Report: Snyder was the “impetus” for Griffin trade


If Mike Shanahan isn’t talking to reporters off the record, someone committed to his version of reality is.

The latest twist in the Godfather RGIII saga comes from Mike Silver of NFL Network, who reports that owner Daniel Snyder was the “impetus” for the trade that sent three first-round picks and a second-round pick to the Rams for the ability to trade up and draft Griffin.

We say in response, “Baloney.”

Shanahan has final say over the composition of the roster.  If Shanahan didn’t want to trade for Griffin, all Shanahan had to do was say so.  While standing pat for, say, Ryan Tannehill would have placed extra pressure on Shanahan to earn an extension, Shanahan should have taken a stand if the owner were trying to impose his unqualified will on the football operation.

Even if it’s true (and we doubt that it is), Shanahan forfeited the ability to complain about the decision to give up so much to get Griffin by ultimately signing off on the trade.  If Snyder pushed the issue and Shanahan ultimately went along to get along, Shanahan opted to try to have it both ways.

If Griffin had worked out well (like he did last year), Shanahan could be regarded as a genius.  If Griffin didn’t work out (like he didn’t this year), Shanahan or someone close to him could start leaking like a racehorse the notion that Shanahan didn’t want Griffin in the first place.

Snyder has remained silent throughout the past few days of dysfunction.  At first, we thought he was making himself look bad by letting Shanahan make him look bad.  The truth may be that Snyder has opted to simply let Shanahan make himself look bad, before firing Shanahan for cause.

And when Snyder fires Shanahan for cause and Shanahan files a grievance with Commissioner Goodell and reporters from other networks can’t be forced to disclose at the hearing whether Shanahan or someone close to him were leaking detrimental information, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with reporters who work directly for the league, and indirectly for the Redskins.

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  1. This feels like a salvo in the Anchorman movie fight between the news casts for the local stations’ affiliates. Do the NFLN guys have a blog where they snipe back?

  2. I like how these reports keep mysteriously coming out. Didn’t we get the same thing when McNabb was there even though the players like him? How about on the Raiders? Didn’t the Broncos PAY Shanahan to not only not come back but to ‘shut up’ about them.


  3. Why does everyone keep saying that Shanny had the ability to not sign off on the trade. If the coach said no, and the owner says yes. Who is going to win? Synder could have easily said, you will get RG3 and if you dont like it you can walk. What does shanny do at that point? Makes no sense to say that the coach had the option to not sign off on the trade.

  4. Shanahan is such a snake and his drones in the media that suddenly discover tips that make poor old Shanahan look helpless and blameless are shills who are a discredit to journalism.

    Shanahan got every single thing he wanted from Snyder, including contractual authority to have the final say. He is the one who is responsible for the mess in Washington now. Snyder is not a likeable guy but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Shanahan was captain of the ship and it has crashed ashore.

    Also, when RG3 was doing well last year, wasn’t it Shanahan himself who was comparing Robert to “Cool Hand Luke” and Superman? When things were going well, we didn’t hear any leaks about how all of that greatness wasn’t Shanahan’s idea. But now that he faces certain termination, he’s just a poor helpless chap who is at the mercy of all-powerful Danny. Bull!!

    Shanahan, you’re about to get fired for the second time in five years and your son tossed out right along with you. The last time you won a playoff game, RG3 was just entering High School and the last time you went to a Super Bowl, he wasn’t even born yet. At least be a man about it. Don’t look to blame everyone else for your incompetence. Shanny, you need to grow up just as much as RG3 does. Which is a shame since you’re old enough to be his grandfather. Man up!

  5. At this point Shanny looks pretty bad. Talking about ” Usually I don’t tell you the truth but today I’m speaking the truth! or ” Snyder doesn’t care about other positions only QB.” Just listen to what John Madden said a HOF coach I might add. He called Shanny explaination for Benching RGIII “Baloney”.

    McNabb, and dare I say Hayensworth look prophetic at this point. Not to mention What Jake Plummer said. Shanny has the Biggest EGO you will ever see, not RGIII.

