Russell Wilson not interested in baseball, but some think he should be


The Texas Rangers got plenty of free publicity on Thursday by selecting Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 draft, a name that actually makes baseball sound even more boring than it is.

The Rangers got some more free publicity, via Wilson and others talking about whether he’ll play baseball.

“Obviously, I love baseball and just love the game,” Wilson told reporters on Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “It’s a relaxing sport, it’s a good sport.  I played it my whole life, but there’s nothing better than playing the quarterback position and playing in front of 90,000 people and it being third and six and the game on the line or being in the red zone and having to make a play in a big situation.  So that’s why I decided to play football because I love those moments and I love those big games.”

Wilson admitted that, at one point, he considered being a two-sport athlete at the professional level.

“[Rangers G.M. Jon Daniels] asked me if I’m trying to go Bo Jackson?” Wilson said.  “I thought about it before, I’m not going to lie.  But no.  I mean I’m just focused on football.”

Some think he should consider playing baseball, including an NFL Hall of Famer who once played for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves — on the same day.  (Mrs. PFT and I attended the baseball half of that doubleheader, two years before she was Mrs. PFT.  And nine years before PFT was PFT.)

During the Chargers-Broncos pregame show, Deion Sanders said that Wilson should weigh all options and consider playing baseball.  49ers owner Jed York tweeted, “I agree.”

I agree with his agreement, for reasons explained during Thursday’s PFT Live.  Wilson will be eligible for a new contract after the 2014 season, but he’ll have no way to force the Seahawks to do a new deal that pays him close to market value.  Playing baseball in lieu of playing football becomes a viable alternative, especially if the Seahawks make a below-market offer to extend a contract that would pay him a mere $798,000 in 2015.

Wilson’s “Go ‘Hawks!” attitude is refreshing, but if he carries that mindset too deeply into his career, he’s going to get hosed.  Having options means having leverage.

Wilson currently has a significant option that eventually can be parlayed into significant leverage.  While playing two sports at the same time is unrealistic for a modern NFL quarterback, Wilson shouldn’t close the door on taking up baseball — especially since he could play it a lot longer, emerge from the game a lot healthier, and if he rises to the major leagues make a lot more money.

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  1. Baseball totally rocks dude. If there could only be two sports in the world, there would be football and baseball, because that’s the stuff, the best stuff. Just because other people tell you that it’s not okay to do that, it doesn’t mean you can’t or that it isn’t your right. I wouldn’t mind seeing him be a 2-sport star if he is capable of doing it. If he is, then why not go for it? There’s nothing wrong with that and it would be awesome. Looks like he has had 2 .700 OPS seasons which is pretty darn good on only a weak .229 BA? Man, if he can uptick that BA that’s some good offensive efficiency. He has some Triples that help out with that and last season 15/17 in SB attempts. Yeah baseball GMs don’t like guys with both Power AND Speed.

    I’m interested in him playing baseball even if he isn’t!

  2. but the leverage financially as a baseball player isn’t there. The MLB club owns your rights the first 6 years, where you’re working for (relative) peanuts, though arbitration allows for a slow upscale of value for elite players. In football as a franchise QB, you can pretty much ask for as much as you want within the confines of a salary cap after 3 years, restricted only by knowing the club has to assemble a competitive team around you.

  3. He’s got all the leverage in the world already. He’s a top-5 quarterback in league. He could stay home and say, “pay me!” anytime he wants and guess what, he’d get paid !!

  4. He’s great for football, I see that and I like the rival team. From just a business standpoint If I was good at both baseball is the way to go. Guaranteed contracts, longer career and theres really not to many 50 year old baseball players eating there own gun due to head trauma. I love football but am pretty weary at this point to allow my kids to play it.

  5. The idea that Wilson threatening to play baseball would somehow give him leverage in future negotiations is ridiculous. Wilson batted .228 with very little power in low A ball 2 1/2 years ago. By the time he would have the opportunity to use this “leverage” in negotiations, he would be 4 plus years removed from a baseball career that, no offense to Wilson, didn’t really appear to be going anywhere.

