out of your mind? Skins OL is the worst in the NFL!!!! Dont believe it then how do you explain 25 sacks in 5 games…….Its not just Griffin by.a long shot!!!!

  25. Coach Skeletor and Son of Skeletor lay twisting in the wind by team owner Dr Evil. His plan is to have them quit so not to pay them. Skeletors plan is destroy the team from within and get paid. Tune in tomorrow for another chapter in “As the Redskins Turn.

  26. I am really interested to see how this team responds to Cousins taking the reigns. I hope the kid can run off three wins. It can only increase his trade value for the Skins.

  27. McNabb tried to warn that kid last year when he was riding high. The writing was on the wall then. Do you think Tom Brady would have been playing if he had an injury as serious a RGIII. The Redskins coach likes Cousins or he would not have drafted him. That coach could care less if that kid blows that knee out. What a shame, and who coaches the QB’s? Shouldn’t that guy get some blame?

  28. The “flashes” of great play from Cousins does not really mean anything and it seems that many skins fans believe that Cousins is going to have some great trade value or is better than RGIII. It is that thought process that continues to plague the franchise to this day……Cousins has had the success that he’s had in the few times he’s played because he is so different than RGIII and the defenses has not had enough time to respond and change. Their playing styles are day/night and that is the reason that Cousins has had the limited success he’s had. This does not guarantee anything for the skins though.

    After going to several games and watching Cousins in pre-game warmups I am not impressed. Granted this does not mean much but I find it odd that many skins fans assume he will have trade value based on the small sample size and success he’s had which is clearly only due to the difference in quarterback styles and the defense preparing all week to play RGIII.

  29. Why not shake things up and give Cousins a shot. Clearly, they were not winning football games with RGIII as the starting qb, maybe the team will play better with Cousins behind center. At worst, they can showcase Cousins for a possible trade. I see no harm in starting Cousins.

  30. WHERE YOU @ LOGICAL?!?!?! Your team is terrible and RG-CRYBABY is a one trick pony. The best part about the redskins season tho is the fact they don’t even get a top pick in the draft! BAHAHAHA

  31. @ Florio

    “I strenuously object?”

    Classic A Few Good Men reference for those who missed it. The clever writing is one of the best things about this site.

    As for the situation with the coach and the owner it is just a damned shame, and Washington (not saying the team name in support of Peter King’s efforts) not even being able to profit off of their poor season due to their #1 going to the Rams is just sad. A game of chicken when there are other people affected – nobody wins.

  32. I never minded the Redskins and used to enjoy watching them play. Now, Logical kid has made me root against them each week. This has been one of the most fun seasons to root against them! Thanks Logical kid.
    RG3 isn’t even the best QB on his own team! LOL

  33. Why would Snyder have a problem with this at all?

    Team has NOTHING to play for…and exposing RG# to potential injury at this point is MORONIC…

    What do people expect to happen?

    Play RG3 – he blows out knee AGAIN when they are 3-12…and then fire Shanahan who leaves destruction and injured Franchise qb in his wake?


  34. I see Eagles fans being upset because Washington plays Dallas in 2 weeks. I am an Eagles fan and am not upset at all. I think that maybe the Skins get a spark from Cousins, and with RGIII being injured, I think Cousins gives the Skins a better chance of beating the Cowboys than RGIII does.

  35. I can see Shanahan getting fired at the end of the season. Get hired by another team and then trading for Cousins.

  36. What a dumpster fire. The hits just keep on coming for the Slurs.

    Maryland’s REAL team, meanwhile, is led by a respected owner in Steve Bisciotti who knows to let his great football people (Ozzie and Harbs) manage the team…and by a QB who isn’t flashy or a diva or does bad Subway commercials but just wins.

    It’s nice to be a fan of the Super Bowl Champions!

  37. Griffin should have listened to Donovan McNabb. This has played out just like he warned him it would because Shanahan doesn’t have a clue about managin a team just like Al Davis told us 25 years ago when he tried similar nonsense with veterans like Howie Long and Greg Townsend who had already won Super Bowls. Napoleon complex.

  38. Shanahan didn’t leave Griffin in the Seahawks game.

    Griffin manipulated Shanahan and Andrews by inserting himself back into the game and not communicating with his coach or doctor.

    Both parties (Shanatan and Andrews) were confused and thought the other had cleared him.

    Griffin has since thrown the tan man under the bus and not admitted his guilt in the situation..hence the story going away as quickly as it came.

    RG3 is New Coke and Cousins is Coca Cola classic.

    Snyder thinks that because he is a good businessman then that automatically makes it easy to run a football team..much like Jerry Bones. They both haven’t a clue what they are doing.

    Ultimately this move is the right move for the Skins and shouldn’t be questioned.


