Jay Cutler: There’s no quarterback debate in this building

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Bears coach Marc Trestman announced that quarterback Jay Cutler will return to the starting lineup this week after missing the last four games with an ankle injury.

Trestman said that the call to put Cutler back in the lineup when he was healthy was made a long time ago and that he didn’t see it as much of a decision despite the fact that Josh McCown has played well in Cutler’s absence. McCown’s play has led some to wonder if Trestman and the Bears are making a mistake by playing Cutler, but Cutler said Thursday that there’s no such discussion inside the organization.

“There’s not a debate in this building and that’s where my concern lies,” Cutler said, via CSNChicago.com.

It’s a call that opens itself up to a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking if the Bears lose in Cleveland, something Cutler acknowledged when he said that there’s not a lot of room for him to be rusty in his return to the field. The same could be said of sticking with McCown when Cutler was healthy enough to play, though, leaving the Bears are left with winning as the only option to avoid blowback in either scenario.

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  1. And there’s your big clue as to why Trestman in part made this decision.

    Cutler NEEDS to have that label and approval and support. It’s mandatory to HIM. You take that away, then fine go ahead and play with McCown and maybe you lose, but you automatically get on the bad side of Cutler if you usurp his title and his role that he has taken full ownership of. That’s his job, and he’s NOT going to let anybody take it without putting up a fight. But no need to fight, Trestman already figured this out and made the obvious choice given all things considered.

  2. Cutler is coming back on a timetable that’s going to have him at 100% because of McCown’s success. It’s something the team should be thankful for but they shouldn’t celebrate having such a solid backup by benching the starting QB.

    Cleveland on a short week isn’t an easy task. They can play pass defense and with the exception of the last couple of games, Haden generally takes away one weapon. Forte is the man that’ll need a good game if the Bears want to win Sunday.

  3. Non-issue here. Offense will hum with Cutler or McCown at the helm. A great game plan with a lot of weapons is the key.

    All of the Cutler haters remember he was having his best season as a Bear until his injury, why? Because we finally have an offensive line and weapons around him.

    I am pretty sure we can get past the Browns who don’t feature a big time running game, but to win the final two games we NEEEEED Briggs back!!

    Welcome back Jay, looking forward to our defensive Captain to follow.

    End Of Story!

  4. I can’t stand this guy. He got shown up by his backup and has the nerve to come back and act like it never happened. There should be a controversy there. Cutler has to be the most unpersonable player in the NFL. And that’s saying something with an industry full of egos.

  5. What does everyone expect from a backup QB?!? Wouldn’t you want him to step in and win games with your starter down? Way too much coverage on this, simply because its Cutler.

  6. This is the right call. They now know McCown can play, and they will certainly keep him. What they still don’t know is whether Cutler can take them where they need to go.

    If they can’t succeed in the postseason with their starting QB, then they have an issue that needs fixing, and this will tell them that. If they sat Cutler, their elephant-in-the-room question would remain unanswered.

    So either way, whether Cutler wins or loses, the franchise gets more clarity. Which is something they badly need.

  7. Cutler has zero margin for error going into this game. He loses bad and people will call for McCown. He plays avg and he looks bad because McCown was playing like an all pro.

    Knowing the Bears and their history of not paying players what they deserve, Cutler needs to morph into Tom Brady for 3 weeks just to get an avg long term deal.

  8. Win or Lose, SHUT UP BRIAN!

    Seriously. We get it. You’re butthurt. You didn’t get a contract and your precious widdle feelings are hurt. We understand.

    Just shut up already…

  9. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so people probably don’t think I’m qualified to even have an opinion. But I have one anyway. I don’t personally know Jay Cutler, and I doubt that many of the posters on here know him either. But it seems clear to me that a lot of people don’t like Cutler based on what they perceive to be his “personality”. He doesn’t Smile like Robert Griffin. He doesn’t go “aww shucks” like Peyton Manning. He doesn’t hug babies like Drew Brees. Most of you posters are caught up in the “cult of personality”. Cutler doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy, therefore, he’s Darth Vader.

  10. This is nothing more than to see if he is going to be the franchise QB going forward. Any person with any sort of football IQ could see that Mccnown has chemistry with the big recievers and knows where to throw the ball. Cutler misfires often and leaves their defense in compromising positions. Josh may not be the long term answer but neither is Cutler but as a Packer fan and the team with his favorite reciever, I say sign him long term. Keep those interceptions coming!

  11. It’s a 3 game job interview for Jay Cutler. The Bears need to see what he’s got and if he is truly 100% so they can make a decision on whether or not to re-sign him. Even if the Bears make the playoffs, they most likely won’t get past the first round anyway. Also, even if he plays lights out, he is still a free agent and there is no guarantee that he will re-sign with the Bears. There will be other teams interested and probably willing to pay more than what the stingy Bears are willing to pay.

  12. What a weird situation for Bears fans. Incredible performance from a backup QB, and now we have to put him on the bench so Cutler can come back. And although I like Trestman, haven’t we heard “he’s been cleared by the doctors” before? When he was really still hurt? And nobody in their right mind can really think that the Bears look at these last games as more important to evaluate Cutler for a long term deal than it is to get them into the playoffs this year. Beyond that, Cutler has had plenty of time on the Bears already to know what he brings to the table. I think the big question is if he’s offered two or three million a year to play somewhere else if he’ll be inclined to take it, or stick with the Bears after they’ve gone so far to give him the offensive personnel he needed and deserved.

    Bottom line: Cutler is the best QB the Bears have ever had. By a mile.

  13. Trestman said from the beginning that Cutler would start once he was healthy enough to do so.

    He had to repeat himself every time to stepped up to a podium or someone shoved a microphone in his face.

    He held true to his word and people are wondering why.

    What part of “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy” “Cutler will be the starter when he’s healthy”, etc.

    did people not understand?

  14. “There’s not a debate in this building and that’s where my concern lies,” Cutler said, via CSNChicago.com.

    There it is right there, that Jay Cutler it’s all about me attitude.

    THIS is where his head is, not on his opponent.

  15. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a metaphor commonly used in the United States that refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. If the Bears were 10 and 3 or 9 and 4 going into this weekend I could see all the room for argument on Josh vs. Jay but the Bears are so far removed from a Super Bowl quality team that drinking the kool-aid is all I can think of to describe Bears fan’s concerns.

    As for those who think that Trestman/Emery need to see where Cutler is now to determine how to handle a new contract, franchise tag, or let him go issue, all I can say is that Trestman/Emery need a new video coordinator if they are still out on that choice right now.

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