Terrance Knighton not happy about playing on Thursday night


Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton will play tonight against the Chargers, but he’s not happy about it.

Knighton is among the many NFL players who have spoken out against the league’s practice of having regular Thursday night games, saying that it shows the league cares more about making money for NFL Network than it cares about giving players enough time to recover between games.

“It’s about the NFL, their logo, making money and what the fans want. You know, they don’t really care about us,” Knighton told the Denver Post.

Knighton says players need a full week to recover from a game, and half a week just isn’t sufficient.

“I say Thursday, I’m probably around 75 percent, 80 percent,” Knighton said. “By Saturday, I’m probably around 90, and Sunday morning I feel good.”

For its part, however, the NFL says there are no more injuries in Thursday games than there are in games on other days. And so, while tonight’s game is the last Thursday game this season, the Thursday games will continue. No matter what the players think.

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  1. OK…so, not that many years ago, everybody whined and complained that Detroit and Dallas, with being able to host Thursday games every year on Thanksgiving, got an unfair advantage. Now, that the “advantage” has ceased, it’s a disadvantage? C’mon….can’t have it both ways.

    I wonder if many of these same players will be whining about having a week and a half off after the Thursday game?

  2. Fair enough.

    If players like Knighton want it to be about the players well being, here is an equitable solution.

    The NFL will eliminate the Thursday night package and calculate how much this will cost the 32 owners. This amount will then be deducted from the salary cap, thereby lowering player salaries.

    Knighton should be OK with giving some money back, right? I mean, after all, it shouldn’t just be about the money.

    Right Terrance?

  3. I really enjoy having a Thursday night game to watch, so I don’t really care if the players have an issue with it. Of course the NFL is about making money, after all, it is a business. It makes so much money that it can pay the players that are complaining about playing miliions upon millions.

  4. I hate Thursday night game. I wish all Thursday night games were played on Saturday night. You watch college games all day and then finish off with an NFL match. How cool would that be! Then wake up on Sunday morning for more NFL. Then go to work on Monday and watch the Monday Night game.

  5. Sometimes my boss asks me to come in on weekends, work late when needed, come in early, work through lunch etc…. and I do it, cause it’s my job.

    Like many other people who don’t appreciate what they have, Mr. Knighton feels entitled, even though he is paid handsomely to play a game for the entertainment of others.

  6. Of course, the other side of it is that the players get a mini-bye week after a Thursday game. Don’t know if that makes up for the short prep time before the game.

  7. Yeah, I’m not really feeling 100% at this point in the week either, but I’m sure if my employer wants to pay me forty-thousand-plus dollars to show up to work, I guess I can try to do it…

  8. I can buy into his statement about being 75%. Watching those games makes me feel like they are all playing about half speed. The second half/4th qtr is almost like they are all just trying to get through it. Has their been a good thurs nite game this year?

  9. Wipe your tears with $1000 bills, then pop in the mouth guard and get to work. Don’t like it? Get a new job an stop bitching. I higy doubt you will find another that pays that well to workout and play a game. Maybe be thankful that you have the opportunity to even play, regardless of the day.

  10. Crybaby. Wah, I make millions by playing a game for 5 months a year. I feel so bad for you bro! You could always retire and join the real world if what you’re doing is do bad.

  11. This is funny. He just realized the NFL is about money? I told my employer I’m not 100% on Monday mornings, but they make me come to work as well. Life isn’t fair.

  12. “It’s about the NFL, their logo, making money and what the fans want.”

    You’re absolutely right, Terrance, and you should have stopped right there. Don’t forget who is ultimately responsible for you making you’re millions of dollars. The NFL is driven by the fans, for the fans (althought lately, the second half seems to be forgotten).

    I’m not a strong advocate for or against Thursday night games, but comments like this tell me how much these players care about those cheering for them every week.

  13. Who cares. You get paid millions of dollars to have fun and participate in a sport that MILLIONS of people DREAM about getting into on a pro-level. You knew it was dangerous as soon as you started playing in little league. You’ll be fine.

  14. The NFL at every turn proves they could careless about players and most of there costumers. It’s all about increasing profits any way possible. Case in point Thursday games , and new “safety rules” at the Super Bowl. It’s all about squeezing every penny out of this thing before it crashes. JMHO.

  15. “It’s about the NFL, their logo, making money and what the fans want. You know, they don’t really care about us,” Knighton told the Denver Post.

    * Knighton than went to the bank and collected a portion of his million dollar salary for playing a sport.

  16. If you’re aware the NFL doesn’t care about you, and they only want to line their pockets, why do you continue to play?

    Oh that’s right, he’s pocketing 7 figures too.

