Kyle Shanahan “disappointed” by decision to shut down Griffin

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One day after Redskins coach Mike Shanahan conducted a memorable press conference regarding his controversial decision to shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III, Shanahan’s son made it clear that he was among the naysayers.

“You play your starting quarterback, that’s been Robert,” Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Thursday.  “I’m pretty disappointed we don’t get to play with him.  But it is what it is, and I’m gonna deal with the cards I’ve been dealt.”

Kyle Shanahan also said didn’t know that Griffin would be shelved for Kirk Cousins until Wednesday morning.

“I’ve got zero involvement in that,” Kyle Shanahan said.  “I actually game-planned for both all Tuesday.  It was a little frustrating to game plan for both.  I was told the final decision Wednesday morning, then rolled with it.”

But Kyle wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

“I definitely made it clear I was disappointed in that. . . .  I think it would be good for Robert to get the reps,” Kyle Shanahan said.

If Kyle is telling the truth, Mike could be trying to protect Kyle from the potential fallout of whatever it is that Mike is trying to do.

And it could be that Mike’s broader goal is to protect Kyle’s career.  By creating a triangle of dysfunction that focuses on quarterback, owner, and coach, Mike helps ensure that the offensive coordinator will survive the mess with his future prospects as an NFL head coach unaffected.

Thursday’s explanation from Kyle cuts against the perception that father and son are fused at the femur.  On Wednesday, Mike seemed agitated and inconsistent.  Kyle came off as credible and reasonable.

If Mike gets fired this year, it’s unlikely anyone will hire him to serve as head coach.  Kyle, on the other hand, could surface in a place like St. Louis, where Mike’s friend Jeff Fisher could need a new offensive coordinator, given the so-so results generated by the son of former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer.

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  1. Here we go again. In the immortal words of Florida “Good Times” Evans–“Damn, Damn, Dammmn!”

  2. I thought earlier reports were that he was the first to tell bob he was benched, and now he’s acting like he was the last to know? Geezus why doesn’t someone in DC just shut up.

  3. Demonstrating that the offensive coordinator is completely out of the loop on who plays QB is supposed to somehow protect Kyle Shanahan? It makes him sound like even more of a pawn.

  4. Feud between the Shanarats??
    Gotta love this team..
    Thanks for the laughs.. Pathetic Organization. Obviously the Circus left NY and is in DC now.
    –Eagles Fan

  5. As a Skins fan I’m happy that Griffin is not the starter. The O-Line was built for zone run blocking. Hence the smallest O-line in the league. Half the time Robert would finish his drop there would be defenders all over him. Dude is coming off a major injury and there is just no point in risking his health on meaningless games. He will be better off long term.

    As for Cousins, you better make really quick decisions and get the ball out fast. Otherwise that line could get you killed.

  6. “where Mike’s friend Jeff Fisher”

    This is the point that people aren’t paying enough attention to. Mike Shanahan and Fisher have been in on this all along.

    Remember when St. Louis accepted Redskins trade over Cleveland’s trade, even tho Cleveland was offering more? It’s because Shanahan promised Fisher he would give him the better draft picks by tanking on purpose. There is no other explanation. You don’t go from a playoff team to a three win season with the flick of a switch. It’s all part of the plan.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder was in on it too. The fact that Shanahan still has a job makes me think this was all done on purpose. “We’ll promise you a high draft pick if you choose us over Cleveland”.

    I know this is just a conspiracy, but hey — you never know.

  7. There is no up side to playing RGIII period. It’s time to see was KC has in the tank … showcase his skills and see if can proform and if he does that ups his trade value … easy call.

  8. And it shows just how much of a mess these two are. Makes you wonder a lot about the issues McNabb had with them, him being an established vet and all instead o fa rookie qb.

  9. .

    Finally, we get to the point. It was alway about Kyle. It was never about. “twilight of his career ” Mike.

    St Louis would be a perfect landing spot for Kyle, as the Rams are the pro nepotism franchise.



  10. He will be a little less thrilled when the firing of his day, which his father is attempting to orchestrate, gets him fired as well.