  39. Watch & see Kyle’s play calling suddenly returns to form. All the short timing patterns, screens, quick routes that haven’t been called all season get called now. Its been Kyle vs RG3 all along, which has turned into Mike vs Dan…now Cousins will be successful running the type of plays RG3’s been wanting to run all year. At 3-5, it hurt to watch my team struggle….at 3-10, it’s become like WWE football- a comedy routine….. How did this team fall so far so fast??

  40. Cowboys & Indians in 2 weeks…the records do not matter. We hate them and they hate us. I’m hoping it decides if the Cowgirls get into the playoffs. For all you hatters….we still love our Washington Redskins. Always will beaches. Hail!!

  41. so great to watch this ship slowly sinking..

    maybe they can use that top 5 draft selection to add another OT to protect IRG3..
    oh wait a second

  42. how are the Eagles getting screwed? They already played Dallas IN Philly and LOST. If you man up and take care of your own business, you don’t have to worry about the Redskins beating the Cowboys, you whiney birds.

  43. @getoffmylawn! I couldn’t agree more, never had a issue with the skins one way or another until logical nut job showed up. Now my distaste for the entire franchise is right up there with my hatred for the jets. As a die hard patriots fan that’s saying a lot! Thank you illogical dope for giving me one more reason to pay closer attention to football.

  44. Shanahan may be the most overrated coach since Andy Reid. Guy has done nothing since Elway retired. That was in 1998. And RGIII is overrated for that matter too. Don’t tell me he’s injured… no he simply was overhyped, by no fault of his own. Who did he play at Baylor to be worthy of the #2 pick? No one heard of him until 2 weeks before the Heisman award, and then everyone blew him up to be the new face of the NFL…heres the thing though, he’s simply not #2 overall worthy, and certainly not 3 1st rounders worthy, but thats the dumb*** Redskins problem, and as an Eagles fan i’m loving it. 🙂

  45. scoonie97 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 8:55 AM

    Eagles fans should be angry because after the rest of the team quits on Shanahan, the Cowboys are going to pick up a free win in the division.
    Not to mention an easy game prior to the big week 17 showdown.

    Not so sure about that. Rumor has it that Dallas’ defense won’t be traveling with the team for the remainder of the season and that the offense will be handling duties on both sides of the ball.

  46. “If I’m an Eagles fan, I’d be pissed too. You are 100% right.”

    I’m an Eagles fan and I’m not pissed about anything right now. I think we will beat Dallas in Dallas and on top of that playing Cousins gives the Redskins a better chance to win too.

  47. This just in…. The week 16 matchup for Dallas @ Washington has been flexed until…. sometime in March, maybe April… at around 1:30-2:00am timeframe… because… simply… who freakin cares… GO HAWKS!

  48. Good thing the redskins didn’t give up too much to get an overrated griffin. That would have been a disaster for yeaers to come.

  49. irishphilly87 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 10:37 AM
    Shanahan may be the most overrated coach since Andy Reid. Guy has done nothing since Elway retired. That was in 1998. And RGIII is overrated for that matter too. Don’t tell me he’s injured… no he simply was overhyped, by no fault of his own. Who did he play at Baylor to be worthy of the #2 pick? No one heard of him until 2 weeks before the Heisman award, and then everyone blew him up to be the new face of the NFL…heres the thing though, he’s simply not #2 overall worthy, and certainly not 3 1st rounders worthy, but thats the dumb*** Redskins problem, and as an Eagles fan i’m loving it.

    Akili Smith 2.0

  50. “mullman7675 says: Dec 11, 2013 10:17 AM
    Once again, Al was right.

    Go Raiders”

    Hahahaha. No he wasn’t. Shannahan won 2 Super Bowls. How many have the Raiders won since Al had his senile meltdown? It just proves that not even Super Bowl winning coaches can win with incompetent and meddlesome owners like Al Davis and Dan Snyder.

  51. “everyone s looking for logicalvoice”

    You can find him on any Patriots thread. He hangs out on them continuously like the woman at the entrance to Park Street Station in Boston that rattles the change cup. The only difference is that she is more coherent.

  52. I CAN’T take it anymore! Ok I admit it, Washington is a circus now.. are you guys happy? RGIII is a bust and Shanahan was a fraud, and so am I for sticking up for these losers for so long! Redskins were never good… I’ve been delusional all along and it took THIS to make me self aware. Thank GOD I’m officially an Eagles fan now!!

    #FolesIsTheFuture #HTTE

  53. Hold on guys I know all of you hate Griffin & the skins but this is a little unfair to call him a bust just because he had 1 out of 2 bad seasons……….the comparison to Akili Smith,cmon man Akili has never won a division title. I think this kid will bounce back if they can fix the real problem in Washington and that would be that offensive line that most of you dont realize is God awful………watch Cousins get killed behind it too

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