Jim Harbaugh rejected USC, won’t talk about Texas

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As the University of Texas does, or doesn’t, search for a new head coach, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh doesn’t seem to be interested.

Are you trying to be funny?” Harbaugh said when asked by reporters about the possibility of a jump to the NCAA on Thursday, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group.

That remark from Harbaugh didn’t make it into the official transcript circulated by the team.  This one did:  “I don’t ever talk about any jobs other than the one I have.”

He’ll have his current job through at least 2015.  NFL coaching contracts typically aren’t as easily escaped as college contracts, unless the coach negotiates the ability to walk away whenever he wants, like Nick Saban did eight years ago in Miami.

Texas isn’t the first high-profile college program to potentially be interested in Jim Harbaugh.  According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, USC recently made a run at Harbaugh, who “flat out rejected” the overture.

It’s unknown whether A.D. Pat Haden responded by saying, “What’s your deal?

Harbaugh’s deal is that he’ll likely get a new deal from the 49ers after this season.  And if Texas pays Nick Saban or someone else $10 million per year, Harbaugh could be in line for a big raise.

53 responses to “Jim Harbaugh rejected USC, won’t talk about Texas

  1. The guy with the white hair and desperate look on his face in the photo above would be a better fit for the Longhorns IMO

  2. Just as we thought. Texass was just trying (poorly) to leverage Saban by wildly throwing out other big name “candidates” like Harbaugh.

  3. USC is a good job, but Texas is probably the #1 job in college football in terms of resources available and recruiting territory. Plus they’ll make the money ridiculous. I’m guessing he listens to Texas at least.

  4. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the Harbaugh to Texas rumor was started by Texas to get Saban moving, but in all seriousness, why aren’t NFL coaches being paid more? Outside of QBs, what one person has more direct impact on results for an NFL team than a coach? SF went from a bottom ten team hoping to get to 7 or 8 wins to a top four team disappointed with a four loss season instantly by signing Harbaugh. Carroll to Seattle, Belichick in New England, etc etc. Matching a good/great QB with a great coach is the most important thing an NFL team can do, you’d think they would be willing to spend more money on a coach than say a RB, WR or CB.

  5. Harbaugh only coached college to use it as a stepping stone to the pros. Just because he was good at it doesn’t mean he wants to go back. He’s pretty dag on good as a pro coach too.

  6. The Whats Your Deal comment was money, good job guys, good job.

    Why would he leave the Niners? He is close to family, had a great setup, makes a pile of money, and is annually contending for the title.

    Seahawks will be far weaker next year without browner, bennett, avril, and lynch being one year older while Marcus Lattimore bursts onto the scene AP style and there is a Tank (Carradine that is) a rolling through Seattle.

    Niners Forever

    No bashing, just respect for my Southern rivals (yes I can call you Southern as I am from Canada … save the eh jokes)

  7. I’m guessing the coach of an NFL team loaded with young talent for years to come destined to be in the hunt for superbowls has zero interest in a college job.

  8. He should take the Texas gig. He is a below average evaluator of talent, and an average coach at best. He is now on the decline, after riding the coattails of the team Mike Singletary built for him. He should fit right in at the University of Texas

  9. I believe if money was the only criteria, Miami would have hired him.
    Jim wanted to coach in SF, his work is not done (yet), dont see him leaving unless health conditions dictate otherwise

  10. If Jim or John have any aspirations regarding college ball, both Jed York and Steve Bisciotti will open their wallets for new contracts. I think that John received one before the Super Bowl win. The boosters at the University of Texas act like pimps every time a coaching vacancy occurs in Austin. If I were the Harbaughs just say NO. The weather is too hot and all colleges across the country scramble for recruits out of that state.

  11. Sorry but no NFL head coach is going to take the job at USC or Texas. Maybe a coordinator but not a head coach, not even Tomlin. They should give Vince Young a chance to run the squad like Jason Kidd and the Nets

  12. Has Harbaugh ever won anything? I’d definitely want Saban or Carroll as HC over that blowhard any day of the week. At least Pete has a title in college and is well on his way to having one in the NFL as well.

  13. Like someone said above cause he already has his ring his brother John is rumored to be looking at college the rumor is if Brady Hoke has another so so season at Michigan he would be their no. 1 guy they’d make a run at…Jim’s ego won’t let him leave the 49ers till he wins a Super Bowl unless he’s made the highest paid coach in any sport he’ll stay in San Francisco

  14. Odd that he says he turned down USC, and stated publicly that he turned them down.

    He didn’t say that with Texas.

    In any profession you always listen regarding another opportunity. Maybe his agent is gathering some data just to have data. Then it will leak and S.F. will pony up cash and an extension.

    My opinion, he’s not leaving S.F., but you never not listen to another opportunity. Especially if you can get more $$ from your current employer.

  15. Someone replied that Pete Carrol and Saban are better coaches?? What has Pete carrol done, besides create the most roided up team in the nfl, and had usc in complete shambles and ran away like a coward? Saban was a joke in the nfl.

