Quadruple stabbing outside Mile High following game

The scene in Denver following the conclusion of Thursday night’s game between the Broncos and San Diego Chargers has apparently shifted from collective disappointment to something much worse.

The Denver Police Department confirmed via their Twitter account that quadruple stabbing occurred outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High following the conclusion of the Chargers 27-20 victory over the Broncos. The incident was initially called into police just before 10 p.m. MT. Officers have suspects in custody and are not currently searching for any more perpetrators.

According to Daryl Orr of FOX 31 in Denver, one victim is in critical condition with the remaining three victims in stable condition.

Denver police say there is no word on what led to the incident in the aftermath of the game.

UPDATE 3:15 a.m. ET: Denver police say there are only three confirmed victims at this point. There is a possible fourth victim that is still missing after the altercation.

[Photo credit:  Daryl Orr, FOX 31]

122 responses to “Quadruple stabbing outside Mile High following game

  1. As of 9:49 pst, no substantial addition details…

    Hope everyone’s okay…it’s just football…

  2. its sad what happens at some of these games. i have seen my share of idiots in Oakland, but it just goes to show stupid people are everywhere.

  3. This kind of thing seems to happen frequently. Although I’m a Bills season ticket holder, I’m in the USAF stationed at DMAFB in Tucson, AZ. I’m only able to go to one or two home games a year. Going to NFL games can get pretty hostile. I think the NFL needs to be more strict about idiots in the stands. If you harass someone, it needs to be dealt with, harshly. There is absolutely no reason I or my family should feel threatened or afraid when paying good money for what’s supposed to be entertainment. If the NFL wants us to get our Burts off the couches and in the stands, they need to make it worth it. I don’t find potentially being murdered by a stabbing or shooting as a benefit for going.

  4. See, its not only the Bay area. There are pieces of S like this everywhere. Its a sport, a game played for your entertainment. Leave it at that. No reason for this.

  5. Personally while watching the Phillip Rivers interview after the game I just had a uneasy feeling while watching it.

  6. This is happening with increasing frequency across the country.

    The NFL needs to fix this immediately! If they don’t, fans will refuse to pay outrageous ticket prices for a game and facility that is not safe–as they should.

    NFL–You are certainly making enough money to provide proper security inside and outside the stadium.

    DO IT!

  7. Sadly, I jokingly said that all the Bolts fans were going to get stabbed after the game to my wife. I’m not going to joke about that anymore.

  8. When the heck did U.S. fans become European Soccer fans? This is the type of stuff they do. Way too many of these incidents going on at games these days. Not just football games either. That San Francisco Giants fan beaten by Dodgers fans. I know there’s more, just too tired to think of them right now but I know you all know what I’m talking about.

    Come on America. We’re better than this.

  9. Thank the universe I was born with a brain between my ears and compassion for my fellow man.

    It’s so hard for me to fathom what it must be like to live without either of those things.

  10. 1. Hope those folks are okay.
    2. The Beats commercial with Cap was wrong. They should have included Broncos fans.
    3. The Denver PD has a Twitter account? Smh..

  11. Firstly, I hope everyone will be okay and the attackers will be charged accordingly. Secondly, the worst fans ever award shifts from Philly to Denver.

  12. Stories like this make me sick. What the hell is wrong with some people? Hopefully that guy recovers and doesn’t have his life ended by a moron outside of a football stadium. So damn senseless

  13. Darn San Fran fans. Get a tom tom so you’ll stop getting lost!

    But seriously I hope everyone is ok this is really sad.

  14. Everyone, it’s time to take a rip and chill out. January 1 can’t come soon enough to Colorado. Peace to my fellow football buds out there. Love this board.

  15. This story will disappear by tomorrow because A. It didnt happen in Philly, and B. Peyton Manning played in the game which resulted in this tragedy. It is such a turnoff when I spend absurd amounts of money to go see my team play, and I have to deal with protecting my friends, and my lovely, die-hard, lifer fan sweetheart from stumbling drunk half-whits who don’t know up from down by 2 in the afternoon. Yes, I used to enjoy and LOVE tailgating (in college), but now I willingly designated drive to every single game because I still enjoy football, and someone needs to be clear headed enough to keep people they love away from these “far too common” situations. XFinity live made me sick to my stomach after the legendary Eagles Lions snowbowl. REAL Eagles fans melted my heart and made that day a special one, one ill never forget, I then had the displeasure of seeing all of the drunk nit-wits who attended that game for all the wrong reasons in action while we were waiting for borderline blizzard traffic to clear.

  16. There should be something called an Idiot Card. If you possess one, you cannot consume alcoholic beverages nor be allowed to purchase or carry weapons of any kind.

  17. This is getting ridiculous, Im sure there will be lots of “stay classy Denver or San Diegos” floating around but this nonsense seems to be going on in every stadium around the country.
    When did Football fans turn into Soccer Hooligans.

