Cowboys extended Scandrick in November

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At a time when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son, Stephen, have been calling out multiple defensive players by name, one of them has gotten a new contract.

PFT has confirmed that cornerback Orlando Scandrick received a two-year extension last month.  The new deal increases the guaranteed money while decreasing the annual average of the deal.

Scandrick gets $9 million guaranteed under the new contract, via a $4.5 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2014; a $1.5 million base salary in 2015 guaranteed for injury only until the fifth day of the 2015 league year, when it becomes fully guaranteed; and $3 million base salary in 2016 guaranteed for injury only until the fifth day of the 2016 league year, when it becomes fully guaranteed.

The deal includes base salaries of $3 million in 2017 and 2018, respectively, along with $500,000 de-escalators each season based on Scandrick completing the offseason workout program.

While the contract first landed on the media’s radar screen Friday, it was signed on November 21.  It’s unclear why word of the deal didn’t leak sooner.

Maybe Scandrick didn’t want people on his Christmas list to expect better gifts.

21 responses to “Cowboys extended Scandrick in November

  1. The extension had to be done so they would save some money by extending his contract to make room for some cap space knowing they have to make new deals with Smith and Bryant.

  2. If it were an Eagles fan, or any other playoff contending team (minus the Falcons/Packers – injuries have riddled them moot this season) then I would give you a nod. But how does a Redskin fan see that they will be beating anyone for the next years to come? You sold the farm to buy the stallion and now everything is crumbling. Alfred Morris is regressing back towards the mean (for those non-math whizzes out there, his rookie year was out of this world, now it’s time to come back to Earth). And the only team benefitting from the Redskins losing more games is Jeff Fisher because his bonus pick keeps climbing and climbing.

  3. Didn’t he get an extension and raise not long ago? I just don’t see what the Cowboys see in this guy. He’s servicable (at times) but far from a star. He wouldn’t even start for a number of teams.

  4. If you think Scandrick wouldn’t start for some teams, remember that he completely shut Victor Cruz down (1 catch for 5 yds when in man coverage), a WR considered a good number 1 receiver.

    Scandrick is fiesty, versatile, and gets better every year. Glad to have him in the long term plans of this team

  5. IllogicalNoise says: “Nice to know that Garcon will be running past Scandrick non-stop for the next several years.”

    Garcon will be on his way to the little boys room to retrieve RGIII so he can cheer on Kirk Cousins.

  6. Jerry would make the perfect modern politician, spend, spend, spend and never concern yourself with the future or the consequences. Sorry Jerry, unlike the government, you have a cap and constantly restructuring current deals in hopes that the debt will go away won’t work. This still leaves you near 30 mil in the hole for next season.

  7. As a Cowboy fan I have seen he has done pretty well this year. He has impressed me. He once impressed me when he was starting out and he did get a good beefy contract only to seem to struggle afterwards. Now he is playing like he did before he signed his last contract. I just hope he doesn’t start playing badly like he did after signing his extension the last time. To the people who say its the Cowboys throwing away money in a way this guy deserved it and it also gives some sort of relief to the cap so I’d say the risk is not very high on this deal. One of the few Dallas players that has stayed through a number of different coaches and sells very little jersey’s.

  8. l0glcalv0icesays says:
    Nice to know that Garcon will be running past Scandrick non-stop for the next several years. #HailToTheRedskins #CowboysSuck #Redskins2014SuperBowlChampions

    To borrow a quote from Joseph Welch in finally dismissing the vile cretin that was Joseph McCarthy,

    “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

  9. @jebsta16

    You apparently have the same problem as jerry in that you speak before you have any idea what you are talking about. Signing this contract lowers his cap hit over next two years in addition to making him an acceptable loss next year or down the road splitting his salary as a post June 1 cut brings it below a million dollars. Go learn something about the salary cap before you try and bash a GM. Jerry is no good, but for crying out loud…get some sense

  10. as long as romo is their qb, cowboys aren’t going to win anything. everyone else in the nfc east knows it. we just laugh every yr the pundits pick dall to win the div.

    separate the hype from reality and you have a mediocre team at best.

    romo has won 1 playoff game right ?

  11. This from the mind of the men that thought handing Brandon Carr 10 mil per was a good idea.

    There are 2-3 legit starters on this defense, tops. Scandrick sure as hell ain’t one of them.

  12. Like Orlando their corners are pretty good they just absolutely have no defensive line like their first three picks in the draft have to be front seven on defense

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