  6. This is so real. First RG3 is hurt last year and greedy Skins making run let him ruin himself (Dr Andrews in da house with Dan $) even though they draft the insurance policy in Cousins.
    Second RGme is born. Agents, Owner, Dad , close peeps foster the evolution that RG is the best on the planet. Third – they let him play day one w/o a preseason snap. Forth – 3 and 10 later they decide he can’t read an NFL defense and with him gimpy and teammates calling him out – he should sit down. The logical voice here – Shannahan did not want a project – he wanted Tannehill/Cousins . RG3 is not a good NFL QB – Cooley, Moss, Garson, Jurgenson, etc . Very good college, but this is big boy pro stuff. STUDY. LEARN. 24-7. Not Street ball as Baylor and year one pistol with Skins. NFL figures this out – RG must as well. Knowledge and Accuracy is the only answer.

  7. I don’t share the same opinion. While it may be said that Shanny has final say on roster decisions. Synder does own the stinkin’ team…. If he wanted RG3, how can you surmise that Shannahan could stop him?

  8. As a Dolphins fan , I’m glad they left RT17 for us , but I still feel bad for the ‘Skins for having to give up two first rounders plus a second , especially since the final pick left of the trade is going to be in the top five.
    I understand the argument in favor of making the deal: potential franchise quarterback and that Snyder and Shanahan would never have believed they’d be drafting this high in April of ’14 , but this is the downside if you’re wrong. I’m just trying to figure out how RGIII and the ‘Skins could look so unstoppable during the second half of the 2012 season but yet look so awful now . . . can anyone who’s watched the games enlighten me on this ? Thanks

  9. Once again, Snyder was wrong. This RG 3 experience has set the Skins back at least 4 years when it’s all said and done.
    The Skins are in shambles now and the worse is yet to come all over the owner not staying out of the coaches and scouts way when RG 3 became a hot rookie prospect.
    Snyder needs to get behind his coaching staff and stop insisting they play a player who is not ready to live up to all the expectations that are far from his reach.
    RG 3 needs to shut his mouth, keep your daddy and your childhood out of the locker room, realize your limitations in this league, and listen to your coaches and do what they say.
    We are tired of this BS. Let’s start focusing on the teams and play makers that are trying to get into the playoffs .

  10. The only reason why it’s such a “godfather RG3 saga” is because the media won’t shut up about it. There doesn’t need to be an article written about it everytime one of the involved parties makes a comment

  11. This just goes to show that incompetent owners who have no football knowledge or they’re stuck in the past should NOT be making football decisions. Not even multi Super Bowl winning coaches can with with meddlesome owners.

  12. DAMN this team is a mess……

    And this story is pure BS…If Indy had taken RG3 instead of Luck, would there be reports saying Snyder wanted Luck and Shanahan didn’t?

    This trade was for a draft pick to get one of the two best prospects coming out in the 2012 draft, not a specific player…….yes, everyone knew Indy was taking Luck, but Irsay is a wildcard and could’ve flipped and taken RG3 number 1.

  13. As dead as this beaten horse is, if snyder were responsible – it was the right choice. Even if RGIII never plays another snap. His rookie year was a thing of beauty. The thanksgiving day vs. dallas alone was worth a first round pick. He had one of the best rookie seasons ever, he reinvigorated a franchise, and gave us fans hope. His second year isn’t awe inspiring, but his numbers have been competent. The absolute worse case is to trade him for a first and second – thus we gave up 1 first round pick for a division title and a year of sheer joy – I consider that a bargain. Thank you Robert, screw you shanny, and i’d take snyder over peter angelos anyday.

  14. People are going to start to realize that Shanahan isn’t that good a coach. He had Elway for a couple years. That is it!!!! Washington is a good place for him.

  15. Excessive speculation. Washington’s off-season may have begun but the NFL’s has not. Chase this story around in circles in late February/early March and let real football news stay on the front page right now

  16. Sure he was. Why was Mike Shanahan gushing over Robert Griffin everyday then? No one can answer that question for me. If he was so against the trade, why didn’t he clean out his office then? Stop giving this loser a pass. He’s thrown every starting QB he’s ever had under the bus except Elway, who btw hates him, too. At some point, a common theme emerges.

  17. Well Silver’s pretty close to Jeff Fisher so I think he would have some intel to what went down with that trade.

    Plus reading the quotes from internet articles posted on or around the 2012 draft it seems Shanahan kept mentioning team officials being elated by the pick so this story is starting to make sense.

    I think Shanahan and Kubiak can make the pick work. If Bob Griffin has another QB coach/OC I think the Redskins fan base should start to worry.

