Santana Moss fears Cousins is being set up for failure

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We’ve heard plenty from the folks directly involved in and affected by the decision to shut Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III down for the season.  We’re now hearing from members of the organization who are on the periphery.

Receiver Santana Moss expressed concern on Thursday regarding the decision to throw Cousins into the fire.

“It’s kind of tough to put him into this situation right now and hope for him to be excellent,” Moss said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post.  “It’s almost like setting a guy up for failure.  But you just want him to go out there and be at ease and just take his time, be as efficient as he can because it’s one of those situations that’s like, you know, Catch[-22].  He don’t play as well, then you’re gonna say, ‘Well, should he have been in there?’  But you can’t do that to him because he hasn’t had all this season to go out there and jell with us.  But he has been ready enough to go out there and be able to run this offense.  So we’re just hoping for the best.”

Helping to make it better than it otherwise would be is that the Redskins end the season against a trio of not-so-stifling defenses.  The Cowboys are last in yards allowed, the Falcons are the seventh worst.  When it comes to points allowed, the Falcons are fourth from the bottom, the Cowboys are seventh, and the Giants are in the bottom third as well.

So it’s possible that coach Mike Shanahan is setting Cousins up not to fail but to thrive.  To thrive so well that Shanahan could try to go with Cousins as the starter if Shanahan returns next year.  So well that if Shanahan doesn’t return his parting gift to the franchise will have been a quarterback controversy.

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  1. Did everybody forget how Cousins played last year? With as crappy as Griffin has played this year (and that can’t be blamed entirely on him) I’d rather see him in the game over Cousins. FTTR!

  2. It doesnt matter who is on the field for Washington, they are a franchise destined for failure. Kirk Cousins, RGIII, Rex Grossman, Doug Williams- irrelevat who is on the field.

    #superiorfranchise #5ringsismorethan3

  3. Cousins will be fine. It could be ugly or not, but it will be practice that he can build off of. No matter what happens this isn’t going to wreck Kirk Cousins. He’s probably already adjusted his mindset to be able to endure this awkward situation.

    Although if I’m the Owner of the team, then I’d much rather not have the old coach messing around at all with Cousins for whatever possible harm could possibly come of it, and save him for the new coach to work with him before getting out there and finding out what can go wrong under some concerning coaching dynamics in play.

    No matter what the game is, I doubt Shanahan cares that much about making the Owner mad enough that he is going to screw up another guy’s career totally on purpose. I think he has two ways to play it, if it’s an ugly outcome then it fuels the fire, and if he plays well then he can take all the credit and reshape his position on things.

    I think Shanahan has more to benefit from Kirk playing really well than for him to not play well. And if RGIII were to play and play well, that wouldn’t help Shanahan at all at this point.

    Only Kirk playing well can help Shanahan, so Kirk is playing. Too late for the benefit of the team though, but not too late for Shanahan to bolster his options for that offseason chat with Snyder.

  4. Anyone saying Cousins is better than Griffin is crazy. Look at his career numbers. He is a young man as well. Still struggling and LEARNING how to play in the pros. You think with all the crap Robert takes he was putting up Eli Manning numbers. . .

  5. Frank Reich helped lead the ’92 Bills to the SB after Kelly got hurt late in the season, Hostettler led the G-man to the SB after taking over for Simms late in ’90. I’m not saying Wash is going to the playoffs, but the argument that a QB can’t jell with his team late in the season is a joke.

    Unless Moss and other players made up their mind about how they’d approach the final three games.

    What is Moss saying ” We’re not gonna bust our butts out there, so GL Kirk?

  6. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 12, 2013 5:03 PM

    Look at your calandar. The next time the Redskins lose it will be in Fall of 2015 because we are going undefeated the rest of this season and 2014. #Youhearditherefirst


  7. Kirk has had a chance to play. He won against the brown. Good. He’s sucked all other times, to no fault of his own. He will not have time to throw and will get killed by this O line. He will still have to put up 35pts after the Defense gives up 31. Just stating facts. Sorry not sorry.

  8. logicalvoicesays:

    I’ll give you $1,000 if that prediction comes true. You just have to agree that if they lose a game during that time that you say your team isn’t nearly as good as you thought and said, and no more over the top proclamations or predictions or endorsements of the team.

    And I don’t care about the preseason games, they don’t count, I’ll let you drop some of those en route to 19-0 next year.

    You in?

  9. gward90:

    I didn’t mean a literal “chance” to play. Getting sparse time in the manner that he did does not constitute a full “chance” to play, so it’s not a chance, it’s less than a chance.

    Also, I don’t care what time he got while this HC was here. That time doesn’t count to me. I wanna see what Kirk can do with a coach that is good for Kirk.

  10. Wow, a backup QB gets his chance to shine, and his teammates are complaining that it’s not ideal and he’s set up for failure?!?

