Russell Wilson gets drafted again, by baseball team


Though the football thing seems to be working out for him at the moment, Russell Wilson still has options.

The Texas Rangers chose the Seahawks quarterback in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft this morning, spending $12,000 to get his rights away from the Rockies organization for a little attention and a good example.

“From a baseball standpoint, we feel like if he ever decided he wanted to come back to play again that he’d be a guy we’d want in our system,” Rangers assistant general manager A.J. Preller said, via Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The biggest thing that intrigued us on Russell from afar is the makeup, the way he goes about his business, the professionalism, the competitor, the message we try to preach throughout our organization, for us to at least have that as part of our organization.

“At the end of the day, he obviously has a lot bigger things that he’s working on right now, and we don’t want to interrupt that aspect of it. But if at some point down the road he decides he wants to do baseball again, we decided it would be a positive to have him with us.”

Preller said they don’t expect him to give up his football career, and haven’t had any contact with him.

Wilson was a fourth-round pick in the baseball draft in 2010, and hit .238 in parts of two minor league seasons.

He’s been slightly more successful in football.

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  1. Texas?

    Ah I see what’s happening. Dallas is in Texas. Jerry Jones runs Dallas. Jerry Jones is running the Rangers in an indirect-pseudo fashion. Jerry Jones will tamper in a roundabout way such that Russell Wilson becomes a Cowboy to replace Romo at the right time in the future. All perfectly legal, since you can’t prove the illegal stuff.

    It’s called drafting, JJ style!

  2. You are correct the assistant GM didn’t talk to Wilson, but the GM Jon Daniels did. Russell Wilson wants to participate in this upcoming spring training.

  3. If he’s good enough to make it through the farm system into the Bigs, he’d be a fool not to leave the NFL for greener pastures. MLB players can make much more and have a much better union.

  4. would have a better shot of winning a title in baseball, he should consider it. and he would’nt have his teammates making fools of themselves as much as his current ones.

  5. Russell has said he would love to be a two sport athlete. Seahawk fans would be behind him because football is still is number 1 and we root for him because he’s one of the good guys.

    Funny how the clueless have so much hate, let it keep flowing because you’re going to be upset most Sundays for the next 5-7 years. Go Hawks!

  6. Comparing the two sports, maybe you can make more money and you’ll def be more healthy when you’re older…BUT that’s about where the comparison of the two sports stop!

    Football is way more entertaining than baseball. Did anyone see the ratings for the Giants/Vikings MNF game compared to the WS game between Red Sox/Cards?

    Football > baseball

  7. Obviously more money in baseball, I mean freaking 40 year old Bartolo Colon just signed a 2 year $20 million deal. Just insane the money they throw around.


    Yeah and the risk of injury is much lower too, that and a lack of a salary cap equals big money opportunity. I have no idea how they manage it though, I’ve always found baseball boring as heck to watch. The two best case scenarios are if someone hits a home run or if someone strikes out – in either case NOTHING can be done by the other team. They’re just spectators.

  8. I have no idea if Russell Wilson is a good enough player to make it in major league baseball. This is more of a general comment.

    If you are an 18 year old kid and you are equally talented in both sports, you would be CRAZY not to pick baseball over football. Every measurable factor from a player’s standpoint is better:

    – You’re not forced to go to college and pretend to care about an education you’ll never use

    – Your career, on average, will be much longer

    – Your contracts, once you reach the majors, are fully guaranteed. (I think I could pretty much stop here)

    – When you’re 50, you’ll still be able to get out of bed without assistance

    – When you’re 50, you’ll be able to find your car keys, and no they won’t be in the refrigerator.

    – In the course of a three hour game, you will be standing (or sitting) doing absolutely nothing for at least two hours

    So you could either have that career, or spend your 20’s and early 30’s getting your head kicked in for less money and have a contract that your boss can cancel anytime he wants to.

    Hmm…..decisions, decisions.

  9. As long as he doesn’t have to travel to San Francisco to play the Niners he should be fine. For some reason every time he plays at Candlestick Park his fastball is low and outside. It’s all on film for all to see!


  10. If he hits a pop fly and it’s caught by the outfielder, would it be game-winning for Wilson’s team?


  11. Besides most clueless fans, Russell Wilson is known to be Peyton esk with his work ethic.. Brady with his winning, and Brees in arm strength..

    Yes he is the shortest in the league by about 1/2 in to brees, but he also is well known for his incredible work ethic and preparation both mentally and physically.. He should take this as one of the highest honors.. He plays another sports and a team said hey if you ever think of coming to our??? Lol we want rights to you. Your the type of many we want leading our guys..

    All of Seattle knows this.. If their ever was a guy from sports to run for politics… He would be it. Dude has It whatever that is people nationally will figure it out with more time.

  12. It is always nice to have a fall back position if the current gig doesn’t work out well. Wonder what RGIII has in mind? Illogical; please enlighten us.

  13. It matters how good he is at baseball. If he’s good enough to be a every day starter in the big leagues than I would seriously consider it.

    1. Not going to have brain damage from getting hit by some of the most strongest and fastest men in the world.

    2. Guaranteed contract. Look at A-Rod. The guy doesn’t do anything and he makes $30 million a year.

    3. Football isn’t a sport of longevity. Very rarely are their guys who play longer than 5 years. Now, Russell would be one of the guys who could play longer but it takes one blow to knee and your done.

  14. Wilson has already had the opportunity to play professional baseball. He figured out pretty quickly that football was the right choice.

    May have had something to do with curve balls.

  15. Zamo pretty much described why anyone would be a fool to choose football over baseball as their professional career (as long as they can make the big league club). He is already a star in the NFL and there is no guarantee that he will make it to the show in MLB.

  16. If he wanted to play baseball, don’t ya think he would have done it by now? This isn’t the first time he’s been draft by an MLB team.

    He’s 25. After next year, I believe, he’ll be able to get a new contract with a fat signing bonus.

  17. I doubt that they actually expect him to play. More than likely this move is to ensure that, should he decide to play baseball, they can make sure he does not play for the Mariners

  18. hi. I’m giving up being the starting qb of a super bowl contending team loaded with young talent, right before signing my FIRST 100+ contract, to go be a slap hitting middle infield prospect riding greyhound buses and staying at Holiday Inns while working through a minor league system in the middle of 110 degree Texas summers.

    — said no one. ever.

  19. blarry21 says: Dec 12, 2013 1:22 PM

    I love Russell Wilson. He represents everything that’s good about sports.
    I’m not sure where you’re getting that. In the Packers game last year, he celebrated like he actually threw the game-winning touchdown. Classless.

  20. usdcoyotesfan | Dec 12, 2013, 2:54 PM PST
    blarry21 says: Dec 12, 2013 1:22 PM

    I love Russell Wilson. He represents everything that’s good about sports.
    I’m not sure where you’re getting that. In the Packers game last year, he celebrated like he actually threw the game-winning touchdown. Classless.
    ———————————————————- Almost 2 years ago. Game is over and is in the books. Move on. Seriously though, you need help

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