  6. I’m not one to doubt Russell Wilson but he’s already a star QB and the Seahawks will pay him. The chances of making it to the big leagues is a long shot and usually takes years in the minor leagues. You think he’s going to ride the bus around all summer to tool around in the minors? Not likely but it would be cool.

  7. Why not play baseball later?

    Play till you’re 28, retire with the structural integrity of your body (and brain) mostly intact, go to baseball till you’re 35 and make a lot more money in the process.

    But don’t forget the part where you sign on as an analyst for ESPN or NFL Network for a short while before finally riding off into the sunset.

  8. I’d definitely consider it – baseball $$ is guaranteed and baseball $$ is long – you don’t hear about former ball players going broke – former nflers – different story – plus much easier on the body – Bartolo Colon just got 20 mil for 2 years – to not even have to carry a team – not a bad life…

  9. The ones that think he should play baseball are the ones that understand the potential post-NFL career effects of multiple concussion on his brain.

    I’m not worried about Russell Wilson.

    I’m more worried about Seattle’s #1 ranked defense than their 21st ranked PASS Offense.

  10. “The ones that think he should play baseball are the ones that know he is good and that their team will have to deal with him for years to come.”

    Umm, no. There are many reasons to prefer baseball. Especially for friends or loved ones.

    MLB contracts pay more money, all money is guaranteed, and virtually no leadership qualities are required. There is also little to no risk of injury,

    You can also stink in baseball for months and still win games because it’s an individual game wrapped up into a team sport. You are responsible for your own production and that’s it.

  11. What’s worse than taking a player with little chance of making it to the big leagues?

    Taking a player with NO chance of playing in the big leagues because he’s an NFL superstar.

    Jon Daniels= lesser version of Jerry jones…. idiot texans…

  12. Holy crap, if you can play both pro football AND pro baseball…why not?! That’s a pretty damn exclusive club to be in.

    He would actually be smart to play pro baseball instead of football. He could make just as much money, have a longer career, and he won’t need a drool bib when he’s in his 50s.

  13. Wilson has long-term, face-of-the-franchise written all over him. The Seahawks will not low-ball him when the time comes. They lock him up with a generous deal as soon as they can even without a threat of h walking. If they could, they’d pay him more than they are now just as a goodwill gesture. He is that kind of talent you don’t risk losing with one year, low-ball contracts.

  14. I guess we’re ignoring the fact that he was a below average minor league baseball player? Bo jackson was far more talented at both sports. Deon was great at football, very average at baseball but still better than Russell Wilson.

  15. russell wilson is very intelligent. wilson knows that to win championships he’ll need a lot of talent around him. i don’t see wilson making the seahawks break the bank to pay him.

  16. Wilson’s leverage is his play and the Hawks need to win. Nothing else will be needed for him to get a quality contract extension as soon as is practical.

  17. The last thing I want to hear on a football site is a post about baseball. Just thinking about seeing baseball highlights on espn all summer long makes me want to unplug my television.

  18. If you had a choice to play baseball instead of football, the clear choice is baseball, all the way.

    Those dudes make BANK, even the lesser players. The average career is MUCH longer, and they don’t completely ruin their bodies for the rest of their lives the same way Football players do.

    Hate to say it because I love football way more.

  19. The sponsors available for Wilson is about as much as he could receive from baseball these days. I would like to see if he could be the next double league player.

  20. He’s smart enough to play baseball.

    Right now money is talking though and unless he takes a fall from grace and the associated pay cut in the NFL, he won’t risk the life changing money.

  21. If Russell could have made it in baseball, he would have stuck with baseball. More $, guaranteed contracts. In his last year playing baseball at NC State, he did not start a game in the postseason. That following summer, he played in the low minor leagues for the Rockies where he batted poorly, hitting like .238. He missed the entire offseason of NC State football workouts in order to pursue baseball. He then decided his best shot was football, and so he transferred to Wisconsin to play QB. Facts.

  22. Russell is the real deal and i hear he has an amazing work ethic. I’m not a Seattle fan, but I sure wish my team had him in the huddle. Be thankful Sea, he’s one of the best in the league.