    He gets paid a hefty salary to sit on the sidelines. When his number is called, he better be ready.

  11. If you are a backup QB and aren’t ready to go when needed, then you aren’t doing your job.

    Cousins is probably extremely happy to get some starts under his belt, not feeling like he’s being “set up for failure”. Santana Moss never talked this much earlier in his career when he was half effective…

  12. If only Santana had more catches than media quotes this season, we might have more than three wins. Thanks for the memories, dude, but, retire already!

  13. Hard to believe that grown adults who are supposedly successful can be acting as Shannie and what’s his name the owner. Millionaire and Billionaire standing at the urinal to see who is bigger. Karma is going to be a bitch for those two.

  14. So it’s possible that coach Mike Shanahan is setting Cousins up not to fail but to thrive.

    Shanahan’s a genius.

  15. gward90 says:
    Dec 12, 2013 5:11 PM
    Anyone saying Cousins is better than Griffin is crazy. Look at his career numbers. He is a young man as well. Still struggling and LEARNING how to play in the pros. You think with all the crap Robert takes he was putting up Eli Manning numbers

    do clueless morons like you even watch the games? RealGarbage3 gets 95% of his “numbers” in garbage time against prevent defenses and 2nd stringers. He threw for 3 yards in a half vs the Eagles, he tried to run up his personal stats being down 38-0 in half the games he played and i guess clueless morons like you just look at the numbers and try and compare it to players like eli manning. why dont you compare 1st half stats of RealGarbage3 against all over QB’s in the NFL and tell me how great he has been doing

  16. Moss seems like more of a divisive distraction than a help to the team.

    Firing Shanahan may reinforce that the owner is letting the inmates run the asylum. The first thing the next coach should do is come in an put a gag order on just about every player when it comes to that type of commentary offered by Moss.

  17. Shanny isn’t dumb. A stubborn, jerk? Yes. Dumb, no. Shanny has surely seen something out of Kirk behind the scenes that leads him to believe Kirk can help them win more games than Robert can. What better time to find out than on his way out. He knows he can’t pull this move in week 3. This divorce is coming and the reason is irreparable damage.

  18. I like these threads because it makes me feel so fortunate to have Luck. RGme is the most overrated and over hyped player in league history. Cousins is better and will play better. Now, let’s shut down those Subway commercials.

  19. Its a 3-10 team for crying out loud. Do you honestly think that if Tom Brady were to magically appear as a Redskin Qb, it would make much of a difference?

    If you want to see failure in a Redskin uniform, just watch when their defense takes the field.

  20. It’s amazing how we decide what’s important.

    In what other walk of life do the losers get 100 times more headlines that the winners?

    Do you open a business magazine and get a dozen articles about failed mom and pop grocery stores?

    Why do we obsess on picking on the weak? They stink, they know it, they’ll blow it up and try again next year.

    To deal with the point of the article directly: Cousins is not being set up to fail. He is being handed three starts against some of the most horrific defenses known to man. A QB with no arms could put up 300 yards and 3 tds against these teams.

    And it doesn’t mean anything. RGIII is the QB in Washington. Snyder won’t hire a coach that doesn’t buy into that. Period.

  21. Don’t know if you guys have been watching but RG41 is not a good QB at all. And Cousins wasn’t that good this year because when he came in his team already quit on RG17 really RG won’t be around after next year #youhearditherefirst

  22. He is hoping Cousins plays well enough to get some more draft picks from a QB needy team. That is what the hype is so that people are watching if Cousins goes and Flynn’s a couple of games.

  23. Trade Cousins and midway through next year they will be looking for QB. Then who will they use Grossman really.That’s it get draft picks to get another backup QB and Cousin will be starting for someone else. This team is dumb.If RG6 is a starter let him beat Cousins out for the job next year don’t give it to him because you gave the world for him. He will lose in a battle with Kurt

  24. Watch the deadskins win three out of four with a very good QB in Cousins and one of the leagues best running backs. Best they change that defensive coordinator NOW.

    Consider trading RG3 for some of those draft choices they gave for him otherwise this franchise continues at rock bottom.

  25. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 12, 2013 5:03 PM

    Look at your calandar. The next time the Redskins lose it will be in Fall of 2015 because we are going undefeated the rest of this season and 2014. #Youhearditherefirst


    So what happened to 14-2? Regular season and Super Bowl MVP with a total of 5 INTs? 2 of the top 5 WRs in the league? Top 5 TE? Dude, you’ve been so wrong, so often that if you posted that the Sun was going to rise in the East tomorrow, I’d call Vegas and make book on the Earth changing its rotation.

  26. He said it was a Catch -[22]? What did he really say? Catch -37? Catch and release? Catcher in the rye? Don’t just fix up his quote for him…tell us what he actually said.

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