Source: Griffin is disappointed but not angry


The notion that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is “extremely angry” over being shut down for the last three games of the season is compelling.  It may not, however, be accurate.

Per a source close to Griffin, the second-year quarterback is disappointed but not angry.

“Where they got that I don’t know,” the source said of the report that surfaced Thursday night on NFL Network.  “No competitor would be happy but to say he’s angry makes for good TV, I guess.”

The source added that Griffin has “accepted the decision,” even though Griffin still wanted to play.

“He feels like he let his teammates down and he wanted to finish the season with them,” the source said.  “Now he will just do it from the sideline and through practices.”

This assumes that coach Mike Shanahan will even let Griffin be on the sidelines for the final three games.  The next move in the protracted game of checkers/chess/chicken could be to pull a Josh Freeman-style banishment of Griffin to a luxury suite away from the many cameras covering the on-field action.

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  1. What’s really funny though, is if you are dominating in the chess game and have extra pawns, and your opponent just assumes you will take a queen when you get a pawn across the board, and then you switch it up and make it a knight, and they find out you plan on ending them by drowning them in a pool of knights if they don’t just simply quit already. Some people just can’t learn when to give up.

  2. He’s a smart kid. He knows he hasn’t earned the spot even for 3 meaningless games. Time to pump up Cousins value, the skins need the picks.

  3. I have a weird feeling Griffin will either be a career back for a while or out of the NFL in a couple of years.

  4. I hate to say it but im gonna say it. It’s obvious that Snyder had a strong influence on that trade to get Rg3 not saying that shanahan didn’t like the trade, but after a season like this somebody had get fired. So basically Rg3 was going to come back to early and there was nothing shanahan could do. Then shanahan has to fight back but get fired in the process. Shanny is the scapegoat cause rg3 isn’t going no where. Case closed, Redskins season closed………………………………..

  5. It’s too bad that Griffin got stuck with a coach who didn’t really want him in the first place but didn’t have the cojones to say so to his owner or GM. It’s also too bad that said coach didn’t have the wisdom or foresight to pull his rookie phenomenon (remember just how good he was a year ago?) from a sloppy field last January.

  6. Micheal Irvin was angry. Yelling and speaking incoherently about how Shanahan has messed w/3 players in WAS. He then named McNabb and Haynesworth. Hey Playmaker, go get arrested AGAIN and get off TV. The YELLING is really old.

  7. So what would NFL Commissioner Goodell do if every team that was eliminated from the playoffs just pulled their starting QB’s as protocol from now on? Shanahan is an angry old man and should be fired and put out of his misery.
    He would never have won any Super Bowls if Terrell Davis wouldn’t have fell into his lap in the 7th round in Denver out of pure luck. He is a average to below average coach. Remember he inherited a great Broncos team from Dan Reeves.

  8. Regardless of his injury,the only person RG3-10 should be mad at is himself. You could tell when he was playing,he wasn’t prepared!!. It seems like he never put in any study time-or watched any game film of opposing teams!!.

  9. If I were his teammate, I think I would prefer angry to disappointed. Shows a lot more desire and fire.

  10. RGIII = Tebow II .

    Eventually they will learn the world does not revolve around them, even if the media keeps telling them it does.

  11. This is in no way a bad thing for Griffin. Time to re-focus and identify the things that went wrong. And physically; to readjust how he approaches the game.

    If he destined for greatness in this league, it will happen with hard work and no distractions.

  12. RG3 is one classy kid. I actually watch the post game press conferences for myself and 99% of the stuff printed and regurgitated by reporters is so off base and totally twisted. Too much speculation by the media and self serving motivation to get readers. This kid straight up sacrifices himself for the game and all he gets nothing but bad press. Reporters are 99% mitches !!!! ( male b***hes !!!!)

  13. I gave it three years before he was seriously hurt. It looks more like three years wil be his career as a starter the way things are going. With a new coach in Washington, (what ex coach wants this gig) Griffin may be going the way of Vick.

  14. 1) Luck
    5) TIE- Weeden/Griffin

    Luck and Griffin stats are about the same.

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”
    Winston Churchill

  15. Most of the Skins issues revolve around the coaching/strategy.

    Get a new coach and good staff here for starters. Re-shape the roster the best you can starting with the offense and defensive lines.

    Get a good QB coach that can work with RGIII on his mechanics, reading defenses, etc.

    You do this and you are looking at a 9-7 record next season considering Skins play last place schedule.

    Snyder will always be an issue…but it is one you cannot control because he is the owner. Skins should only work on things they can control and do NOT hire any re-tread coaches.

  16. People are so gullible. I keep seeing people saying Snyder influenced the decision to draft RG3. Shanahan has total control over football operations. It’s in his contract and it was the only way he’d take the job. If Snyder was interfering, Shanahan could quit and be paid his contract in full. Shanahan is playing the public like a fiddle.

  17. chisox35 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 11:24 AM
    1) Luck
    5) TIE- Weeden/Griffin

    Luck and Griffin stats are about the same.

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”
    Winston Churchill

    Here we go again with another clueless clown. RealGarbage3 racked up 90% of his stats after halftime when his team was trailing by 30 plus points and going up against prevent defenses and 2nd string players genius. Are people like you really this dumb seriously? You are comparing RealGarbage3 to Luck, who has players like Hayward-Bey aka hands of stone and some practice squad reject named Brazzil to throw too? And yet Luck still led his team to a division title behind the worst offensive line in the NFL. I know you RealGarbage3 apologists love blaming the redskins offensive line for Bob’s failures, meanwhile Luck’s offensive line is equally as bad if not worse.

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