  17. The question is, do you care about you? If you’re too banged up then don’t play. Complaining about being sore? Come on man, you’re a clown. Yes the NFL is about making money, but so are you. There are ways to recover from soreness…medication, ice, stretching, supplements, etc.

  18. Awww! The poor millionaire nfl player thinks the company that he works for cares more about making money than him! Join the club man!!! Just be happy you only have to do it for a few years! The rest of us will do it for our entire lives!

  19. He’s rights. It is about the NFL, the fans and then the players. The NFL is an entertainment business that exists for the owners to make money. It needs to make money by keeping the customer happy and entertained. That would be the fans that pay for tickets and watch games on T.V. Then, and only then do the players fall into the pecking order. Without the owners and fans, Terrance Knighton has no job. At least in the NFL, or one at least that is as lucrative.

    I, as a fan, look forward to the Thursday Game. If there was 10-25% more injuries, I would question having them. Absent any stats that show any increased risk, the games are welcome and the fact that some are not yet recovered fully from the previous game is not a big concern. Dig Deep Boys and get over it.

  20. It would be amazing to see the players of two teams go out of their way to make one of the normally crappy Thursday night pillow fights even more terrible.
    I say go all the way with it. I would love to see the look on the Ginger Hammer’s face if both teams decided to punt on every play. I know it would never happen but I a man can dream right?

    Thursday night punting contest between Manning and Rivers. Where do I sign up!

  21. wow and he went to college to figure out that business’s try to maximize profits…hey if you weren’t an overly large person you would be whinning about working black friday

  22. Shut up Terrance. You get paid millions. Of course the fans want this. This makes the week go by faster and gives us something to look forward too during a slow week. I wish football was on every night. Stop whining and play. If I was getting paid millions I’d play every single night of that’s what fans wanted.

  23. Here’s a thought; offer the to the NFL the condition that the players will return to the pre-collective bargaining agreement/contract practice schedule if the NFL will go from Thursday night to Friday Night games.
    This’ll give the players another day of recuperation plus their own football conditioning will improve with more practices.
    Seems like a workable compromise to me.

  24. Terrance really exposed a real conspiracy here, nice work!

    What’s next a player exposing that an owner sells tickets for profit?

  25. Knighton was the steal of the offseason. What a monster he is in the middle. Much like Wilfork, but without the huge pricetag.

    Good job to Elway for picking him up, and Del Rio for coaching him up.

  26. Eh, when players, (or anyone else, especially media) say things like this–things they know are going to be unpopular—and their social media accounts light up, increasing their brand/visibility–exactly who should really be getting mocked here???? hmmm?

  27. Almost every Thursday night game this year has been awful. I’ve turned most of them off part way through.

    Its one thing to have a few late in the season after the players have settled into the offenses and defenses, but having them early in the year is insanity.

    Look at the Pats-Jets game in week 2. Three days in between, no full pads practices, of course the Pats played poorly since they had a lot of rookies playing and the had totally inadequate time to prepare.

    The result is that Thursday games, especially early in the season, are almost guaranteed to be crap. A heavily watered down product that fans and players don’t want.

  28. Well, he should have thought twice then before agreeing (through his union) to play on Thursday nights. And it’s not as if the league is the only one thinking about money first. The players are just as financially motivated. After all, it is a business. The players play and then they get paid. Very simple.

    Welcome to the real world. Have a problem with your working conditions? Talk to your union representative. But don’t complain about the league regarding something you agreed to do, and benefit financially from. Hypocrite.

  29. If he feels that strongly about it, he should donate his game check to the NFL and sit.

    Otherwise he should put his pads on and go to work.

  30. Today’s athletes simply amaze me, I digress back to when I was growing and playing sports etc., you couldn’t stop us playing pick up games sometimes everyday. It was all about the competition we weren’t getting paid but we enjoyed the comraderie and the games whether football, basketball or baseball we’d play 24/7 if we could. Now athletes see the money that can be made yet they don’t want to truly earn it but they’ll accept the paychecks, they lead such hard driving tough lives making millions yet most of us will never see that kind of loot ever. Guess what man you don’t have to play at all if you feel this lifestyle is too difficult for you, but i’ll bet if you had to work like the rest of us you’d appreciate what you do alot more.

  31. But unless your opponent is coming off a bye, they have to deal with the same thing.

    Oh, and there is that little bonus of having 10-days off on the other side. Probably not complaining about that.

  32. “I say Thursday, I’m probably around 75 percent, 80 percent,” Knighton said. “By Saturday, I’m probably around 90, and Sunday morning I feel good.”


    that’s funny – cause honestly, at my age, if I’m 90-100% I ain’t going to work. I’m not going to waste a good day by giving it to my job.