    He’ll land on his feet somewhere, but he won’t be the OC in Wishington next year, that’s for sure.

  11. Well since nobody disliked my premise I’ll continue the story for Chapter 2!

    Mike Shanahan presser:

    Wow, I’m just really shocked that my OC would take a position like that. He knows that there are certain weeks where you have multiple options and plans and we can’t just give every coach a simple cookie-cutter and one-dimensional plan when it’s convenient for them to work less hours that week. I’ve never been insulted like this before in my entire football career by one of my coaches and this is totally unacceptable. I have just informed Mr. Shanahan this morning that he is terminated effective immediately.

  12. That does it! Kyle Shanahan may not get fired by his dad but he is NOT going to like his present on Christmas morning.

  13. This is absurd. I thought this was professional football. The OC, blood relative or not, should shouldn’t be on the air openly questioning these decisions. Think of any OC you’d imagine who would openly disagree with a HC decision in public. I can’t come up with one, either. I sense a good-cop, bad cop plan that makes it look apparent that Kyle’s tough enough to disagree with his daddy and not holding the bag when daddy’s fired and another coach succeeds w/ RGme at QB.

  14. So let me get this straight. Father and son aren’t even on the same page when it comes to who’s playing QB? And we wonder why the Redskins are so dysfunctional. But this has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever read. What chance do the Skins have when the head coach and offensive coordinator, father and son, can’t even agree on this most basic decision? I imagine it’s going to be quite a chilly Christmas at the Shanahan household. Dan Snyder should do both of them a favor and have them hit the road right now. There’s really no point to continue the dysfunction that Shanahan is creating much longer.

  15. I’m disappointed too in your play calling. I am very disappointed in the season, lack of utilizing talent to best of teams ability. I thought you were a geniuslast year btu RGME must go. HTTR

  16. God Rest Ye Merry Redskins fans let nothing you dismay. Remember Mike Shanahan was hired to change our losing ways. To save us all from Snyder’s power when RG goes astray. Oh Kirk Cousins takes the field Sunday. Takes the field Sunday. OHHH Kirk Cousins takes the field Sunday.

  17. metintodd:

    Snyder had no problem with the move. Mike needed somebody high profile with the R’s to have a problem with the move to embarrass Snyder for not having a problem with the move. Even this lowly OC knows it’s a STUPID idea to not play RGIII.

    So Snyder must be REALLY STUPID for not understanding this huh? Or so Mike may want you to think, if that is indeed the game he is playing. In that scenario then obviously he planned this with his son.

    Shanahan could also literally say: “If he doesn’t want to be here, then I don’t want him to be here, and I swear I’m being TOTALLY honest”. And then he could even smile and wink if he so wants, because you can’t prove that smiling or winking is in violation of his contract, but it surely will make Snyder even more mad. He can take this game as far as he wants, again if it is a game and not just coincidental that all this drama keeps emerging all at once. I doubt he would do the smile trick as described above, because Mike’s game is to be somewhat tactful about it, again assuming if this is a game.

  18. Kyle’s right. It is disappointing. It’s disappointing how the NFL, namely Roger Goodell, has a CLEAR bias against the Washington Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM. RGIII is the franchise’s savior, can’t wait to see him prove the haters wrong next season! That is, if Goodell lets him. #HailToTheRedskins #GoodellHatesTheRedskins #RG3IsBetterThanYourQBAndYouKnowIt

  19. Redskins Front Office,

    We get it. A lot of contract restructuring had to go down just to keep this sad excuse of an offensive line together. However, if you front office dingbats don’t use the majority of the cap space you’ll be getting back this offseason on protecting Griffin…I swear I’m gonna start going to games Randy Quaid style from Major League.

    “Wild thing, I think I LOATHE you”

  20. If memory serves…..

    One of the reasons Shanahan was fired from the Broncos was that he wanted to hire his son and the owners said ‘no.’

    I just wonder.. If Kyle is such a great coaching prospect.. why/how was he available for is father to hire him in Washington?

