Dashon Goldson thinks he’s being targeted by league


Someone really ought to tell Dashon Goldson how reputations get made.

The Buccaneers safety, who is a regular guest on the league’s weekly fine list and has been suspended for being a repeat offender, said it bothers him that people consider him dirty.

“I remember being on the good side of it, hearing commentators, analysts talking about how perfect, how good, how I do it the right way, and all of a sudden with the new rule I’m a dirty player, a nasty player, targeted and I’m not playing the game how it’s supposed to be played,” Goldson said, via Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com. “I think that’s ridiculous, and [I’m] being targeted, I feel, because it’s been a few times people have been in the situation or worse situations than me and haven’t gotten penalized like I’ve been.”

Goldson said he thinks players and coaches respect his style (although he might not have asked the people he keeps hitting illegally).

“I think the players, they understand the game and how it’s supposed to be played,” Goldson said. “They’re more on my side than anybody else, and coaches on top of that.

“Now with the new rule, you do have some of those guys, as far as coaches, who complain about hits. And they’re the same guys I’m sure who are teaching their players how to hit and congratulating them when they make a big hit.”

In a sense, Goldson has a point. Because he’s a recidivist, the league is going to look at his actions more closely, and use him as an example to create a deterrent factor for other players.

But he should also look at the tape, and see how he developed the reputation to begin with.

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  1. Goldson was born 10 years (or more) too late for his style of play. He is not a dirty player and I have not seen anyone call him that. However, his style of play, if he continues, will repeatedly get his team penalized and lighten his wallet.

    I understand that he has been tackling the same way for 15 years, but I really do not see that it is that hard to change to fit the rules. If he doesn’t, he’ll be out of the league (and broke) in less than a year.

  2. Will defenses in this league ever go back to just tackling a guy instead of always trying to lay a big hit? They whiff more than half the time anyway. Just wrap the guy up and bring him to the ground.

  3. Rules have been implemented for the well being of the players. Deal with it. You want to be the hero with the big hit that impresses mouth breathers and tacks on a huge penalty. Good for you, stay away from the team I cheer for. I want smart players that follow the rules and tackle like they are supposed too. I want to see wins. Nothing else. Follow the damn rules!

  4. Asking a guy, contrary to Joe Fan’s belief, to change the way he’s been tackling after he’s been doing it a certain way for 10-15+ years is not as easy as one may think. That’s like asking someone who’s been driving a car for all of their life to hop on a motorcycle and drive that from now on, but expected to ride it like he’s done it forever, or else be penalized..
    Another case of the NFL trying to save their (expletive deleted) bc of the concussion crisis that has hit the NFL. I’m not an advocate of players suddenly becoming ill and blaming it on a sport where they knew physicality was the nature and to not acknowledge long-term effects could result from playing such a physical sport is completely naive.
    With that said, the NFL is doing a poor job balancing the rules for offense and defense, but instead skewing it more towards the offense. No surprise since (spoiler alert) offense puts fans in the stands. And the NFL is a business so, well, simple math.
    Goldson makes a valid point.. before the rule changes came into effect, he was a pro bowl safety whose play style was anything but dirty, but exactly how you teach a MAN to play a MAN’S sport. Now 2 years removed and umteen fines later, he’s considered a dirty player and the poster child for how not to tackle. Definitely getting a raw deal and DEF deserves restitution.

    COUNT IT !!

  5. “Dashon Goldson thinks he’s being targeted by league”…………………..

    Yes, Dashon because you’ve been targeting heads.

  6. As a 49ers fan, I can tell Bucs fans that Goldson hasn’t been penalized or disciplined more this year than he was with us. He has always drawn lots of flags and fines, and it’s pretty frustrating when it hurts your defense.

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