Report: Snyder not willing to buy out Shanahan and his staff


When they say it’s not about the money, it’s usually about the money.  When they don’t say anything, it’s definitely about the money.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who has remained silent during one of the most bizarre weeks of his oft-bizarre 14 years as owner, reportedly doesn’t want to fire coach Mike Shanahan because Snyder doesn’t want to owe Shanahan and his staff an amount that is believed to be in the range of $13 million.

That’s the gist of the latest report from Mark Maske of the Washington Post.  Maske also reports that Snyder did not interfere with Shanahan’s decision to shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III for the rest of the year because Snyder believes it’s a coaching decision.

While the assistant coaches have become fairly expensive pawns in the ungoing game of chess/checkers/chicken, Shanahan remains the $7 million king.  If Snyder makes it clear that he plans to honor the final year of Shanahan’s deal, Shanahan will have to decide whether to quit and get nothing or to suck it up and coach as a lame duck.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s hard to envision Snyder putting the long-term interests of the team at risk over what amounts to the stroke of a pen.  But Snyder has spent four years with Shanahan, and Snyder didn’t get to where he is by being dumb.  If/when he can persuade Shanahan that he’s serious about holding Shanahan’s feet to the contractual fire, Shanahan may decide to leave with nothing — or to try to negotiate a middle-ground buyout.

98 responses to “Report: Snyder not willing to buy out Shanahan and his staff

  1. He will be firing for “cause” if Shanahan keeps doing what he is doing. In fact, letting it out that he is starting the backup QB to try and improve the trade stock is getting real close.

    Shanahan will blow it and Snyder will fire him before the draft.

  2. So – for $13 mil Snyder is going to make rg3 play a lame duck year under a coach that both he and rg2 don’t like and pretty much guarantee that rg3 doesn’t resign after his rookie deal is up.

    Yeah – makes sense.

  3. The guy with the checkbook is the boss , right or wrong . Make a bad draft pick , it is his perogative .

  4. I just rewatched the beat down the Chiefs put on the Redskins. Danny boy will lose more than $13 million if he continues to let that crap be put on the field for 3 more games, let alone all of 2014

  5. Mike tried to get AL to pay, and Al won in the end. Snyder will try and make mikes life miserable, and mike will reciprocate in kind.

    Mike learned his lessons trying to fight AL, he will not make the same mistakes again, and not get paid.

    The Redskins are not very pretty to watch on the field, but this will be fun to watch in the media.

    Little Big Man Snyder, will have a lot of headaches next year, can’t wait to see it.

  6. I would volunteer to be a lame duck for one year for seven meelyun dollars.

    Then put together something better than 3-10, get fired after Week 14, and get a head start on the next coaching carousel…the carousel that never ends.

    There are worse things in life than seven meelyun dollars. Like FedEx Field, for example.

  7. Or perhaps next year Shanahan and Cousins and the Redskins will win a bunch of games, and mess up everyone’s plans

  8. I feel really sorry for Cowboys and Redskins fans. Snyder and Jones are comical in their ineptitude. Their respective fans bases deserve much, much more.

    What a mess the NFC East is. Its really saying something when Chip Kelly is the shining star in the division.

  9. Let’s see now…a team in the NFL shuts down its starting QB for the season to “protect him from being injured” and there’s no talk from the league about protecting the integrity of the game.

    In the hypocritical world that is the NFL it makes perfect sense.

    As long as suckers err fans keep buying season tickets and team gear the greedy machine can keep feeding fans all this BS.

  10. I understand Snyder’s concern about this…you never know when he’ll need to drown some minor publication in legal feesbecause they made fun of him, and used some images he found offensive….it’s funny how he can be offended, but seemingly if it’s anybody else, he doesn’t seem to find it OFFENSIVE!

  11. The Contract says otherwise.

    The only options are:

    Buy Out/Firing OR Resignation from Shanahan.

    Pretty simple. The only way a Head Coach doesn’t get paid here is if he walks away.

    Either way, what a mess in DC.

  12. Snyder has already paid Shanahan & Company $28 million dollars for making the team even worse and more dysfunctional than it was when they came here. What’s another $13 million to show them the door?

  13. Instead he’ll likely lose at least as much as he would have paid out to Shanny & company as the continued dysfunction of the team drives fans away from the games and buying merch.

    Not to mention the epic meltdown that’s coming between Shanahan and RGFragileEgo if they have to keep working together next year.

  14. There is way too much turnover as it is with coaches–they won 10 games last year with this group–shanny should fulfill his contract and see where they’re at after next season. RG3 needs to just focus on playing better and making better reads.

