Nate Burleson: We shouldn’t be thinking about playoffs

Getty Images

Earlier this week, Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson met a homeless man who told him that the Lions were a “sorry” team.

Burleson said he understood where the man was coming from and seemed to channel those feelings when he was asked about the Lions’ chances of making the playoffs on Wednesday. Burleson didn’t go full Mora in his response to the question, but made it clear that the Lions can’t be thinking about the postseason right now.

What should they be thinking about? Burleson took a page from Allen Iverson’s book on that one.

“We’re not even thinking about the postseason,” Burleson said, via “With coming off a loss, making the mistakes we just talked about, we shouldn’t even be thinking about the playoffs. We should be thinking about practice.”

The Lions should be able to pinpoint the biggest reason for losing three of their last four games fairly easily. They’ve turned the ball over 16 times in those games, handing opponents chance after chance to put points on the board. Whatever else they practice, holding onto the ball should be priority one on Monday night against the Ravens.