Reggie Bush: Not living up to expectations has been humbling


Reggie Bush was viewed as a can’t-miss prospect coming out of USC, where he was the best player in college football. But as Bush wraps up his eighth season in the NFL, he’s viewed not as a great player but merely as a good one. Which in Bush’s mind is not good enough.

Bush said on Jim Rome on Showtime that it’s disappointing to him when he compares what he has accomplished to what he thought he would accomplish in the NFL.

“I don’t feel like I’ve met all the expectations,” Bush said. “Nobody sets higher standards for myself than me. When I was coming out of college, I thought I’d be winning Super Bowls every year, I’d be in the Pro Bowl every year, competing for MVPs every year. It’s been a very humbling experience since the day I set foot in the NFL.”

Forget being a Pro Bowler every year, Bush has never been to a Pro Bowl. And his numbers have been fine, but far from spectacular: He averages about 600 rushing yards and 400 receiving yards a year.

However, despite missing two full games and parts of others with injuries, Bush has a good chance of setting career highs in both rushing yards and yards from scrimmage this season. And he likes his chances of continuing to contribute for several more years.

“I still feel like I have a lot left to give this game and we’re still hacking away,” Bush said. “But I would say my career has been OK. It’s been good but not great. I feel like there’s a lot left in me to give this game, so I look forward to the years to come and I’m going to ride this thing until the wheels come off.”

Bush’s college career was rewritten by others, when his stats were erased from the record books and his Heisman Trophy was taken away because of NCAA rules violations. But the 28-year-old Bush still has a chance to rewrite his NFL history himself, starting now. If big games from Bush lead the Lions to the playoffs, and to their first playoff win since Barry Sanders was in Detroit, Lions fans will remember him as a major success.

40 responses to “Reggie Bush: Not living up to expectations has been humbling

  1. Well this team is the only team in the division that controls their own destiny, so no problem at all if they don’t lose another game. Just take care of business on Monday night. You guys are the favorites and at home. They’ll probably even shut off the air conditioners in the place. Fire up the furnace.

  2. At least you have your Heisman… I almost got that out without laughing, hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. You have been a disappointment since your first year. BTW: you are the second best running back on your own team.
    Keep trying and if you do improve, you may just rise to be average.

  4. Karma always seems to have a way to catch up to people. He’s fortunate to be off to as good a start as he’s had.

  5. You think, we saw that up close and personal during your years with the Saints. Just sayin’……..

  6. > Softest RB’s in the NFL
    > 4) Adrian Peterson

    WHAT?!? Did you miss the entire 2012 season when he quite literally carried the Vikings to the playoffs. Get out of here with your crazy talk.

  7. Wow, not sure why everyone is so negative. Has Bush lived up to expectations? Yes. But since leaving NO he hasn’t been terrible.
    I hope he goes to haiwaii this year.

    1352 all purpose yards this season (rec/rus) despite missing 2 games is excellent for ANY rb..
    So quiet down haters

  8. I love how players that are small, quick, and play in zone read offenses are automatically “soft.” I would argue Bush has some toughness to him. Look at all the injuries he has dealt with through his career. He still comes back and plays hard.

  9. I’m going to ride this thing until the wheels come off.

    Be careful what you wish for there Reggie.

  10. Before Reggie arrived in Detroit, I saw him completely differently. I saw him as the guy who got paid in college, lost the Heisman, and has not even been close to living up to expectations. Reggie is such a class act, hard worker, and possesses a skillset that has to be used in a certain way for him to succeed.

  11. He went to the NFC championship game the first year and won a Super Bowl 3 years after being drafted so he was probably a little spoiled.

    He is a talented player but he never could seem to stay healthy.
    I always wanted to like him but he just didn’t have enough humility.

  12. Saints fan here.

    Reggie is a good guy, but is an overrated running back. He has flashes of greatness, but overall, those flashes are neutralized by fumbles and injuries. He also tended to do a lot of running east/west here in New Orleans which resulted in a lot of plays for negative yards or zero gains.

