Charles Woodson on 2014: I’m coming back if they want me

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When Charles Woodson signed with the Raiders before this season, he was coming off an injury-marred season with the Packers and it seemed like the veteran safety might have been setting himself up to play a final season with the team that originally drafted him into the NFL.

Woodson has turned in solid work for the Raiders this year, though, and that’s led to questions about whether or not he’ll be returning for another go in 2014. Woodson said he thinks the organization is moving in the right direction and that he’s been “happy and proud” to be part of it this season. He’d also be down for one more year if the Raiders feel the same way.

“I want to play again,” Woodson said in an interview with 95.7 The Game, via “I think this is the only place that I would play. I do plan on coming back and playing for the Raiders. If that didn’t happen, then I think I would have to decide if I want to go somewhere else for another year. If I’m wanted here, I’m coming back.”

With the long-awaited return of cap space and a full complement of draft picks, the Raiders are expected to be one of the league’s busiest teams this offseason. Woodson would provide the team with leadership and continuity through that process, assuming, of course, that Oakland feels he’s still talented enough to merit a roster spot.

22 responses to “Charles Woodson on 2014: I’m coming back if they want me

  1. This Raider fan wants him back.

    I don’t think he realizes how much comments like this from a much respected veteran can have on everything the Raiders do this offseason. If Chuck wants to stay and see’s progress other vets may see the same thing. In a time of rebuild with not overpaying players some influence to get solid players on board needs to come from everywhere.

    I think Charles hates the way things have gotten since he left and is determined in his short time to leave it better in Oakland.

    I didn’t get mad when he left and I couldn’t be happier he’s back.

  2. That’s a real Raider right there. Reggie Mac just needs to find a few more real Raiders that’s strong enough to wear, and succeed in the Silver & Black.

    If Woodson’s on board with this regime. I’m down with it too.

  3. Of course you’re coming back. You make raiders fans like me want to go to the games, you put rears in seats, you’re loved by the fans, it’s not up to us, but let’s be hones, Charles Woodson is a big reason why the raiders have sold game tickets this year.

  4. I certainly hope that they bring back C-Wood next year. The D was very good the first half of the season and has gone downhill since but C-Wood certainly is not the reason – the guy can still flat-out play. I think with the infusion of new (hopefully better) players on the roster the retention of a HOF leader like C-Wood will be part of the turnaround that Raider fans are hoping for.

  5. Come on back C-Wood. But we need to re-sign Usama Young – who was also solid before injury – because this guy’s age is just scary at this point. And he hasn’t been exactly indestructible throughout his career.

    Another great Al Davis pick, headed to the HOF.

  6. There hasn’t been much for Raider fans to feel good about lately. This news made me feel good. Loyalty is rare these days and freshing when you see it. Thanks Charles.

  7. no doubt he is confirming the cliche “Once a Raider , always a Raider!” It will be great to see both C-wood and Branch play this weekend. No doubt Branch will help the run d, more than Young or Ross.

  8. So sad to see this future Hall Of Famer squander his final years risking his health for the irrelevant Raiders.

    I hope he sees the light and retires while he’s still relatively healthy, because the Raiders are years away from approaching relevancy.

  9. He should come back and watch Reggie Mckenzie blow another draft and sign free agents that cannot even make the team.

  10. Awesome news! We love you Woodson! You’ve been one of the few bright spots on a disappointing season. Ive looked forward to seeing you play every Sunday! Reggie, please resign Woodson ASAP!!!!

  11. Damn! The man hasn’t missed a game and he seems to also be at every practice too, and at 37?!

    Coming back for another season with the Raiders?–yes, please.

  12. From Mr. Ohio in high school, to beating John Cooper’s Buckeyes in college, to defensive rookie of the year for the Raiders, to defensive player of the year and Super Bowl champion with the Packers, and to being poised to break the all-time individual defensive TD record each week with the Raiders, Charles Woodson has been my favorite player to watch play the game.

    His decision to return will ensure that I renew my NFL ticket subscription so that I may watch every game in which he plays.

  13. slick50ks says: Dec 13, 2013 12:50 PM

    It’s got to be for the money, because no one deserves that much losing.
    If this clown could read, he would realize the Queefs have finished dead last in division four out of the past five seasons. You have to lose a lot to accomplish that feat.

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