  33. Hmm, so he doesn’t care about making money or the fans? I guess he should have spoken up before the CBA and made this one of the negotiating points. The players could have agreed to take less money in order to eliminate Thursday games. oddly enough, they were chasing the money too and didn’t think of this at the time. Better to whine about it after the fact.

  34. I’m a fan of these guys but I’m sick of hearing them complain. On the one hand the complain the safety rules are too strict and getting hurt is just part of the game. On the other hand, they complain the NFL is willing to put them in harm’s way to make money. It’s gotten hypocritical.

  35. Terrance “pot roast” Knighton needs to play well and the rest of his D mates definitely need some practice prior to the playoffs. Being the last home game of the year, I am hoping that they do not allow their standard track meet to happen and Peyton gets some rest (3-4 TDs).

  36. Let’s not forget that the NFLPA had to agree to these games during the CBA negotiations…so, it’s the players’ union as well as the NFL that “sold out” the players with the Thursday night games

  37. Is this already the excuse train being boarded for when the Donkey’s lose tonight?? I’m in agreement with most here… You’re paid to “Play” your job… shut-it and get your arse out there… oh boy…

  38. Let’s get rid of Thursday night football: Here are the games for 2013. Jets – Pats, Chiefs – Eagles, Niners – Rams, Bills-Browns, Chargers-Raiders, Seahawks – Cardinals, Panthers – Bucs, Bengals – Dolphins, Redskins – Vikings, Colts – Titans, Saints – Falcons, Texans – Jags. All of these matchups are just Meh!

  39. Its all about money we all know that. I just think Thursday night football is dumb, I can wait till Sunday to see two teams that I don’t care about play

  40. I’m with the players on this. The selfishness of the National Football League, and the desire to boost the league’s TV network are the only reasons for these games being held on Thursday.

    I don’t think Pete Rozelle or Paul Tagliabue would have pulled this stunt. But Roger Goodell’s ego is much bigger than either of those two predecessors of his, and it shows in decisions like this one.

  41. When Pot was a little kid he dreamed about playing football on Friday night. Then he looked forward to being able to play on Saturdays. Finally his dream came true and he suited up on Sundays. But Thursday? No one said anything about that.

  42. Geno Atkins injured in Thursday night game on a short week.

    Give those Thursday nights to teams coming off byes.

  43. First, Stop comparing your job to that of an NFL player. It’s not a valid argument. Secondly, he has a valid point about the league, who for years turned their heads when it came to head injuries, saying they care about player safety, yet have them play on 4 days rest. The Thursday night games do not make the league better, they just make the league more money. Of course, this is the same league that will soon increase to an 18 game schedule.

  44. I know this has been mentioned by a couple of people already, by why is so much focus put on the short rest before the game and not the advantage gained by what is in essence an extra 1/2 bye week after the game?

    The argument should end with the statistically provable fact that there is no bump in the number of injuries in Thursday night games. Just because you can point out a couple of injuries that did occur on Thursday (Geno Atkins) doesn’t prove a trend.

    I wonder how many on here carping about Thursday games were around the other day when everyone was saying that football should be in the olympics.

    You realize they would have to play a game like every other day, right? LOL

  45. He would rather go out to a club on thursday nights. Nothing bad happens to your body or eyes when you do that.

  46. Someone who makes millions as an NFL employee is unhappy about how the league schedules games to maximize profits?

    Careful what you ask for, lower revenue equates to lower salaries.

  47. When are these players going to learn that aren’t any different than anybody else in the world when I comes to your employer not caring about you. It’s always all about the money.

    I wish these players would stop complaining. Anyone in the private workforce would love to be making the type of money an athlete does.

    If players don’t like there jobs, I’m sure anyone of the undrafted or recently cut players would love to take over anyone’s job.

  48. He’s absolutely right, and I can’t see how anyone can think differently.
    Of course, that just means the NFL is like the vast majority of businesses. Laborers are “expense,” nothing more.

  49. dezbryant says:
    Dec 12, 2013 12:27 PM

    The Thursday night product is Garbage.

    Why not have teams coming off of a bye week play on those nights.

    Because no team in the league has a bye immediately following the 1st or 2nd week of the season.

  50. No one really understand how the body takes such a pounding if you never played football, so for those who don’t know go try it and then do it again in 4-days and let me know how you feel

  51. If/when there is evidence showing that there are more injuries on Thursday night games, the NFL should begin looking into changing the current format. However, until that evidence exists, the players need to shut up and collect their pay checks. They have the option to quit/retire and work I. The “real world”.

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