DeMarcus Ware vows to find form that has eluded him

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Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware wasn’t one of the players mentioned by name by team vice president Stephen Jones.

But Ware knows his name hasn’t been called nearly enough this season, and vows to change that the last three weeks as they fight for a playoff spot.

What’s my name?” Ware said, via Tim McMahon of “All right. Ain’t nothing changed. I don’t feel like nothing has changed.”

Well, the production has. Ware’s posted a career-low 6.0 sacks, after seven straight years in double-digits.

Injuries have been a factor, as he missed three games with a quadriceps strain, and said he didn’t feel completely well until last week. But he’s confident he’ll turn things around now.

“I see a guy who is close,” Ware said. “People can say what they want to say. Tell them to get in front of me and see if they can block me. Then we’ll go from there.”

That’s been easier to do than ever this year, and if he doesn’t deliver, the Cowboys chances of improving a defense that’s leaking at record rates isn’t good.

4 responses to “DeMarcus Ware vows to find form that has eluded him

  1. As a Cowboys fan, NO. Except for six scrubs, everyone already has blocked you. Don’t tell us you’re back, or healthy, or resolving to get better.
    Get off your butt and -show- us. Allas fans are tired of the weak effort from Kiffin’s squad. That’s right, I said Allas Cowboys, because there sure as hell isn’t any D on that team.

    -a very unhappy fan

  2. I think it was NFL network. They did a spotlight on Ware highlighting his effort or lack there of. Trying might be the first step in “regaining his form”. He was diving into the oline men going to the ground making it look like he was getting blocked. He was basically doing everything possible to avoid contact.
    Maybe they really are Americas team…do nothing and get paid.

  3. Demarcus Where? With the Dallas D being horrific teams don’t need to worry about other lineman or backers. And with all players there is a time that you start to see a drop off, some slowly and some off a cliff.

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