  16. Well let’s take a look at Harbaugh’s current job situation.

    He’s HC of one of the storied franchises.
    New stadium and the practice facility is like a palace.
    The owner loves him and the Fan base doesn’t criticize him. They
    were pointing the finger at Mangini for crying outloud.
    Has a loaded roster with a franchise QB.
    Which is all located in close proximity to the Stanford football program his college home away from home(Michigan).

    Why would anybody put him on their coaching candidate list…who has it better than him, right now?

  17. What?! USC made a run at Harbaugh? When did they become dissatisfied with Steve Spurrier?

    Oh, that other USC team from the west? I forgot about them!

  18. Harbaugh knows the salary cap will catch up to the Niners about the time his contract is up, and if he can get out of there and cash in on his success, he will do it.

    If I were making 5 million a year, and someone offered me 10 million a year, I’d go get that 10 million. It isn’t like there is loyalty in pro sports. You are the bigest fan of whatever team you are playing for or coaching.

    Not to mention, Harbaugh could escape the massive taxation imposed by the state of California and head over to Texas and get more bang for his buck.

    Either way, Harbaugh will leave San fran if he can. He would be stupid to stay if we look at the big picture.

  19. Being a NFL coach is the top coaching job in the profession, regardless of the college program.

    I don’t see why he would be interested, unless he uses it as a bargaining chip to get a bigger contract.

  20. 49ers fans can relax. Harbaugh’s the ultimate competitor who wants to compete at the hightest level. going back to college would make no sense.

    Why did Texas stop at Harbaugh? Why not put Belichick and Payton on his list? Heck throw in Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson while they’re at its

  21. Funny how their are a bunch of USC haters. Pete Carroll brought 2 rings to usc. When’s the last time fake-USC game chokers won anything? Fight on coach Carroll. USC would never talk to Jim.

  22. Texas and USC head coaching job is just as good if not better than some NFL coaching jobs, Honestly If Texas/USC was to offer the same pay as lets say Jacksonville or Buffalo who would fault someone for taking the big time college program

  23. as a Hawks fan…. please don’t leave Jim. this budding rivalry is just starting to get good, and it starts with the two hc’s hating each others guts.

    the talk is ridiculous though. jim didn’t leave stanfordso quickly, cause he loved college ball. He’s right where he wants to be and him and Baalke have done a damn good job so far.

    Go Hawks.

  24. “Are you trying to be funny?” Harbaugh said when asked by reporters about the possibility of a jump to the NCAA on Thursday.

    No need to insult anyone, Jim. It’s their jobs to ask questions.

    But I do have a joke for you:

    Three 49er players walk into a bar.

    The bartender asks them, “Are you here to watch the play-offs?”

  25. @ninersareyesterdaynews

    “Has Jim Harbaugh ever won anything? I defiantly went Saban or Caroll as HC over that blowhard any day of the week….”

    Besides the win over your Seahawks last weekend, here’s some additional accomplishment.

    As coach:

    NFC champion (2012)
    AP NFL Coach of the Year (2011)
    Orange Bowl champion (2011)
    Woody Hayes Trophy (2010)
    AFC champion (2002)
    As player:

    Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor (2005)
    PFWA NFL Comeback Player of the Year (1995)
    UPI AFL-AFC Player of the Year (1995)
    Pro Bowl selection (1995)
    Fiesta Bowl champion (1986)
    Academic All-Big Ten (1986)
    Big Ten Player of the Year (1986)

  26. @ninersareyesterdaynews

    “Has Jim Harbaugh ever won anything? I defiantly went Saban or Caroll as HC over that blowhard any day of the week….

    The took Pete national championship away remember? Something about cheating, I know he’s not responsible for what his kids do away from campus. Only every other college coach see’s that as there responsibility.

  27. @sehagsareyesterdaysnews
    Your back huh bud? Let me ask you a question what has Cheater Carroll ever won legitimately? Oh and what happen with that bold guaranteed prediction of yours for last Sundays game chief?
    Scoreboard! Go 9ers!

  28. I don’t think Harbaugh will leave SF. As someone else mentioned, Harbaugh is the ultimate competitor, and he wants Lombardi Trophies. Winning multiple Super Bowls is what Jim wants. Compete, compete, compete!

  29. Harbaugh has a 5-year, $25 million contract with the Niners.

    2011 – NFC Championship game
    2012 – Super Bowl appearance(please don’t rub in the outcome)
    2013 – ?

    Seriously doubt the Niners are going to let him go and York will reach deep into his pockets to ensure it.

  30. Harbaugh likes the Niners and the Niners like him. He’ll make all the money he needs there, and if Baalke lets him go, the Niners likely return to their pre-Harbaugh mediocrity.

    Seattle fans hate him…. want him gone desperately…. but that’s, in truth, mostly because they’d rather not have to worry about the Niners in the future.

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