  15. If coaches get paid monthly, Snyder can pay Shanahan all the way up to draft day, fire him, and only owe him $5 million or so. Might as well make him work like hell for next few months. He didn’t earn it this year.

  16. Hmm 7 million to coach the Redskins for a year…or get nothing and retire…if Shanahan retires it says a lot about something just not sure what.

  17. Shanghai is still fighting for money from the raiders I am sure he doesn’t want to add the skins to that list. What’s 12 months when henhas been waiting decades for the other money

  18. That idiot Snyder is probably still paying Spurrier and Haynsworth etc. etc. etc…..
    Rich and dumb. A fool and his money….

  19. Why do coaches everywhere have term employment? Seems stupid not to have them at-will, especially unproven coaches.

  20. Yeah, however MS MIGHT select option #3 and work the last year as a lame duck JUST to collect the money. Then during that last year of coaching, he could relax and get some great tee times at the country club where “The Old Ball Coach” used to spend so much time relaxing DURING the season. As a matter of fact, Shanny could select coach Spurrier’s approach to coaching in DC as his boiler plate! Meanwhile EVERY other prospective NEW HC for the team is carefully observing what a complete DISASTER working for Snyder would be, thus ensuring another DECADE of failure, as no reputable coach would be interested in taking the head job. Though I could care less for either of these two characters, Snyder should seriously consider paying up, or at least begin sincere negotiations, before MS calls his bluff and agrees to be a waddling, quacking coach for a year.

  21. 8oneanddones:

    That would be nice. Or how about every team has to pay a certain number of millions of dollars for every loss they achieve, and that money goes into a pool, and the more you lose and can’t afford to ante up for your losses, the more you are pressured to sell the team or not buy it in the first place. It’s like a tax on non-competitive football owners to weed out the incompetent and those that don’t deserve to stay and make money or enjoy the privilege of being one of only 32 owners.

    If you are good/responsible at football ownership then you should thrive, if not then you shouldn’t survive.

  22. ‘Snyder did not get to where he is by being dumb’

    However he has hired Joe Gibbs, Steve Spurrier and now Mike Shanahan. All championship coaches.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing wrong over and over again……..

  23. How Snyder ever became so successful while listening to no one must be one hell of an achievement. My mom could tell him leaving Shanahan as a lame duck is just inviting another drama filled, losing season. But he thinks the bitterly learned lessons of the NFL don’t apply to him.

  24. the defense and special teams are the real problems in DC. the overall talent level is down due to the salary cap penalty. They know that they will be able to spend more money next year to improve the talent which will translate into more wins.

    Snyder letting Shanahan work out his contract is conservative and does not risk the long term future of the team in any way.

    RG3 deserved benching on performance alone and shanahan created a way to do it without calling it that. Maybe Snyder and shanahan are on the same page! but know one wants to consider it.

  25. Fire Shanny for cause. It worked for Al Davis, who died owing Shanny $250K, I believe, and who also fired Lane Kiffin “for cause.” “He’s a LIAH!”

    Snyder will have an absolute fan revolt on his hands that’ll make $13M look like chump change. Season ticket holders will abandon the team in droves. If Snyder has ANY cojones at all (and he has never demonstrated he does), he’ll stop being the star-struck Katie Couric of the NFL and man-up. Yeah, that’ll happen…

  26. Let’s stipulate that Snyder was a genius in making money from telemarketing and selling long distance contracts. Does that necessarily make him smart when it comes to owning an NFL team? Is intelligence the main metric for success? Does that mean Einstein or Mozart really missed out–they would have been awesome NFL owners?

    I notice PFT seems to take the line that Shanahan is mostly at fault in this situation. I have my doubts about Shanahan. But other than Gibbs, no coach has left the Redskins on good terms under Snyder. Shanahan sent out a distress signal via ESPN suggesting he wasn’t really in control of the team because of the owner’s relationship with the quarterback. I can’t remember Shanahan ever doing something like that before.

    The preseason is meaningless of course, but the team looked good with Cousins under center. The RG3 game one stuff was a marketing ploy–a successful one, but not really a football decision. It was all about selling jerseys. Which in the end is what Snyder confuses with success. Jersey sales and hype are a leading indicator of his team’s likely success. How smart is that?

  27. wow is snyder going insane? hes basically saying i want to fire them but its gonna cost me to much money…..

  28. Though the Panthers won big in the long run for Fox’s lame duck year. 1-15 = #1 pick and Cam Newton. Not a bad parting gift from old Foxy.