  18. That slimy rat Silver also said that Seattle DB was suspended for PEDs when 1.) he wasn’t even suspended yet and hadn’t even gone through his appeal process and 2.) it wasn’t even for PEDs, it was weed.
    Now it looks increasingly likely he’s going to win the appeal too. Silver should be fired for slander.

  19. “If Shanahan didn’t want to trade for Griffin, all Shanahan had to do was say so.”

    Awww. It’s so cute how you think that strategy would work.

    Ask Marty how that worked out for him.

  20. Your acting like it was a bad pick, or a bad thing to do for your franchise to get a QB like that and trade up. Because OBVIOUSLY you would have been in the playoffs without RG3.

  21. This is not surprising. Why else did Mike Shanahan unexpectedly put in read option plays?

    Pressure from ownership.

    Well, if the rumor is true that Shanahan wanted Sam Bradford in case the St. Louis Rams were unable to get out of the second overall pick maybe this shows us that Snyder is a better football mind than John Elway’s beneficiary.

  22. Seriously, what guy would want to take that coaching opening? Team In media circus, No first round pick, creep owner, In cap penalty next year, qb problems

  23. Now that Shanny admits he buckled to Snyder can we stop calling him the Godfather? And ‘leaking’ like a racehorse just doesn’t have the same ring to it as the original.

  24. Who needs soap operas when you can read daily posts about the drama in D.C.? I’m so sick of hearing about it. Football is great, but we don’t need minute-by-minute coverage of this stuff. Uggghhh.

  25. Wait … Snyder firing Shanahan for cause? Not that I really care about either party, but all the reporting so far indicates that there’s no way for Snyder to do that. In fact, driving home the other day, one of the stations in DC had someone on who suggested that there was a high likelihood that they went over whether the Redskins had any reason to for him for cause and that they probably couldn’t find anything.

    How are they going to fire him for cause now, barring reporters spilling the bean on who leaked stuff to them, which is unlikely.

  26. The owner employs the head coach, so I’d assume he has the final day on personnel decisions. I admire his willingness to do what it takes to get a (seemingly) franchise quarterback. He’s certainly better than anything they’ve had in many years, despite his recent shortcomings.

  27. When the segment with Silver started, I thought it was one of those heart warming stories where someone with cerebral palsy gets to be on TV as part of some Make-A-Wish fulfillment.

  28. First and foremost, there isn’t a deal made or decision made without Snyder’s input and approval, that’s just how he works and it’s the way the Redskins organization is run. Secondly, for the better part of 10 years, Dan Snyder and the former GM Vinny Ceratto scouted all the prospective players and signed them without the coaches input what so ever. This all changed when Shanahan came to town and Ceratto was fired. So yes, Dan Snyder had all the impetus in acquiring RGIII, but Shanahan went along and didn’t stop it.

  29. So, back pre draft of Luck and Rg3, when you and others said this was Snyders desire, your words then, were all balony.
    Good to know.
    Not surprised, mind you.
    Just good to read you document yourself as a liar.

  30. I can see how this could be true. Seems to fit with Snyders character, so I can see how he would have overridden Shannahan & just done the deal. Also didn’t Bud Adams essentially draft Vince Young when Fisher didn’t want him?

    Having said that, because it fits with Snyders character i can also see how this could be a made up story. Either way Washingtons looking for a new HC next season.

  31. Over the next 3 weeks, the story will continue to slowly morph from ” Shanahan wants to get fired” into “RG3 was benched for poor performance”….. The truth inevitably comes out. The owner and the marketing people don’t want to bench the Golden Goose, but his play has forced it, but nobody wants to admit it…. Granted the Skins have many other issues-both lines, dropped passes, awful special teams, etc… But if Cousins comes out & excels, the question will have to be asked…

  32. I still can’t believe that a coach who has a losing record and only 1 playoff win over the last 15 years got paid 7 mill/yr by the redskins.

    That’s usually grounds to get fired, not to get a raise.

  33. Yeah it’s crazy to think an owner and GM can trump a coach over the teams 1st round pick.

    Especially when the owner has a history of doing just that.

    I smell bologna too lol. That sarcasm reading ok?

  34. Sure Shanahan probably wanted Griffin, but that is different than saying he’d was willing to give up 3 RD1’s plus a RD2 to get him. That part I believe was Snyder’s doing.

