Broncos defense fell short on Thursday night

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The Broncos offense has carried them all season, but the yards and points didn’t come so easily against the Chargers on Thursday night.

Denver had three straight three-and-outs in the second quarter, they earned eight fewer first downs than their season average and put up just 20 points thanks to a strong defensive effort from the Chargers. Their own defense could not do the same, leading to a 27-20 loss that sent the inside track to home field advantage in the AFC to New England.

The Chargers held the ball for nearly 40 minutes, converting 6-of-12 third down opportunities and going on long, methodical drives that ate time even if they didn’t result in any points for the visiting team. On top of that, the Broncos committed several blunders that led to penalties for being offside and having too many men on the field. Coach John Fox said after the game that the Chargers did a better job of preparing on a short week, but linebacker Wesley Woodyard doesn’t think that the abbreviated prep time is any excuse.

“They made a lot of plays on third down, and that’s the tale of this game, not getting off the field on third down,” Woodyard said, via “Thursday night or not, it shouldn’t matter. Any time you step out on that field, you have to put out your full effort, and we fell short of that.”

No one is expecting the Broncos defense to suddenly start carrying the team, but they’ll need to do more than they did on Thursday night for the team to realize its goals this season.

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  1. Literally Peyton has to play amazing every week to get a win?? Looks like he’s in the same boat as he was in Indy. Sitting on the sideline watching teams eat up 7 minute drives knowing he has to play perfect to get a win. smh

  2. And the injury riddled Pats, with no name brand WRs, are once again atop the whole AFC, likely heading for a bye week… Incredible how they manage to do it year in and year out…

  3. what blueprint is that genius, that you must run the ball and control the clock ? Woah, earthshattering discovery. The world is also round moron.

  4. So an unstoppable offense and QB that averages over 40 points a game can’t score more than half their season average, against the 26th ranked defense in the NFL and we’re told it’s because the Broncos DEFENSE let them down.


  5. It doesn’t help that Manning threw another ill timed pick in the 4th Qtr. on a critical drive. Just Manning being Manning.

    If we are going to say Manning choked by throwing an interception on a deflected pass, why don’t we say Manning chokes every time the Broncos don’t score a TD on a possession? It seems like we are getting to the point where any performance less than perfection in a Bronco loss means Manning “choked”again.

  6. Manning peed down his leg again. Like to see him put up those gaudy numbers with a few more receivers out and play with guys like Brady has to throw to.

  7. Wiggly72 says: Dec 13, 2013 8:19 AM

    It doesn’t help that Manning threw another ill timed pick in the 4th Qtr. on a critical drive. Just Manning being Manning.

    I guess you are talking about the pick where his arm/elbow was hit as he was throwing. Yep Manning being Manning. How did he not put up a ton of points after having the ball for a total of 22 minutes and the D committing penalties on 3 3rd down stops giving SD a first and more time off the clock. I guess he needs to throw like 47 TD’s to get some credit.. Oh wait
    Also to joetoronto and his blueprint theory: Any team can win when they only give the best player the ball for 22 minutes. That’s the blueprint for NE, INDY, CINCY and team you schmuck

  8. The analysis of time of possession is flawed. The problem was that offense could not stay on the field.

    The Broncos had four drives within 23 minutes between 0946 of Q2 and 0132 of Q3. They managed one first down, and no points. But yeah, their defense lost the game.

  9. The play that really tore them apart was the offsides during the punt! That was just horrible! They did the absolute thing that will beat my boys, & that is owned the Time of Possession! But I’d rather they lose now than ride a long winning streak into the playoffs and it happen! Got it out the way!

  10. Someday maybe Del Rio will notice that Miller and Phillips are OLB’s and not DE’s. They can’t set the edge and that is why they are getting gashed. You are allowing 6’10 330 King Dunlap and 6’6″ 339 D.J. Fluker to RUN block 250 defensive players. Not a math major, but that just doesn’t add up.

    Hopefully soon Del Rio will watch tape, or give me a call.

    Message me Jack, I’ll help you out with basic defensive concepts.

  11. Unlike your team Joe, which is a house of “pure crap”.

    This game was just a preview of the playoffs. Prepare yourselves donkey fans. It’s yet another one and done with the oldman at the helm of your fraud offense. Playoff defenses will be much better than the one you saw last night. And your defense is flat out terrible.

  12. An old golf saying “You can drive for show but you putt for dough. The Broncos sure put on an offensive show this year, but where will they be when the play-offs end?
    The pressure and spotlight has been on the Broncos since the season began. They got off to a fast start and as the regular season winds down the flaws in their armor began to show and crack. Largely due to Payton the offensive has carried them this far, but Denver’s defensive has been exposed as a fraud. Payton is on pace to break some NFL records which is a personal achievement, the Lombardi trophy is a team achievement. If by chance the Broncos make it to the SB it will be their defensive that keeps them from bringing home the Lombardi trophy.

  13. the defense had them stopped on 3rd down twice and got very DUMB penalties….that as much as anything the offense did cost the Broncos the game.
    they will bounce back….win out and regain the #1 seed.
    Now IF the Defense doesn’t correct some things they likely will lose in the AFCCG….if the D pulls their weight….the sky is the limit for this years Broncos

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