  29. Why is he a bad owner? If I recall redskins fans were very happy to get the red lobster. Rg3 was another fan favorite. You idiots made his jersey the top sold jersey in the nfl and now think he sucks. Redskins fans have no clue what’s going on and think by getting a new coach the team will be good. You need another 5 years of rebuilding.

  30. The Redskins have been having these kind of problems for 14 years. Only one person has been involved with the team for that whole time. Hint, it is NOT any of the coaches or players.

  31. Dan is keeping Shanahan around because he is a good coach. No 36 million in cap penalties next year. The Skins will be fine and win the NFC East in 2014.

  32. Please oh please let both of these guys stick to the egomaniac guns so we can see the meltdown that happens next season.

  33. Hey Redskins, remember when you thought RGIII was good? Remember when you thought things were turning around? Well you were wrong on both counts. You are a joke and in the mean time your big brother, the Baltimore Ravens, are winning championships.

    Logical voice, I own your soul.

    World champs


  34. I really feel like this whole situation is being blown out of proportion. All we know is what we know, and it isn’t enough to show the whole picture. You could read into a lot of whats happened.

  35. Dan Snyder has given Shanahan everything he’s asked for. His son to be OC, training camp in Richmond, a new dome in Ashburn, left him alone and spent money like crazy. Now it’s a contract year (Usually when players do their best) for Shanahan. If he can’t produce a winner after everything he’s asked for has been handed to him, then what other owner would want to hire him? Let him put a decent product on the field or look like a fool if he can’t. Getting fired is the easy way out and if he has some respect he shouldn’t take another dime from Redskins fans for what he’s done so far.

  36. So being willing to spend whatever it takes, letting your coaches coach and GM manage, while almost entirely shutting up to the media for the last several years except when goaded into making terse statements by anti-Redskins team name groups makes him such an awful owner?!? Give me a break– he may have made less than stellar decisions in the past, but Snyder is not the one to blame for the shiitake sandwich Shanahandjob has served up this year.

  37. For the record I am not a Snyder fan. I really wish he would sell but the Skins are a cash cow right now so, it will never happen. Still I respect the decision to not fire Shanny. It is a break from his normal behavior. He signed for 5 years, so give him 5 years. If he fails to meet the goal in the 5th year, then you don’t renew the contract. If he turns it around, then you’ve shown the NFL world you can have patience. Either way it is step towards changing people’s assessment of your operating style.

  38. if this were the case…the cowboys would have 4 more superbowls already and my lions would have two.

  39. Did it ever occur to anyone that shanahan doesn’t want to be fired, nor does he want to quit, and Snyder doesn’t want to fire him nor does he want him to quit? All this jive seems to be a bunch of nothings that are being blown way out of proportion by sports media outlets?

  40. A $7,000,000 lame duck? Yeah, I think Shanahan would be able to deal with that.

    Snyder’s taking a hard line NOW, but he’ll bite the bullet and pay off the Shanahans before push comes to shove. There’s no way he lets them and their staff enter the 2014 season.

    Make no mistake; the war has already been fought and the Shanahans have won. Snyder is on the hook to them and their staff for $13,000,000. They’ve humiliated RGIII-10, distanced themselves from him, gotten in his head, and put a ton of pressure on him to stay healthy and out-play their criticisms of him.

    And any petty little games Snyder tries to play with the Shanahans will only look bad on him and the Redskins, and hurt his chances of landing a good coach down the road.

  41. The fact that this is the main topic of discussion for this team instead of its game with the Falcons speaks volumes of the dysfunction that now rules this franchise. Glad I was able to see three Super Bowl championships in my lifetime as it now looks like I won’t be seeing anymore while Snyder is around.

  42. For dad, what’s another punk, multimillionaire QB’s career compared to his boy getting some jack for severance?
    Through Griffen under the bus, maybe he an keep mcNab company.

    Most predictable and sad implosion ever . . .having a father son hc oc tandem.

    Put yourself in shanahan’s shoes. Whose interest are most important to you?

  43. I hope the buy out is for $5, Shanahan has won one (1) playoff game in 14 years. You read right, 1 playoff game in 14 years since Denver won.

    Arguably Denver won due to Elway, not because of this over rated coach.

    Note to Redskins fans, let this cancer go!

  44. Snyder didn’t get to where he is by being dumb

    Correct, he seems to be very good at making $. But running a foot ball team?

