Haynesworth claims Shanahan’s contract prevents Snyder from talking to players

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The big top this year has moved from New York to Tampa to Miami to Washington.  The tent has remained in D.C. for nearly a week, and a guy who used to play there has given the circus another ring.

Appearing Thursday on Tennessee Sports Radio (via the Washington Post), Haynesworth said that coach Mike Shanahan’s contract includes a provision preventing owner Daniel Snyder from talking at length with players.

“[W]hen Shanahan signed his deal, he made it to where he has in his contract where [Snyder] can’t talk to players,” Haynesworth said.  “He can only have short conversations, like, ‘Hey how are you.’  Things like that.  I used to talk to Dan and tell him how I’m playing, or what I’m trying to do, or whatever.  Not that he went down to the coaches or whatever and said anything; just kind of like a friend I’m having a conversation with.

“And once Shanahan got there, I could never even talk to [Snyder] again.  He was never in his office, or he was always busy.  I always had to come back or something, which never amounted to me ever talking to him.  I mean, the only time I talked to him or saw him was when my brother passed, and he was there for my family and flew us to Nashville and to South Carolina for my brother’s funeral.  That was really the only time I seen Mr. Snyder.”

While there could be plenty of other reasons for Snyder avoiding Haynesworth after Haynesworth’s first year in Washington, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Shanahan negotiated a term aimed at preventing Snyder from maintaining relationships with players that could undermine the coaching staff.  Indeed, Shanahan had the leverage and the reason to get such a commitment.

As Rich Tandler of CSNWashington.com explained on Monday’s PFT Live, running back Clinton Portis relied at times on his friendship with Snyder to get out of practice when Jim Zorn was the coach.  We’ve heard other stories of Portis disrespecting Zorn, and of Snyder doing nothing about it.

Snyder badly wanted to hire Shanahan.  That gave Shanahan the power to ask for pretty much anything he wanted, including an agreement that Snyder wouldn’t buddy up to players.

If Haynesworth’s assessment is accurate, Shanahan may be holding more cards in this game of contract-buyout chicken than previously realized.  At a time when Snyder reportedly is studying the contract for language that would support stiffing Shanahan, it’s possible that Snyder already has violated the deal via a relationship with Robert Griffin III that reportedly put Shanahan at the brink of resignation.

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  1. And there were multiple shooters in Dallas that day or the Japanese were invited to attack Pearl Harbor or…..

  2. I’m pretty sure Snyder stopped talking to Albert because he realized the man had robbed him of $100 million.

  3. Biggest wastes of talent in NFL history:

    1)Albert Haynesworth
    2) Jemarcus Russel
    3) Albery Haynesworth
    4) Joey Harrington
    5) Albert Haynesworth

    In that order

    #dump #biggestwasteofmoneyever

  4. Someone really needs to explain to me again how Shanahan had leverage? The guy has been below average ever since Elway retired.

  5. If true, it says a lot about Shanahan and Snyder, both. It’s possible Shanahan heard the stories regarding Portis and asked for that clause in his contract. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine Snyder agreeing to such a clause, seeing as he is the one signing the paychecks. Maybe these two really deserved each other.

  6. I can see that – Mr. Snyder, Coachwon’t let me…

    Snyder: Hold on right there – I am contractually obligated not to talk to you.

    AH: What?

    Snyder: Oh yeah – its true….

    AH: But….

    Snyder: [closes door]

  7. Snyder is so rich that he actually commissioned the u.s. Treasury to print $7m dollar bills especially for him……. So that he can wipe his butt with them. I can’t imagine this money is holding up firing shanahan. Which leads me to believe that this entire fiasco is completely media driven and there’s no truth to any contentions between the 2.

  8. A) Haynesworthless doesn’t know what’s in his coach’s contract; and B) Even if this were true, it says a lot about how meddlesome of an owner Snyder is that he would have to give Shanny such a clause in the contract. It just shows that Snyder has a very bad rep.