  23. People are forgetting or maybe aren’t aware, but he was hitting in the low .200’s in lower level minors. It’d be a lot of work to develop him into a big leaguer. If he was good enough to jump into the majors, heck yeah, do it. But he’s not there.

  24. “There is also little to no risk of injury,”

    I won’t say little risk but there is less long term risk to the body.

  25. Russel Wilson should go play for the Rangers. He will then, as the only natural reaction for anyone who spends time in the Dallas area, fall in love. He will leave dreary, rainy Seattle and leave behind the hooligans he plays with and the lunatics who fill the stadium.

    When the Great Romo retires, with several rings, Russel will decide he must move to Dallas permanently. At that point he will continue to fulfill America’s prophecy by winning the Cowboys and the Rangers multiple rings for years to come.


  26. herlies

    I see your point but if he was any good at playing baseball, he would have chosen that over football as many said he was too short to play football. Also, did you ever think maybe he’s not the type of guy that cares about money? Watch how the guy acts and talks. He truly loves what he does, not for the money.

  27. I think Wilson won’t destroy the cap to squeeze every last Peyton..err..penny out of the Hawks. Young man wants to win and understands that you are not any more set for life making 15mil than you are 20mil. But you sure can win a few more SB’s.

  28. Russell Wilson is still playing on his rookie 3rd round contract, if he continues to play like he has and the Seahawks make a playoff run, just think what Wilson’s next NFL contract will be…$$$$$ ! ? ! No need for baseball when he is playing in the #1 U.S. Sport at the #1 position QB !

  29. He’d possibly have a longer career and make more money if he could play at the major league level, but he’d never get the same excitement as being in command of a very good nfl offense does.

    And he’s certainly going to make enough money in the nfl to be set for several lifetimes over.

  30. lol at the Seahawks fans who think it sounds perfectly fine for Harbaugh to leave the 49ers for more money in College football but can not see why Russell Wilson would consider playing baseball along with football for more money. Neither have a chance of actually happening.

  31. “minor league baseball camp”

    He was taken in the rule 5 draft. Which means he’d have to be on the Rangers’ 25 man roster all season or they’d have to cut him.

  32. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 12, 2013 9:50 PM

    I have the distinct feeling that Wilson does not wannabe 3 wins and benched…

  33. He played one season of A ball, batted .229 in 93 games with 118 k’s. That sounds pretty average.
    I’d love to see him try and would root for him do do well, but maybe he should just settle for being an all-pro, eventual Super Bowl winning, hero of Seattle, NFL qb… What a failure…

  34. Look at his minor league numbers in his brief stint with the Colorado Rockies organization and you will see why he will never play baseball again, unless he truly does not care about making as much money as possible in as short of a window as professional athletes have. The Seahawks would never take his “threat” of playing baseball seriously. Can’t hit the off-speed stuff to save his life. He would never make it out of the minors in baseball. And would probably be lucky to crack 6 figures after being out of baseball for 4+ years.

  35. Wilson should play baseball before his 15 minutes of fame are over and he is exposed for what he is…a mediocre at best QB. I went to NC State when he was there and saw him play more than a few games. Trust me…he is over-rated.

  36. Football is more fun to watch and maybbe to play.

    But if I had the skills and the option I would choose baseball.
    Franchise QB is one of the football positions that pays well relative to baseball, but baseball players have a much higher quality of life after the game.

  37. If Wilson were good enough at baseball to have a big payday, he’d still be in the Rockies organization.

    He can’t play, and he knows he can’t play. Everything else is just noise.

  38. Wilson being told It’s a violation of his current contract. And by the way after next season you’ll recieve a hundred million dollar extension

  39. @logicalvoice sorry, our QB is too busy leading the hawks to a super bowl, not getting benched and being arrogant in the process and pouting. maybe it he worked out as hard as he does on his subway commercials..

  40. Don’t forget, baseball has the added bonus of getting him out of Seattle, which would help him avoid the long term consequences of depression and grunge, as well as dry out.

