Reggie Bush doesn’t practice Thursday

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The Lions release their first practice report of the week on Thursday and running back Reggie Bush will be listed as out.

Tim Twentyman of the team’s website reports that Bush is not participating in practice as the team prepares to face the Ravens on Monday night. Bush was questionable to play in last week’s game because of a calf injury, but was on the 46-man active roster for the game before winding up sidelined when he aggravated the injury during warmups.

Bush said Wednesday that there was no way he could have pushed through the injury and played last weekend. He said he plans on playing Monday, though.

“It’s one of those things where I can’t really wrap my brain around it because it’s never happened to me before,” Bush said. “I still don’t really understand how it happened. It’s just one of those things and I look forward to getting back this week.”

Bush’s feelings won’t stop his status from remaining uncertain. Given what happened last Sunday, it will likely remain that way until Bush is actually on the field on Monday night.

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  1. I wonder if they might let LeShoure play this week. I know they love Bell, but he hasn’t exactly been a great player this year. I’d rather see Riddick get his feet wet than letting Bell play the entire game. Or LeShoure. We already know what Bell can do. It’s ok, but we need some other options, plus Bell isn’t a huge receiving threat either.

  2. Top 5 RB’s in the NFL

    1) Demarco Murray
    2) Jamaal Charles
    3) Marshawn Lynch
    4) Fred Jackson
    5) Knowshon Moreno


  3. As a Saints fan I sympathize with Lion fans. Bush is like a sweet suped up hot rod that always seems to be in the shop.

  4. I hate to use injuries as an excuse like the Packers and Bears fans do, but the Lions have been pretty banged up this year too.

  5. And Lynch was traded for a 4th rounder. Not too shabby. I like Marshawn Lynch, he could have been a Lion instead of Bell and we would be better. Everybody though can remain in denial and continue to think that Bell is a superstar with his 3.9 YPC and 3 lost fumbles so far this year.

  6. “…plus Bell isn’t a huge receiving threat either.”

    Bell has literally the highest yard-per-catch (11.5) of any RB in the league with at least 10 receptions this year (he has 38). The guys does nothing but make huge plays catching the ball out of the backfield.

  7. Sorry that you missed all of the previous Lions games thestrategyexpert, but Bell has played really well this year backing up Bush and when Bush has been hurt. He also has 38 catches for over 400 yards whereas Bush has 45 catches for over 400 yards. He is a pretty big weapon catching the football too. And America’s Team cripes that list is awful. H0pefully it was a joke.

  8. ronrivers:

    I agree that is decent and I’m impressed a little with Bell’s ability, but it isn’t strong enough to make up for the overrated contributions of the rest of his game. On an overall basis, he’s just not a great player and I think we should have an army of weapons that have more utilization value and potential trade value and I just don’t see Bell offering enough of either. I don’t care for the totality of all decisions this team has made regarding the RB position and they haven’t done anything strategic there since Barry retired. Paying Bush enough FA to outbid everybody else isn’t enough to satisfy me and I am looking for something different than what they have come up with. It’s not enough.

  9. Reggie was hurt last season and benched for fumbling. Same old thing this year with Detroit.
    Too bad, but he’s getting old now and can’t make
    it through a season.

  10. bugyshawk:

    I haven’t missed the games and I haven’t missed a single snap. Just because somebody has the stats doesn’t mean that they out-skilled everybody to get those stats. The numbers only tell part of the story. Let’s go through the film of those receptions and analyze it together, and to me there’s a lot more story there to tell. You can’t just pull up a stat page and say that proves the point and tells the full story. It doesn’t work that way, it’s more complicated of an issue to break down and you need to do that in conjunction with the film.

  11. No stats don’t tell the whole story, but when he is leading the league in yards per reception, that tells me that he is a big threat in the passing game. Would you disagree with that? Every time he catches the ball, he is averaging 11.5 yards per catch. Seems pretty good to me. Are you telling me that Leshoure would be making bigger plays, because he didn’t all last season.

    If you want to say that the RB position could be upgraded or you don’t like Bush, but Leshoure is no better. And I don’t think that Bell is a superstar, but he is effective in the offense.

    And 2 of those fumbles were last week in the blizzard dude. Before that he had 1 through 12 games.

  12. Yes, I don’t think he’s a big threat in the passing game despite the nice numbers. That’s one of his stronger points though, his numbers are better there than they are for rushing yardage compared to other players.

  13. America’s Team is God’s Team says:
    Dec 12, 2013 12:42 PM
    Top 5 RB’s in the NFL

    1) Demarco Murray
    2) Jamaal Charles
    3) Marshawn Lynch
    4) Fred Jackson
    5) Knowshon Moreno

    I guess McCoy didnt make it, the NFL’s leading rusher. DeMarco Murray.. LOL ill take what he is smoking..

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