Michael Crabtree has an ankle injury

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A pair of high-profile NFC West wideouts missed most of the season before returning from injury.  For Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin, it was a one-game cameo before again being shelved with the same hip injury.  For 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, he has a different injury after two games back.

Crabtree has an ankle injury.  He was officially limited in practice on Wednesday because of it.

According to Bill Williamson of ESPN.com, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Thursday that the ankle problem is unrelated to the Achilles injury that kept Crabtree out of action from May until Week 13.

Crabtree caught two passes for 68 yards in his 2013 debut against the Rams.  He had four catches for 40 yards against the Seahawks.

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  1. Top 5 softest WR’ in the NFL:

    1) Percy Harvin
    2) Michael Crabtree
    3) Mario Manningha
    4) Hakeem Nicks
    5) Pierre Garcon


  2. You all do realize that Crabtree had only missed a SINGLE regular season game in 4 years before the achilles injury right? Which was to give a surgically repaired foot an extra week of rest in week 2 of 2011 after playing on it the week before

    That is hardly made of glass, who cares if he held out, landed on his head and had a neck injury, and had surgery to repair his busted foot that hadn’t been right since college.

    He may be/was a diva but soft???? HAH! What a joke.

  3. zeddicuszorander says:
    Dec 12, 2013 5:17 PM
    Funny how Cowboy fan left off Miles Austin……one of the softest there is.
    Miles Austin is as tough as they come. He has missed time because Goodell hates the Cowboys. The Cowboys beat the Bills in back to back superbowls and Goodell is a WNY native, so he’s bitter. He pays doctors to not clear Austin becuase he wants them to lose.

    #everyoneknowsthat #corruptioner

  4. Those 4 catches against the Hawks were some of the most acrobatic I’ve seen all year. Kaep certainly wasn’t hitting him in stride. It’s not wonder he has tweaked an ankle. I have to say, I think Crabtree was the difference maker in that game.

    Get healthy Crabtree. I for one am hoping the 49ers and the Seahawks play again in the playoffs. And the games are better when the teams are healthy.

  5. It’s pretty easy for us “couch coaches” to analyze a mans toughness….I don’t think so. Maybe some of
    you while laying horizontal on your couch drop your subway sandwich on your foot….Then yell to your roommate, wife etc that you hurt yourself and can they grab you a beer

  6. I hope they can keep him, he will want a lot of $ and he is from Texas. The thought of him in that mentally soft teams jersey just made me puke.

  7. LOL! Karma
    1- for hurting kj wright
    2- for being d bags
    3- for laughing at BS commercials

    But it doesn’t end there the Karma will be complete when they lose to the bucs and the Cards.

  8. With what has happened to Crabtree, and Harvin, and RGIII, how they’ve tried to play so soon after injuries and surgeries, and have come up short, maybe the gung-ho fans who call such players, “soft” will realize how absurd their name calling is? Football is a bruising, hard contact sport, that requires the best that men can give to it. Players with broken bones and/or torn ligaments and muscles, are in no positions to give it “their best”. A broken collarbone doesn’t sound serious until you realize, it “IS” a broken bone. Part of the basic skeletal structure, all of which is needed for minimal strength, and whose loss will weaken the whole. If a broken collarbone doesn’t heal/set right, it will have an effect on a QB’s abilities to throw in the future.

    As a Hawks fan, I don’t want Harvin back on the field until he’s as close to 100% as he can get. I don’t want him having to walk/hobble away from football early in his career. Having money is no substitute for good health. Once you’ve lost the latter, the former isn’t much fun.

  9. America team is god:
    Y’all got it covered cause dez is the diva and miles is made of glass. Not sure why you left him off your list given he misses more then he plays. You wanna be funny with your list but romo is on everyone’s biggest choke qb in the league list. Enjoy not making playoffs once again.

  10. That cowboy’s fan is ridiculous!! That is the most arrogant and idiotic thing I’ve heard that the Commish is paying the Doctors not to clear him. You’ve lost all credibility!!

  11. omeimontis December 12, 2013, 9:04 PM PST

    Crab is becoming one of the elite receivers in the NFL, just as they predicted when they drafted him. ___________________________________

    He is? Oh, weird, I thought he’d been out for most the year. He must be really amazing to be able to boost himself into the top tier of receivers while not even playing. LOL. Please, Doug Baldwin and golden Tate are far better than crabfest.

  12. At the guy calling Crabtree “Crabfest,” you could’ve sat there and thought of something better than that. The stupidity of saying Doug Baldwin & Golden Tate are better than Michael Crabtree is enormous. Crabtree is a gamechanger. Your Seahawks receivers are not. Talk whenever they demand more attention than a slot corner..

  13. I love hearing cry baby Seahawk fans vent their frustration (crying) by saying silly things like Tate and Baldwin are better than Crab. Great comment regarding nickel corner is needed at most to handle them!!!! Ha ha. Love it

    Keep crying Seahawk fans. Keep crying, even if on the inside!!

  14. Crabtree caught 85 passes for 1105 yards last year. Golden Tate’s best year so far is 2013. He has 52 catches and 710 yards so far with 3 games left. He will need to average 11 catches for 132 yards per game to equal Crabtree’s best year. Crabtree had 48, 55 and 73 catches during his first 3 years, compared to Tate’s 21, 35 and 45 catches for the same 3 years. Numbers don’t lie. Crabtree is an elite receiver when he is healthy. Golden Tate is a good receiver but he has not achieved elite status.

  15. Receiving numbers mean zilch, to run first teams. I’m not disrespecting Crabtree, but in Hawkville, a 700-yard season for a WR is big time. That’s why the Broncos put us all to shame, with a pass-happy offense. Gore wouldn’t be a happy camper if he had Manning under center.

  16. seaeagle707 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 3:57 PM

    Receiving numbers mean zilch, to run first teams. I’m not disrespecting Crabtree, but in Hawkville, a 700-yard season for a WR is big time. That’s why the Broncos put us all to shame, with a pass-happy offense. Gore wouldn’t be a happy camper if he had Manning under center.
    Why wouldn’t Gore be a happy camper?

    220 carries for 931 yds

    224 carries for 939 yds

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