    I like the guy, but he’s basically spent his entire NFL career trying to live up to his college glory days. It’s sort of sad really.

    But, on the other hand, at least he did get a Superbowl ring out of his time with New Orleans. He needs to spend more time focusing on what he has accomplished and a little less on what he hasn’t.

  13. What I don’t get is even if he retires football as a disappointment in most peoples eyes…..HE HAS A RING.

    Does anybody understand that? He’s already a champion and he played a significant role in the playoffs to get them there.

    If winning one championship is a let down, I really hope the Chargers draft a let down running back just like him!

  14. Reggie’s problem coming into the NFL, is that he didn’t understand the importance of blocking. In HS and at USC, he was always the fastest guy on the field and would outrace anyone else, once he broke to the outside. If you look at his time with the Saints, it took him until 2010 to finally start learning to let his blockers set up. Reggie would consistently outrun his blocking until he learned patience. How else can you explain Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell having more explosive runs than Reggie, behind the same O line? My brother opined (and I agree) that Reggie would have been more NFL ready if he played against the speed of SEC defenses. Against those SEC Ds, he would have learned early on, to run behind his blockers.

  15. Reggie is a class guy. Always worked hard, never complained. Say what you want about him not living up to expectations, and it’s true, but you have to admire the guy for sticking with it and improving himself as a player in the face of so much criticism.

  16. WOW what a bunch of ignorant readers this Friday. Love how negative you all want to be. Just because he’s not going down as a top back in NFL history most of you choose to bash him? His whole career he’s done what is asked from him and given 100%. He stays out of trouble and headlines. He doesn’t have the body type to be a between the tackles RB but yet he does so when the plays calls it. He did for Dolphins, but the offense in NO and Detroit spread him out more. He’s one of the best open field RB’s this league has ever seen. Why don’t all you softies sitting behind your computers strap on shoulder pads and do what he does for a living. Stop being haters.

  17. Keep eating those potato chips guys. Bunch of jealous haters in here. Yeah, so the guy isn’t the next Barry Sanders. Who is? He’s 8 years in the league. That’s more than a lot of backs in the league and certainly more than you armchair athletes. And to the guy who thinks AP is soft? Are you for real? Another guy who wouldn’t know football if one smacked you in the side of the head.

  18. The part about winning Super Bowls and competing for MVPs every year speaks a lot to the arrogance that led him to put USC on probation. And in my book, it wasn’t Pete Carroll. It was the arrogance of Bush and AD Mike Garrett that brought down the wrath of the NCAA on USC. They both stubbornly fought and resisted any cooperation with the investigation. If you’ll notice, Bush was banned from USCs campus and Garrett was fired. Pete Carroll is still welcomed there.

  19. I like Reggie. I thought he was highly overatted coming out of college and when he got to the pros wasn’t an effective running back. But he remade himself into a good not great runner and he has always been an excellent receiver. In case anyone forgot though the best running back in Reggie Bush’s draft class was Maurice Jones Drew who has been banged up the past two years but was a hell of a back before the injuries and being forced to carry one of the worse young QB in the game.

  20. This is a lesson to teams. Don’t draft Heisman Trophy players.

    Unless your, Charles Woodson.

  21. Another Saints fan said it before and they are 100% right. Reggie is a fine back great hands coming out the backfield. He has good vision. He has deceptive power and runs a lot harder than people give him credit for.

    Here in N.O.L.A. he had the great 06 but then started loosing out more and more to Pierre Thomas. The main reason this happened is because Thomas can block. They are both great RB’s but Thomas isn’t a liability when there is a need for a blocker. That’s why the Saints dumped Bush for D. Sprolls, Sprolls can lay a blitzer out and keep Drew alive.

    I don’t think it is any accident that the Lions kept Bush out of hard nosed games late in the season with bad weather. I would bet this has more to do with blocking and less to do with Reggie being a “mudder”.

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