  41. You can play baseball until your 40! I would consider it if I was in his shoes. I am not fully aware of the risk involved or the chances of him making it to the big leagues, but he could make so much more money playing baseball if he made it. Food for thought.

  42. Russell Wilson does not strike me as a guy focusing his decision on money. He said his dream was playing QB at high pressure moments in the NFL. He is firmly entrenched as a Seahawk and as a role model in the Seattle community. Seeing his weekly visits with his wife to the local children’s hospital speaks volumes of his character and genuineness . If he says he is focused on football, I’m inclined to believe him.

  43. the average MLB career is 5.6 years long with a total earnings of 17.9 million dollars. this of course, assumes one makes it to the majors (something Russell’s Rockies minor league stats far from guarantee).

    the first bonus check off his first long term deal with the Hawks will be more than 17.9 million.

    the logic behind saying he makes more in MLB is to assume that his play level is equivalent. that’s not a reach. that’s a free fall. without a parachute.

    the best two sport athletes of all time, not named Bo Jackson, were far better at one than the other.

    Deion Sanders was 5 times the football player that he was a baseball player. Brian Jordan was a better football player. George Halas too.

    Simply put, this makes a great little story, but lacks any substance or reality.

    Russell will spend the next 12 years Pissing off Whiner fans all over the place.

    Go Hawks.

  44. He could play in front of 90,000 once a week, or 40,000 7 days a week. That’s why baseball pays more, and that’s why he should at least consider it. Leave the options open Russ. Backup second baseman make 5 times times what you are making. Starting second baseman make 20 times what you are making, and play til their late 30’s. Superstars like Cano sign guaranteed contracts for more than Peyton, Brady, and Brees’ un-guaranteed contracts combined!

  45. Even Michael Jordan had to play in the minors and he couldnt make it to the Bigs. Went back to the Bulls and continued his dominance.

  46. When it comes time, Seattle will pay Wilson what he is worth. Hell, the fans might chip in a few bucks if Paul Allen doesn’t step up. Unless he does something stupid, or starts to choke really bad, Russell Wilson is the toast of the town.

  47. The front office of the Seahawks isn’t afraid to pony up the money.

    He won’t be getting 20 mill per but, I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer a 5 – 6 year deal worth 60 or 70 mill with a 10 – 15 mill signing bonus.

    Only time will tell.

  48. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 12, 2013 9:52 PM

    The ones that think he should play baseball are the ones that understand the potential post-NFL career effects of multiple concussion on his brain.

    I’m not worried about Russell Wilson.

    I’m more worried about Seattle’s #1 ranked defense than their 21st ranked PASS Offense.
    Since you’re going off yards per game, eight teams above Seattle, in passing yards per game, have a losing record. Additionally:

    Seattle has rushed the ball 78 more times than they’ve passed the ball.

    NE has passed the ball 205 more times than they’ve rushed the ball.

    Denver has passed the ball 169 more times than they’ve rushed the ball.

    Seattle has passed the ball 182 time less than N.E. and 242 times less than Denver.

    Seattle is a run first team. Denver (with Manning) and N.E. have always been a pass first team.

    It’s all about offensive philosophies…If need be, Seattle can pass the ball.

  49. mythaimyke says:
    Dec 13, 2013 2:30 PM
    Put him on an average team and see what he can do! Another fly by night wanna be QB! I wouldn’t want him on my NFL or MLB team!

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Let’s see, we pretty much have the same team we had 2 years ago when Tavaris Jackson was QB and we went 7-9, 3rd in NFC West and failed to make the playoffs. 7-9 in pretty average to me.
    Yes, we’ve deleted and added a few players, like any other team but we have essentially the same team we had in 2011.
    Russell Wilson is the keystone, the individual that brings it all together, the one player we didn’t have in 2011 on an average (or below) team.

  50. dude is honestly a nerd with a great team ard him… his receivers make plays for him and he is very elusive which buys him time in the pocket… teams that play gap discipline def give him fits… once all the seattle loud mouths cash in on there rookie contracts seadderal is down the dumper again! no way they can afford em all! window is slowly but surely closing and it makes me happy!!! just like that sick 9er win last sday!! hahahahaha yay!

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