    I dont know if many of you are aware of the Gaelic games played over here in Ireland but basically every weekend in Dublin, Croke Park is filled with about 80 000 rabid fans from all over the country who yell and cheer as their teams kick the hell outta each other all game but as soon as its over there is nothing but good hearted banter.
    You can go into any bar around the stadium before or after the game wearing your teams colours and all other fans will sit and join in on a good natured ribbing over a few pints.
    Not to sound uppity or anything but this is the kind of atmosphere where you can truly enjoy a sporting event.

  18. I hope that with the sports related attacks reported in all these Western cities will make people think again when they characterize Baltimore and other East Coast cities as dangerous. Yeah, we have a lot of murders is Baltimore, but 90% of them are one drug dealer killing another. Almost all of our fatalities are gang related and concern drug territories. When the Yankee fans Piitsburgh fans and Red Sox fans descend on our city, we don’t like it, but we don’t kill them.

  19. Habitually, Ray Lewis issued a statement denying anything to do with it. He then rushed home and burned the suit he was wearing.

    Yeah. That never gets old. Unless you’re a Ray Lewis sycophant.

  20. Likely drunken hooligans again. Word to the wise: even though you’re entitled to wear opposing teams’ colors, leave your opposing team’s swag at home, where it is safely worn & less provocative.

  21. I’m sure this guy had a good reason to try to kill four people. It is a football game, after all. That’s a totally legitimate reason to murder people, right? I mean, these guys probably root for a different team than the stabber! The nerve of those stab victims!

  22. Is it safe to go to an NFL game anymore? I love my team but are people taking it so seriously that they’ll kill over it?

  23. Hope this confrontation wasn’t between fans about the game, it’s just football compared to a human life. I love going to the games; but staying home doesn’t look so bad in these days and times.

  24. I’m going to start documenting all these incidents in a saved file so when one of you suggests this kind of stuff only happens with Philly fans… MORE IMPORTANTLY I am very sad to hear that this happened.

  25. Come on!! Let’s hear about Santa and the snowballs in Philly you morons. Only in philly right? I don’t recall any stabbings at the linc.

  26. You mean this didn’t happen in Philadelphia?

    On a serious note, my heart goes out to the victims especially at this time of year.

  27. When did football stop being entertainment for some people and become their identity? C’mon, man. In the end it’s just a game.

  28. This is unbelievable! However, I’m just glad this didn’t happen in Philadelphia. Because we would never hear the end of it!

  29. And philly will continue to be the “bad” fans of sports, but yet I have never heard of any shootings, stabbings, or anything along those lines at a philly game. However 1 guy gets in a fight and it was on CBS national news this week. What a joke.

  30. Typical Philly fans. This stuff only happens in Philly!

    Throwing snowballs at a drunk fake santa is so much worse than this! Gimme a break.

    I hope everyone turns out ok after this

  31. My family and I went to a Broncos-Dolphins game a few years back wearing our favorite team (Dolphins) gear. We showed good sportsmanship and didn’t agitate anyone. But when the Broncos won, it was terrifying leaving the stadium. We were totally abused, mostly by young punks, and nearly had to fight our way out. At that point, I thought that sooner or later someone was going to get hurt or killed following these games. I quit going to games after this.

  32. Enough is enough. While this may not be related to drunk meatball fans losing their minds after something that is really pointless in the real world, this is just getting ridiculous if it is related in any way.

  33. If you are over 12, please pay close attention. It is just a football game. Your life and the life of others should not hang in the balance because a team you support loses. So for all of those fans (ie. the philadelphias and oaklands of the world) who think they are part of the team and let their lives be affected for a week by a loss i have one thing to say. Grow up. Go enjoy your real family. Do charity work. Anything else if you cannot handle a loss of a team who does not know who you are personally and could care less about you. Be productive in life. This has got to stop.

  34. Apparently is was in the parking lot. Wow, but don’t stop alcohol sales. Don’t want to ruin the cash cow.

  35. What a sad story. I truly hope everyone is ok and they find out what happens. Black Friday violence then this. But please let’s leave the “why do people go to games” off this site. We get it. We get “the math that your beer in your fridge is cheaper” “the oblivious notion that your basement bathroom is cleaner with no lines” “how much tickets cost” “parking fees” and that u would rather be “alone”. We all get it that you don’t go to games. Got it. Good for you. But we don’t need to hear (again) your viewing and disposable income updates. Thanks!!!!

  36. If the Media is really doing their jobs they will focus on these maniacs in Denver who resort to pulling knives out and try to do frikken murder because they lost 1 football game. In Philadelphia a guy “reportedly” gets roughed up and gets the same attention as this violence.

  37. This is absolutely out of control…Almost every single week there is a death or assault during an NFL football game. Where is NFL security on this? I’ve been a Security Manager for 17 years, and I can tell you this has to be addressed, and the NFL certainly has resources for this kind of thing. I know ball clubs have their own security, but it’s time for the NFL to review each teams’ policies, and mandate upgrades/increased security.

    The NFL is going out of its way to protect the safety of the players, you might want to look into establishing procedures for protecting your paying customers. People will not go to games if they don’t feel safe. This is becoming a trend, I don’t think anyone can argue that.