  35. Shanny really wanted Weeden. Snyder wanted to bring Y A Tittle from the dead! To be viewed in good light by groups opposed to the team nickname they choose RG as a compromise between someone stupid and someone dead!

  36. I believe Shanahan had a long-contested contract lawsuit against Al Davis after his firing in Oakland
    He knows his way around.

  37. I don’t see why people *don’t* believe this story (other than the fact that Silver reported it). Snyder is obviously a control freak with poor judgement and a bad philosophy of how to build a team. The way Shanahan has been, I don’t doubt for a second he didn’t really want RGIII. Is it really so unbelievable that Snyder overruled his coach? Are we really to believe that owners don’t do this on personnel decisions—especially guys like Snyder? Come on, man. I mean, the guy is the Northeast Yiddish version of Jerrah Jones.

    I totally believe it. It explains the perceived relationship between Griffin and Shanahan, and explains that “I hate my life” look Shanahan has on his face all the time. He’s trapped in a bad situation…much of it his own making.

  38. I never understood any level of infatuation with Shanahan, he is one of the most overrated coaches in the history of the NFL.

    But I am happy it was the Redskins who hired him. That will keep that franchise irrelevant for another 25 years.

  39. I can’t believe that I’m actually siding with Snyder on this one………I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of “Shadyhans” mouth. This guy is a loser, his record proves it, (Elway) briefly made him look good. Hope he’s black-balled after he gets fired.

  40. I really dislike my owner but if he did this, he would not only win over me but gain respect across the country! im truly disappointed in mike, to become this sneaky this dark and this fowl, it will really tarnish his brand. I have defended mike at every turn, due to cap issues, missed trades, and a transitioning d to 3-4 has led to many struggles. (all his moves not Snyder) screw u sally Jenkins, adam schefter , an anyone else throwing out mikes warped version of reality.
    u people r clown shoes! I mean even if u believe mike about rg3, that still doesn’t explain the huge steps back on d, special teams, and awful clock management, my team looks exactly like his later years in Denver. that being said, this is what dan should do!

    dan should start by apologizing, next he should state that im no longer incharge of personal and I have no plans of firing mike.(not that he has over past 4yrs) I also plan on refunding every ones money for next years tickets, cuz in keeping mike its gonna guarantee one more season of double digit loses. (3of 4 yrs) this would corner mike and publicly burn him at the stake. mike would have to quit or deal with the low talent that he has acquired. both would destroy mike. mike was given the keys to the car, he drove it into a deeper canyon of dysfunction than Zorn ever could. mike wanting 7mil for wat hes done to walk is insane.
    this move would not only destroy mike for his failure but prove Snyder has changed. win and win. also Snyder would only lose a little money, he would still bank on parking an concessions, unlike other owners Snyder owns everything, also he would save money on coaching salaries, not paying new ones at same time as old ones, that’s almost 25mil in savings.
    I know this would never happen, its just a fantasy of mine. that being said im off to enjoy the hobbit!

  41. What’s really funny is, if this was the Cowboys and someone came out and said “Jerry Jones was the impetus for the RG3 trade” you sure as hell wouldn’t be saying “baloney”

    You’d be on here dogging Jerry Jones and calling him a meddlesome owner who should fire himself.

  42. I seem to recall Shanahan exclaiming how if he got Luck OR Griffin that he would have a great talent.

    Since Shanahan wanted either or them so badly, how was Snyder the impetus?

    Also right now, I don’t think anyone within reason can believe that Shanahan isn’t trying to get himself fired. Take away the RG3 benching and you still have all of the leaks.

  43. Well as mzew233 posted earlier, your acting like it was a bad pick…that being said there are statistics on 40 QB’s as of today in the NFL RGIII is ranked 14th statistically, sure this season doesn’t compare to the one he had last year, however, I don’t believe he is the problem.

    That offensive line is terrible and no QB would be but so succesful behind it, it’s amazing he’s able to ranked that high and thrown for as many yards as he has behind such a poorous O-line.

    Now why everyone wants to focus on he said she said between Snyder and Shanahan and or whether to sit or not sit RGIII, the bigger issue is he isn’t the main reason they are 3-10…the special teams suck, the defensive secondary well let’s just defense overall stinks and has since Haslett has been the D-coordinator.