  9. Yes, Albert Haynesworth….. quite the credible source. This is simply more propaganda being pushed by this media outlet.

    Fat Albert’s quote, “And once Shanahan got there, I could never even talk to [Snyder] again. He was never in his office, or he was always busy. I always had to come back or something, which never amounted to me ever talking to him…” basically tells us that he has NO CLUE what was going on, let alone knowing what is going on now!

  10. Don’t you hate when people who have never seen a document start talking about the document says?

    Of course, it’s POSSIBLE that Albert was Shanny’s counsellor and was asked to advise him about the terms. But somehow I doubt it.

  11. Cue the “Cowher/Gruden/Holmgren/Schottenheimer” rumour mill. Did I leave anybody out? All of this nonsense with D.C., is telling me that the authority figures in the coaches ranks are no longer that, and with the coddling of the Star of Baylor all year, haven’t been so in some time.

  12. FACT: Coaches need to be the top of the chain of command

    Yes, there are more than one way to manage… but… when relationships between the owner and players influence personnel decisions… there is a problem.

    An owner and g.m. need to know the phrase “Talk to your coach” followed by the door shutting… because anything more is confusing the player about who is in charge.

    THE REAL FACT: cowher/tomlin, billick/harbaugh, and shanahan’s careers were influenced by a huge group of juiced up players (pittsburgh’s team doctor was indicted for illegally supplying hgh and steroids) and belichick’s career was influenced by cheating and favorable bogus calls (like last weekend in Cleveland).

  13. How is this not ROFLAO? This is HAYNESWORTH!

    Secretary: “Mr. Snyder, Mr. Haynesworth is here to see you.”

    The Owner: “Tell him, I’m busy … my grandmother died.”

    Secretary: “Mr. Snyder, that would be the third dead grandmother I’ve told him is dead.”

    The Owner: “I don’t know. Make something up. Get him out of here.”

    Secretary to Haynesworth: “Mr. Snyder is contractually obligated not to speak to you.”

    The Owner leaving his office through the reception area: “Hey Albert, good to see you, gotta run.”

  14. There was a guy wearing a Washington team sweatshirt working in a business in Rhode Island I had to go into today.

    Took one look at the guy and said “Washington fan ? You poor bastard.”

    He just hung his head and walked away shaking it while the his coworkers laughed at him.


  15. Man, the media just reports “Shanny Playing Game of Contract Chicken” and they say it over and over until fans believe it. Well, I’m calling BS. I don’t believe that someone would be so low as to mess with a man’s career (RG3). Shanny has developed a relationship with RG. I believe Shanny feels the current Redskins Oline and environment in general, is not conducive to RG3s development. So, he is deciding to hold him out for the rest of the year. All this other stuff is hear say.

  16. 2001asterisk2003asterisk2004asterisk says:
    Dec 13, 2013 2:37 PM

    Belichick is going to turn Haynesworth’s career around – it’s a reclamation project.


    Dude, get a life. How many screen names do you have that is similar to that one?

    AH was out of football the year after he was let go by the Pats after playing 6 games.

  17. Say what you want about jones and Snyder but these guys hand out alot of money when family tragedies strike. They did alot for Stephen Bowen when his child was in the nicu

  18. So now how many ex-players have come out of the woodwork to badmouth Red Lobster and the culture in Washington? Lets see:

    Who else am I forgetting? They cant all be wrong.

  19. The only variable that is constant with the Redskins after 1997 is Dan Snyder. No matter what all these folks want to say about Shanahan the fact remains that Snyder is meddlesome. 12 years of Vinny Cerratto don’t just all of the sudden disappear after a new coach and GM show up. The mismanagement of the cap, draft picks, and free agency haunt the Redskins for 4 years, and Shanahan is managing players, free agency, and the draft better than anyone has in DC since Bobby Beathard. Shanahan is doing everything just fine, and everyone needs to slow down and realize that this all takes time. Practice some patience people. Haynesworthless has ZERO credibility.

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