  38. Yep…..and I image I can give you a description that fits….similar to all the other post game incidences this year….unbelievable!

  39. One can only hope that this incident is not a result of a football game, if so we need to rethink how seriously we take these games. (Not that I think any other reason is acceptable.)

  40. Fox news just reported that a man died after an altercation in the parking lot following a KC Chief’s game. Now this. And how many others?

  41. Yet Raider fans are savages?
    LOL yeah right, look at those fools!

    Raiders all day, those other fools are just getting mad cuz they know its their last year before the Raiders come and shut things down with an AFC west dominance.

    The King is back!

  42. You NEVER see this garbage at a hockey game…we go to at least 20 Avalanche games a year, a stones throw from mile high, and never an issue…no matter what jersey you’re wearing!

  43. ps-lets all get real self righteous about this and feign a bunch of anger and disgust and talk about how messed up all of America is because of an act one individual committed

  44. NFL games are drinking events attended by men who believe their aggression directly impacts a contest that’s marketed as “a war” or “a battle”. That was a choice 32 teams made to make money.

    So why are we surprised when these idiots do stuff like this? Stop the alcohol sales and tailgating and it goes away.

    NFL games are like the worst St. Patty’s Day and New Year’s Eve wrapped into one. Amateur hour for the phony tough.

    And this happens on EVERY NFL venue. Yes, your’s too!

  45. I haven’t been to a game since 2008. I swore them off forever because it’s just too much hassle. Fortunately, football is perfectly suited for watching on television. Yeah, I know the atmosphere is better at the games, more raw energy, but then consider the traffic, loudmouths, drunks, violent morons, and no tailgating. All of that and then you have to pay a freakin’ fortune for the ‘privilege’.

  46. Are you suprised?!?!?!?

    A large majority of the population in Colorado is out of staters. Eveyone goes there to get away from there problems or past in their home state.

    Add on the lenient drug laws and here’s the result!

  47. Denver and San Fran fans. Stabbings and beatings.

    Seattle fans. Loud, boisterous and obnoxious at times.

    Yet Seattle fans, and other like fans bases, are horrible?

    As someone living just north of Denver, way to go Bronco fans. Shameful. This is one of the reasons I no longer go to football games a Sports Authority.

  48. sean6886 says: Dec 13, 2013 3:18 AM

    There should be something called an Idiot Card. If you possess one, you cannot consume alcoholic beverages nor be allowed to purchase or carry weapons of any kind.

    They have those. It’s called a rap sheet…

  49. LOL East Coast people are feeling insecure about their easily earned and well defended reputation for violence at sporting events. Just because this one time incident happened in a non-east coast city doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Get over yourselves.

    Back to reality. It’s just a game but alcohol, weapons and thin air don’t mix.

  50. lunarpie says:
    Dec 13, 2013 11:24 AM

    Are you suprised?!?!?!?

    A large majority of the population in Colorado is out of staters. Eveyone goes there to get away from there problems or past in their home state.

    Add on the lenient drug laws and here’s the result!
    ‘a large majority of the population in Colorado is out of staters.’ That would mean well over 50%.
    Colorado has just under 5.2 million people. If you think 3 million plus are out of state, your nuts.

    Your assumption is just not true.

    Additionally, the ‘lenient drug laws’ don’t take affect until January. So they had nothing to do with this incident.

  51. The NFL should take some sort of action regarding the growing number of incidents involving violent fan behavior. Will they? No, they will not. Reason? Because of the demographics of the involvement.

  52. This incident may have had nothing to do with fans attending the game or the game itself. According to reports this occurred a block away from the stadium. Most stadiums are located in rough areas.

  53. It’s not Denver or San Diego or even “fans”. It’s stupid people. The clowns that feel “disrespected” are the first ones to show no respect for others. This society is circling the drain. People feel entitled and when they don’t get wait they want the believe any action is warranted. It will not stop and will only get worse. These clowns do not respect anything at all. Situations like this should be met with savage/brutal retaliation. That seems to be the only thing idiots like this understand.

  54. So many misconceptions about my city and I get laughs from all of them. I know they like to show shots of Vail or Aspen during Bronco games, the reality is a large population of hard heads reside here, like anywhere. Add booze + a full day to drink up and sadly I’m surprised it does not happen more.

    Love the fan comparisons the most, attending Bronco games since 80 and have been to non-Denver games all over the country. Fans are no better or worse in Denver, or Philly, or NJ or S.F. or Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City… The minority can ruin the experience, trouble is the minority is growing. Sunday ticket is a bargain.

  55. ahs2 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 10:06 AM
    You NEVER see this garbage at a hockey game…we go to at least 20 Avalanche games a year, a stones throw from mile high, and never an issue…no matter what jersey you’re wearing!
    You exactly right !!! I just don’t get why people act this way at football games. I see every Jersey at Aves games and people are polite. Don’t stand walk to and from seats while the puck is in play

  56. Thank you philly sports fans for taking the death of 4 people and using that as a chance to vindicate your city. And this is why you get your rep because of moronic behavior like this.

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