Chargers score 21 straight to take 2 TD lead over Broncos

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Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense did what it’s done most of the season in marching down field for a touchdown on their opening possession. Since then, the night has belonged to the San Diego Chargers.

San Diego has scored 21 consecutive points in taking a two touchdown lead over the Broncos midway through the third quarter.

Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen hooked up for a pair of touchdowns in the second quarter – a 19-yard and a 14-yard touchdown, respectively – in taking a 17-10 lead into halftime. The Chargers continued to move the ball against a struggling Broncos’ defense to open the second half. An eight-play, 80-yard drive was capped by a 23-yard touchdown run from Ryan Mathews to extend the San Diego to 24-10.

The Broncos high-powered offense has managed just one first down since late in the first quarter.

31 responses to “Chargers score 21 straight to take 2 TD lead over Broncos

  1. So Welker makes Manning unbelievable this year and not the other way around huh….seems like Wes is the cog in the broncos offense!

  2. The 6-7 chargers are taking it to them, at VonMillers High Stadium. Wait until they have to play a good team. Peypeys one and done, as usual.

  3. Can’t say I’m surprised, their defence is lousy. Perfect game plan, run it down their throats, keep manning off the field. He ends up forcing the ball which always leads to a turnover.

  4. Silly donkeys, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. Or in your case; “weak schedules make you look better than you are”. EXPOSED!

  5. Another big game, another Peyton choke.

    But hey, he threw 2 TDs, All he and his fans care about is regular season stats anyway.

    Peyton Manning, 9-11 in the postseason. Truth hurts.

  6. Let the Charger smack BEGIN!!!! Keenan Allen for Rookie of the Year…. a lot of GM’s missed on the kid. And YEAH, he reps the Bay Area (wearing Raider Hat earlier this year)

    Raider Nation salutes the Chargers – down but not out.

    Great win, fellas – but its back to rivalry time in the Q next week.


  7. On Any Given Thursday. On Any Given Sunday.

    This is why I worship The N.F.L.

    It is just great theatre. Every week.

    Well done to everyone in the Chargers room under the stands at this very moment.

  8. I knew watching the first two games of the season, even though they lost, the Chargers had a good football team. The loss to the Bengals surprised me but on a good day they can compete with anyone. They dominated this game and didn’t choke it away like they did a few games earlier this year. They could easily be 9-5 with a hold on the last wild card spot. They weren’t far off from possibly making it a three way chase for the division. It’s always tough when a former coordinator comes to town as a head coach. He’s always got the advantage. Plus Fox just got back. Still….it just looks like they’ve been able to mask some weaknesses up to this point, and now that it’s late in the season and games are more meaningful, it’s starting to show. They may still be the most statistically dynamic team in the AFC, but they are going to be like Goldilocks. Everything is going to need to be “Juuust Riiight.”

    Back in 2007, every analyst in the country was working 24×7 trying to figure out and then publicize how to stop the NE Patriots. Denver has enjoyed a much more media friendly season than NE did. There’s been no such campaign against Denver. It’s been all bouquets and puppy dog kisses from the media. No excuses there…. Let’s stop the comparisons. There is none.

    I’m not gonna comment much on Manning or the weather except that it’s 30 degrees with no precipitation and no wind chill. Hardly tough conditions. Low T perhaps? Doh!!! Stick THAT where the sun don’t shine!

  9. Blind and Ignorant NFL Fans…

    The losses to NE and SD were not on Peyton.

    If Denver actually fielded a Defense that could consistently stop a paper bag… most of the Anti-Peyton posters would still be in bed or back to reading the Help Wanted Ads looking for jobs.

  10. Sure Poleojim, neither the Patriots or Chargers did anything to actually win the game.

    The Chargers walked into your home where you were undefeated and laid an asskicking on you.

    I’m pretty sure Peyton threw every pass for the Broncos so I’m pretty sure he’s involved in some of the loss.

    FYI – I’m rooting for the Broncos if the Chargers don’t make it in. Try growing some integrity and accepting a loss for what it is.

  11. Hard to pin that loss on Peyton. They had some bad field position for the most pivotal part of the games, those 3 and outs.

    The Denver defense is what cost them the game. Well, that and the fact that the Chargers better executed their game plan.

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