    Me-thinks, the only way Kyle is employed is if his father is.

  21. This is Mike Shanahan protecting his son. Kyle was totally on board with his dad. But mike is smart enough to know that kyle would be looked on as a trouble maker and be shunned throughout the league if he goes along with what is now looking like the unpopular decision to sit griffin. Therefore, he has told him to go on the opposite side of the fence publicly. He has alot more career left than mike and mike knows it. He doesn’t care what people think of him but he does care what they think of his son and his son’s career.

  22. This is all BS.. Kyle has been behind this whole situation… Once Cousins starts Sunday and throws timing patterns screens and other short passing concepts all day long with success then you will see Kyle has been tanking Robert Griffin’s season on purpose…. Either he never called those plays to spite Robert or he never called those plays because Robert can’t run them, I don’t know which…. When Cousins starts doing all that kind of stuff which has been missing for 13 games it will be obvious, it has to be one scenario or the other. Kyle’s comments today are pure bunk to try & appear innocent as this soap opera unfolds, but I suspect it’s been him vs. RG3 the whole time…. Why else is Kyle calling all running plays down 24-0 vs Philadelphia? You could sense a problem watching Griffin run out of bounds vs the Giants…..there’s been no screen game, no dink-and-dunk, no timing patterns, no 3-step drop passing all year, why not? That’s the million dollar question!

  23. Dan Synder when asked why he gives RGIII preferential treatment:

    “Because he’s like a son to me.”

    Mike Shanahan when asked why he gives Kyle preferential treatment:

    “Because he’s like a son to me.”

  24. What qualifications does Kyle Shanahan have besides being the son of Mike Shanahan. Kyle was the guy who kept calling run option plays in last years playoff game, even though RGme’s knee was done. He is also the guy who ran Alfred Morris 8 times in the first 2 drives of that same game that led to the only touchdowns the Redskins would score. Want to know how many touches Morris got the rest of the game? Just 8, and the Redskins lost.

  25. Shanahan was fired in Denver because he wanted to hire his son???? Where did that come from. Been a Bronco fan for 30 years – never heard that one. Always amusing how fans of other teams make up what they think are the facts about a team they know very little about. He was fired because he failed to get the team to the playoffs and simply lost his mojo. Nothing more – nothing less. And then there was strong allure of getting that great coach – Josh McDaniels. (Intense sarcasm intended.)

  26. If Mike Shanahan is truly orchestrating this mess as PFT suggests, there is no doubt in my mind that he has a future in DC …. in politics.

  27. RGIII just had to come back and show he was the man and yadda yadda. The OLine in Skincity sucks and he’s getting ragdolled. He should be shut down before he gets smoked.

  28. Why do we have to discuss this anymore. RG111 has gone, because he’s been terrible. Mike Shanahan is going to be fired and won’t get another head coaching job in the near future. Kyle Shanahan may not want to put up with the mess his father will leave behind. Dan Snyder should fire himself, the poor fans have had a horrible season and I feel bad for them. It’s expensive to buy season tickets, and what have they had for it, but a big mess?

  29. Earlier this season it looked like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be the team to topple the Jets as most dysfunctional NFL franchise. So much for that. Washington has a stranglehold on that distinction right now. And with Shanahan soon to be gone, Snyder will be far more likely to re-assert himself in football operations the way he did before Shanahan. As an Eagles fan, I for one cannot wait!

  30. On to other RELEVANT teams and news. Who cares about this trash organization. Sick of hearing about this circus. Even the Jets think this joke of a franchise needs to settle down with all of this talk.

  31. I think people are overanalyzing this. It seems simple to me- Shanahan doesn’t want to lose his job. He is very aware the Cousins has played well when given opportunities. He is also aware that, often, a good backup coming off the bench provides a spark for the team.

    So, in my mind, it’s as simple as Shanahan benching RGIII for poor play, sending Cousins out, hoping to finish the season with three wins in a row to foster some good feelings from the fans and his front office, and hoping to hang onto his job in the offseason.

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