    The offense gets no help from either the defense or special teams, no turnovers on the opponents side of the 50, no kick off or punt returns for good/great field position. It seems to me 99% of the time the offense has to start at or inside their own 20 yard line and no offense can be expected to go 80+ yards every series, that’s whats killing the team mainly.

  44. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 12, 2013 10:07 PM

    Whoever made the call is a genius. Robert Griffin is the best QB since John Elway period. Thank you god for giving us the gift of RGIII!!! #GodBlesstheRedskins


    So why are the Skins 3-10?
    Robert Griffin the Third String Quarterback

  45. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 12, 2013 10:07 PM
    Whoever made the call is a genius. Robert Griffin is the best QB since John Elway period. Thank you for giving us the gift of RGIII!!!
    He was “RGIII” last year and his years at Baylor. The way he’s playing now he’s just “Bob”. Just another QB.

  46. Let me ask everyone something……when is the last time an athletic QB won a Super Bowl? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with lever. The NFL is still about pocket passers, always has been, always will. The most important quality for a QB is accuracy, and there aren’t many, if any, athetic guys that are accurate passers. Everyone loves the flash, it’s exciting, I get it, but it doesn’t sustain long term success. Who are the best QBs in the league……Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Luck, etc. They all make a living throwing the ball. The league is too violent for QBs like Vick, RGIII, etc. to last.

  47. The NFL has finally gotten its wish to come true. It is no longer a sport, it is entertainment in much the same vein as a daily soap opera.

    We’re talking about a 23 year old, second year QB with a recently surgically reconstructed knee. Can’t we sit back and just enjoy the games and let these careers unfold?

    Was there this much hand wringing when Troy Aikman and John Elway had rocky beginnings to their respective careers?

    Unless everyone on this blog is a middle-aged housewife or an eleven year old boy…………in which case I apologize.

  48. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 12, 2013 10:07 PM

    Whoever made the call is a genius. Robert Griffin is the best QB since John Elway period. Thank you god for giving us the gift of RGIII!!! #GodBlesstheRedskins


    RGKnee (aka Akili Smith 2.0) will be out of the league by 2017. He sucks…and is a well paid version of Joe Webb and nothing more.


  49. To me Shanahan is like Tomlin in a lot of ways where he came into the situation in Denver with a franchise veteran QB and made the right decisions. I’ve listened to people for years say lets see what Tomlin can do after the cowher era guys are gone and we are seeing it and I don’t admit they are right I do say to them… So how about this weather?

  50. Team is crumbling. Oh well we always knew they sucked! No hope for years to come. Fail to those Temple University level team and all apologies to the owls because of a new program getting better. The fails aren’t…

  51. Right….

    Just like Deion Sanders and Bruce Smith were Marty Schottenheimer’s kind of guys……

    And Jeff George….there’s a leader for ya……

    And a name that is completely conducive to winning…..Albert Haynesworth……absolute must on your roster.

    Funny thing is all those players were brought on board ….with different coaches….and the same ownership.

    There’s a mystery…..

    BTW, 6 different coaches in his ownership……and yet the same futility remains.

    Could it be that the editor of this site knows how litigous Snyder is …and doesn’t want to fall victim to the legions of attorneys that would be on him like white on rice if he reported something inheirently false?


  52. bigjdve,

    Seems like everyone else here posting has amnesia because I remember the same gushing. It was quite frankly embarrassing, especially for someone who now is leaking all over the place that he never wanted the guy.

  53. hendawg21 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 8:59 AM
    Well as mzew233 posted earlier, your acting like it was a bad pick…that being said there are statistics on 40 QB’s as of today in the NFL RGIII is ranked 14th statistically, sure this season doesn’t compare to the one he had last year, however, I don’t believe he is the problem.

    That’s nuts. His QBR is is 40.1. It was 73 last year. He threw 5 picks in 15 games last year. He’s thrown 12 this year. His passer rating is 82.2. Last year it was 102.

    Compared to the league? By QBR is is not 14th. He is 30th. By passer rating he is not 14th, either…he is 26th.

  54. You want to know what that look on Shanahan’s face signifies? When Shanahan was coaching for the Denver Broncos the team under went an identity change. They became widely known as the Donkeys due to the facial expressions of their then head coach. You have to admit Shanahan has the face and persona of a jackass.

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