Patriots work out CFL pass rush standout

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Every pass-rusher who stars in the CFL doesn’t turn into Cameron Wake.

But it doesn’t hurt to look, just in case.

According to Tom Curran of, the Patriots worked out defensive end/outside linebacker Cordarro Law.

Law had 14.0 sacks for the Calgary Stampeders this season, third-most in the league. Originally an undrafted rookie from Southern Mississippi, he was in camp with the Seahawks in 2012.

The Patriots have been willing to look to the CFL for help before. They signed defensive tackle Armond Armstead this offseason, but he’s still on the non-football injury list after a surgery to remove an infection.

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  1. This guy is no Cameron Wake but good for them to take a look; maybe a contract for next year.

    Pass rush hasn’t been great and I know they like having Chandler inside on 3rd and long but Carter isn’t the answer on the outside.

    Desperate? Don’t know about that. Just looking to improve, never standing still, never satisfied. Steelers could learn a few things, maybe some humility too.

  2. Do the rules permit an NFL team to sign and play a CFL after their season is over? If so, I am wondering why we don’t see this all the time, giving CFL guys a look late in the season, like September call-ups in baseball.

  3. What’s desperate about it? Scouting a farm system for the best players to help you improve your team? It’s true the CFL is awful to watch (and I’m Canadian) but a lot of high quality players have made their way to NFL through it. Doug Flutie, Cameron Wake, Rocket Ismail, Brandon Browner, Warren Moon, just to name a few.

  4. i actually like the CFL and i enjoy watching it when i can find a game. there are a few former WVU Mountaineers playing and i enjoy keeping up with them.

    I agree that there are some really talented football players in the CFL. This is what we need if we want a “subdivision” of the NFL. The NFL and the CFL need to partner up some how and allow for these call ups. If an NFL team “calls” one of these players up, then the NFL team pays a certain % to the CFL club. Something along those lines. The NFL could send some players 5-7 per team to the CFL for their season.

    But, the CFL has to maintain their own identity and own rules in order to work. Basically, it would be a win win. The CFL could even expand into a few more teams.

    Just an idea. Im sure the NFL and CFL have already tried certain ideas.

  5. The NFL needs a real minor league system. No, the NCAA is not a minor league since there is a time limit for eligibility. These guys leave college in their athletic prime with no real alternative to go if they don’t make a roster. A lot of guys fall through the cracks for whatever reason whether it’s injuries, maturity, time to adjust, etc.

    The NFL, a multi billion dollar TAX FREE league, could easily afford to sponsor minor league teams around the country or invest in the CFL to make it more legit with better investment in the development of players.

  6. “I am wondering why we don’t see this all the time, giving CFL guys a look late in the season, like September call-ups in baseball.”

    In baseball, they expand the rosters in September to allow for the call-ups. In the NFL, a team would need to have an open roster spot open and truly believe the player could add value.

  7. Nice to see grabgrab boy finally come out of the closet…after making a fool of himself at halftime of the NE/Denver game. Mr Prognostication. Wicked credibility. And you thought we’d forget?

    grabgrabgrab says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:06 PM

    sorry pats fans. pats have shown nothing with or without the wind tonight. there will be no comeback..

    Who loves ya baby(coward).

  8. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Dec 12, 2013 9:59 AM
    Desperate much?

    Desperate? Who got fined for having their butt out on the playing field?

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