  45. 8oneanddones says:
    Dec 13, 2013 8:58 PM
    If only bad owners could get fired.

    Yeah, now let’s have a party picking on Packers fans about their “worthless stock” that eliminates the bad owner scenario.

  46. I never realized how tall Mike Shanahan is. Check out the photo with with Dan Snyder.
    Still Daniel is the billionaire who employs him and Mike must look up to him.

  47. Team owner Dr Evil with his mind full of hate for Coach Skeletor plots his revenge. What will happen next at Redskin Park? Will Coach Skeletor get his money or will he have to fire Son of Skeltor and devise a new offense for overrated Super Hero RG3? Where does simple minded logicalvoice stand in all of this as his lonely world crumbles around him. Tune in Sunday for another episode of “As The Redskins Turn” to find out.

  48. Fans are hilarious. The keep buying and watching and buying. Fans don’t accept facts that it is just a business like Wal-Mart, GMC, etc. Fan are a customer base that keep watching the product regardless of how bad it is. Why change? STUPID fans.

  49. Did Snyder gets lessons from Ralph Wilson? Ralph forced Wade Philips and staff to leave so he wouldn’t have to pay them. That was the last time Buffalo made the playoffs, 1999, after the illegal forward lateral game.

  50. Dan Snyder is 5’4″ in high heels which makes Shanahanan 5’7″ on a good day. People who know Shanahan say he has a serious case of “little mans disease”.

  51. This is similar to the end of Spurrier’s tenure with the team. Snyder gave the ball coach a huge contract, but at the end, bullied the ball coach to quit and forfeit the remainder of his deal. Shanny has more of a backbone than Spurrier does and want give up his $7 million without a battle.

    Look for a negotiated end of this contract – a negotiation that may drag on.

  52. ‘With the fifth pick of the 2005 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select, (and in the war room, the GM asks, Who is that Rodgers kid? Someone replies-Carlos!) and Tagliabue says ‘defensive back, Carlos Rogers’ !!!! We coulda had Aaron Rodgers all this time…..

  53. Can’t wait for the press conference announcing Snyder’s signing of either Bill Parcells, Tony Dungee, John Gruden or Bill Cowher to a 5-year, $50 million contract. And you know this is far more probable than possible…

  54. Snyder is being credited with far more success and smarts than is actually the case (not suprising since he runs a PR-based business). His first marketing company failed. He made controlling investments in Six Flags and Johnny Rockets, and in both cases ran the companies down the toilet (appropriately, since this is a guy who sold beer in men’s rooms – what could posisbly be wrong with that?)

    Snyder Marketing is one of the sleaziest companies around. Smarts have little to do with it, over the top aggressiveness has everything. Check out the Washington City Paper article detailing his career.

    Shanny is an overrated, self-promoting coach, but Snyder is evil. Who even lies about his height.

  55. xli2006 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 9:40 PM
    The Contract says otherwise.

    The only options are:

    Buy Out/Firing OR Resignation from Shanahan.

    Pretty simple. The only way a Head Coach doesn’t get paid here is if he walks away.

    Either way, what a mess in DC.


    Umm….no. Every coaching contract has a clause that states that if he engages in conduct detrimental to the team, he can be fired “for cause” and owed nothing.

    It’s extremely difficult to prove but it has been done in the past.

    To Mike Shanahan.

  56. Snyder could win some fans in DC if he got rid of Shanahan at this point…the sooner he cuts him loose, the more respect he’ll garner. Hell, I’d even be willing to make a cash contribution toward that! One way or another, he’s gotta go…

  57. eatitfanboy says:
    Dec 14, 2013 10:54 AM

    xli2006 says:
    Dec 13, 2013 9:40 PM
    The Contract says otherwise.
    The only options are:

    Buy Out/Firing OR Resignation from Shanahan.

    Pretty simple. The only way a Head Coach doesn’t get paid here is if he walks away.

    Umm….no. Every coaching contract has a clause that states that if he engages in conduct detrimental to the team, he can be fired “for cause” and owed nothing.

    Have you seen his contract? If not, you are making assumptions.

  58. Snotty Snydey doesn’t have to go all in on $13 million vs. Unseemly Shammy, at least the old one.

    For instance, Snydey could fire Shammy Jr. tomorrow, and be out what, like $2 million or something? Then hire a Snydey OC, but who’d really be Snydey pet/HC designate/locker room spy and start gumming up the Shammyworks.

    The old one would be gone by end of the season. And Snydey gets satisfaction of ultimately dispatching two Shammies for the bargain basement price of ~$2 million.

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